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This Bach Archive and the J.S. Bach Bibliography are complementary to the Bach Home Page created by Jan Hanford. Jan's pages and those presented here can be seen as a joint project set up to promote world-wide web interest in and knowledge about one of the greatest achievements of western civilization of all time, namely the musical oeuvre of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Episodes of J. S. Bach's Life (illustrated biography)

The J.S. Bach Tourist

J.S. Bach: The Cantatas

The J.S. Bach Bibliography (over 1000 titles)

Bach portraits: |1|2|3|4|5|6|7| The illustrated biography is linked to and can be read in combination with the J.S. Bach Tourist, which follows the same sequence of Bach places as the biography and which is a personal impression (with photographs) of my visit to Bach sites in Germany in 1995.

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These Bach pages were created on a completely non-commercial basis, with the sole purpose of doing some service to the world-wide community of lovers of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, including those that have no access to major libraries or other archives. Material has been collected from many different sources, no originality is claimed, but I am not aware of any copyright violations. If I am mistaken about this or if these pages contain any errors, please, contact me via e-mail (koster@let.rug.nl), so that proper adjustments can be made. I would like to thank the many people who have helped and encouraged me with this project, particularly Jan Hanford, Henny van der Groep and Carol S. Reck.

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