Report on the 1993 activities

Since last August the number of the members of the AHC/Estonia has remained more or less the same - around 25, but the list of undertaken activities has become much longer than a year ago. First of all, the long initiative of the members of the AHC/Estonia to introduce the historical computing courses into the university curricula has succeeded: two courses about the designing of the databases and techniques of their usage were held during the last academic year for the history students at the Tartu University. Taught by the members of the AHC and employing the computers of the AHC, the same subject will continue to be taught, now already on the more solid grounds, in the coming autumn as well.

In spring 1994 the research projects proposed by the members of the Estonian branch of the AHC got 4 out of the 7 research grants of the Estonian Science Foundation that were awarded to the projects related to the history. This very substantial support has allowed to continue two research projects that were started earlier: Purchasing of Farms into Perpetuity in Estonia in the 19th Century and Album Academicum. University of Tartu 1918-1940, as well as start two new large-scale historical research projects employing computers: The Genealogies of the Nobility in Estonia and The Onomastic Database of the 19th Century Estonia.

From the non-research activities of the AHC/Estonia are worth mentioning at least two: in co-operation with the Department of History at Tartu University access to the Internet was provided for the members the AHC and all history students; the library of the AHC was complemented with the up-to-date historical computing literature which was part of the international TEMPUS project our Association had joined a year ago.
Raivo Ruusalepp