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International Workgroup on Electronic Records

Subject: Discuss the implications of the prolifirations of electronically stored information (e.g. text, data, images) by both public and private sector organisations

Management committee:
S. Ross, London (chair)
R. Zweig, Tel Aviv
P. Doorn, Leiden
E. Higgs, Oxford
R. Morris, Edinburgh

Person to be contacted
Name: Dr Seamus Ross
Institute: The British Academy
Address: 20-21 Cornwall Terrace
Place: London, NW 14 QP
Country: England
E-mail: seamus@britac.demon.co.uk
Tel: 071-487-5966
Fax: 071-224-3807

Status of workshop between Graz (1993) and Nijmegen (1994) conference: Active

The 1994 conference will probably take place after Nijmegen

Title:Electronic information resources and historians: European Perspectives
Editor: Seamus Ross and Edward Higgs
Publisher: Max Planck Insitut Goettingen,Halbgraue Reihe vol: A20
Year: 1993
Place: St. Katharinen

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