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Subject: Creating European frame of reference, specifically to initialize dialogue between British and Italian communities of multi media applications in history

F. Colson, Southampton (E-mail hii005@Ibm.Southampton.Ac.Uk)
Southampton University
Southampton So9 5NH
United Kingdom

Referencing and handling multimedia sources: the HiDES/Microcosm approach

Southampton's HiDES Project offers a one-day workshop for historians wishing to incorporate the argument of multimedia into their work. The workshop will use PCs and will be located at the University of Nijmeqen on 29th August, 1994. Please note that the workshop will take place the day before the start of the actual Conference of the Association for History 81 Computinq. Students will be asked to bring their own data, in whatever form, oral and film [moving image] would be particularly appreciated. We would also hope that students might bring data related to the period 1940-1949. Students would be introduced to some of the latest software being developed at Southampton's 'scholar's workbench' project.

Applications for this course should be sent to:
Dr. Frank Colson, at the HiDES Project
Southampton University
Southampton SO9 5NH
United Kingdom
E-Mail: hiiO05@mail.soton.ac.uk

Registration required before 5th June, 1994.
Costs: approx. 60 Pounds. Information on payment will be sent to you after registration for the workshop.

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