Topics of interest

  • theoretical issues which concern the computer processing of phonologically represented data
  • standards for adequate representation of phonological data in machine readable way, such as ARPAbet and X-SAMPA.
  • implementation of phonological knowledge, such as: phonological rules, interaction of phonology with morphology and/or suprasegmentals; development of support software tools
  • exploration of phonological structure: learning methods for phonological rules, automatic or semi-automatic discovering of phonemic/phonetic dependenci es in a context, feature-based analyses, acoustic measurements
  • modeling of phonological behavior, e.g. speech errors, speech synthesis, speech recognition, text-to-speech systems
  • applications of computational phonology in historical linguistics, regional languages and language contact
The Workshop aims at gathering researchers in phonology and computer science. More precisely, we would expect the active participation of more formally oriented phonologists, and NLPers who apply or develop methods, tools, etc wrt phonology. The workshop is also open to scientists who work at the interface between phonology and other linguistic levels. Historical linguists and typologists who work computationally are welcome, too.
Last modified: March 15, 2007