June 16, 2010 — 15.00-16.00

Do colonial varieties show less variation than the British English varieties?
Arjette Engels
Articulation rates in Scandinavian Languages: Variation in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian news presenters' speech
Charlotte Gooskens, Nanna Haug Hilton, Laura de Klerk, Anja Schüppert and Jan Vanhove
The Northern Subject Rule: Dialect geography and variation in Early Middle English
Nynke de Haas
Standardised Language and Regional Dialect Levelling
Nanna Haug Hilton
The measurement of Dutch dialect change: Lexicon versus morphology versus sound components
Wilbert Heeringa and Frans Hinskens
Measuring and displaying vowel pronunciation — PCs of Bark-filtered spectra
Therese Leinonen
Dialectometric explorations into the space of Tuscan dialectal variation
Simonetta Montemagni
Acoustic distinctiveness of Danish and Swedish vowels
Jan Vanhove
Last modified: June 11, 2010