Streektaal in kaart is a popular presentation of our research.

An interview with John Nerbonne (in Dutch, audio: mp3) by Richard Klunder, reporter of Radio Noord, 6 September 2005.

Research papers

Wilbert Heeringa has done extensive research in both methodology of dialectometrics and its application to Dutch dialects. His thesis is the most comprehensive overview of the work we do in dialectology.

John Nerbonne has done research into several dialect areas. With the the assistence of Peter Kleiweg he has done research into LAMSAS, the Linguistic Atlas of the Middle and South Atlantic States.


We develloped RuG/L04, a software package for dialectometrics and cartography.


We have some documents presenting several aspects of the visualisation of dialects in layman's terms.

We have an on-line demonstration of the Levenshtein algorithm, a method we use extensively to do dialectometrics.


Ours is not the only department at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen that is involved in dialect research.

The CLCG group on Language Variation and Language Change does research into Germanic and Slavic dialects.

Het Nedersaksisch instituut, the institute for Lower-Saxon dialects in the Netherlands, no longer exists. It has been incorporated into the departments for Frisian and Dutch studies, where Hermann Niebaum is the prominent researcher for Lower-Saxon. Read an interview with Hermann Niebaum (in Dutch).

Staff of other language departments are also involved in dialect research. For instance, Charlotte Gooskens at the Scandinavian department.


Our departments collaborated and collaborates with several institutes not part of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

The Forschungsinstitut für deutsche Sprache in Marburg, Germany.

The Department for Bulgarian Dialectology and Linguistic Geography of the Institute for Bulgarian Language.

Electronic Archive of the Bulgarian Dialects.

For our LAMSAS research, we maintain informal links with members of the Linguistic Atlas Projects in the United States.


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