symposium in honour of
prof. David Dowty
The Ohio State University

June 1, 2006
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

David Dowty has contributed extensively and creatively to many areas in grammatical theory for over thirty years, including especially tense and temporal reference; inherent verbal aspect (Aktionsarten); categorial grammar, Montague grammar, and phrase-structure grammars; semantic compositionality; quantificational adverbials; the theory of grammatical relations and relation-changing rules, the logical status of thematic roles, and the relation between grammatical licensing and surface realisation. This symposium honors him and these many contributions.

David Dowty is the invited plenary speaker at TaBu day.


Chris BarkerErhard HinrichsJack HoeksemaPauline JacobsonHans KampManfred KrifkaWilliam A. LadusawPeter LasersohnJohn NerbonneGregory Stump


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