[src NP VP] (.|,|--) and [tgt NP AUX] (29 cases)

wsj_0117 (line 33, ant vp):
The banks have 28 days to file an appeal against the ruling and are expected to do so shortly.

wsj_0121 (line 6, ant vped):
But like Mr. Egnuss, few expect it to be halted entirely, and a surprising number doubt it should be.

wsj_0280 (line 75, ant vp):
Jewelry makers rarely pay commissions and aren't expected to anytime soon.

wsj_0331 (line 29, ant vp):
Its plan, instead, is to spin off the remainder of its real estate unit and to possibly do the same with its mining and energy assets.

wsj_0437 (line 26, ant vped):
According to Fred Demler, metals economist for Drexel Burnham Lambert, New York, "Highland Valley has already started operating and Cananea is expected to do so soon."

wsj_0475 (line 28, ant vp):
Yesterday, Joel Zweibel, an attorney for Eastern's creditors committee, declined to comment on whether the experts had ever been instructed to look at other choices and whether they now were asked not to.

wsj_0671 (line 68, ant vp):
Late Thursday, the Treasury said it needed to raise $17 billion quickly and would do so by issuing new securities this week.

wsj_0839 (line 22, ant vp):
Among the arguments Sony makes is that Warner should let the producers go to Columbia because it already allowed the producers to become co-chairmen of publicly held Barris Industries Inc., which earlier this year changed its name to Guber Peters Entertainment.
Sony also says in its filing that Mr. Guber and Mr. Peters were offered management posts at Columbia once before in 1987, and that "Warner approved and encouraged them to do so."

wsj_1000 (line 37, ant vp):
Morgan Stanley and Kidder Peabody, the two biggest program trading firms, staunchly defend their strategies. "We continue to believe the position we've taken is reasonable," a Morgan Stanley official said. "We would stop index arbitrage when the market is under stress, and we have recently," he said, citing Oct. 13 and earlier this week.

wsj_1002 (line 38, ant vp):
Carol Sanger, vice president, corporate communications at Campeau, says that all of the Federated and Allied chains are paying their bills in a timely manner. "They continue to pay their bills and will do so," says Ms. Sanger. "We're confident we'll be paying our bills for spring merchandise as well."

wsj_1057 (line 83, ant vp):
Even if baseball triggers losses at CBS -- and he doesn't think it will -- "I'd rather see the games on our air than on NBC and ABC," he says.

wsj_1199 (line 10, ant vped):
The company said its core businesses have performed well and it expects them to continue to do so in the remainder of the fiscal year.

wsj_1286 (line 6, ant vp):
Why can't we teach our children to read, write and reckon?
And the reason we don't want to is that effective education would require us to relinquish some cherished metaphysical beliefs about human nature in general and the human nature of young people in particular, as well as to violate some cherished vested interests.

wsj_1296 (line 62, ant vped):
Neither state has settled, and officials in the two states won't discuss their reasons for not doing so.

wsj_1317 (line 53, ant vped):
American Express, Kraft General Foods, and Mattel executives said the move won't affect their relationships with the ad agency. "General Foods's relationships with its agencies are based on the agencies' work, and will continue to be," said David Hurwitt, a vice president of Kraft General Foods.

wsj_1387 (line 25, ant np):
At 500 yen ($3.60) for a handful of balls, pachinko is a common pastime, and has been since it took root as cheap entertainment in the years after World War II.

wsj_1480 (line 26, ant vp):
This kind of jumpy uncertainty reminds John Calverley, senior economist for American Express Bank, of the 1969-72 period, when the industrial average rolled through huge ranges and investors flocked to the shares of companies with proven earnings records, which became known as the "nifty 50."
And they will again, say money-manager proponents of the growth-stock theme.

wsj_1490 (line 21, ant vpng):
So anyone buying the stock now is betting on some special transaction such as a recapitalization or takeover, and must do so using some guesswork about the likelihood of such an event.

wsj_1603 (line 22, ant vp):
Things were supposed to change when Vietnam's economic reforms gathered pace, and for awhile they did.

wsj_1618 (line 16, ant vp):
One fan, seated several rows in front of the open, upper-deck auxiliary press section where I was stationed, faced the assembled newsies and laughingly shouted, "We arranged that just for you guys!" I thought and, I'm sure, others did: "You shouldn't have bothered."

wsj_1705 (line 34, ant vp):
Not exactly sophisticated market research, but who cares as long as the campaigns work.
And ad agencies insist that they do.

wsj_1907 (line 6, ant vp):
When it made the offer, StatesWest declined to disclose details and asked Mesa to do the same.

wsj_2052 (line 11, ant vp):
Soviet leaders said they would support their Kabul clients by all means necessary -- and did.

wsj_2053 (line 19, ant vp):
"We want to complain, we want to say something about it, and we're going to as it gets worse," says Rep. Dan Burton, an Indiana Republican who has been a staunch Contra backer. "But it's like kicking your father in the pants.

wsj_2113 (line 36, ant vp):
Collectors don't say "It's a van Gogh" anymore, laments Harry Brooks, the president of Wildenstein & Co., a New York gallery. "They say, `Johnny Payson got $53 million for his, so certainly $10 million isn't too much for mine. ' The great collectors we depended on, such as Paul Mellon or Norton Simon, have stopped buying, and the new buyers are brilliant men who made money in the stock market or in takeovers and rushed into collecting. . . ." Mr. Payson, an art dealer and collector, sold Vincent van Gogh's "Irises" at a Sotheby's auction in November 1987 to Australian businessman Alan Bond. (Trouble is, Mr. Bond has yet to pay up, and until he does, Sotheby's has the painting under lock and key.)

wsj_2145 (line 5, ant vpng):
In the wake of Friday's plunge and yesterday's rebound, some companies are already postponing deals, and others wish they could.

wsj_2194 (line 9, ant vped):
The text of his remarks hasn't been published, and editors say they have no instructions as to whether it will be.

wsj_2397 (line 64, ant vp):
A 190-point drop isn't likely to make much of a dent; multiply that a few times over, though, and it will.

wsj_2418 (line 41, ant vp):
Sony uses mostly red and blue, with traces of yellow -- and so does Justin, on the theory that kids prefer these colors. ("To be successful, a product can be any color whatsoever, as long as it is fire-engine red," says Charles E. Baxley, Justin's attorney.)