[src NP VP] (,) as [tgt AUX NP] (34 cases)

wsj_0047 (line 11, ant vp):
Both Dr. Mason and Dr. Sullivan oppose federal funding for abortion, as does President Bush, except in cases where a woman's life is threatened.

wsj_0071 (line 34, ant np):
Spain's Vega Secilia Unico 1979 (released only in its 10th year) is $70, as is Australia's Grange Hermitage 1982.

wsj_0089 (line 27, ant vpng):
The less complicated version of playing tunes on bells, as do the carillons of continental Europe, is considered by the English to be childish, fit only for foreigners.

wsj_0100 (line 21, ant vp):
Assuming that post at the age of 35, he managed by consensus, as is the rule in universities, says Warren H. Strother, a university official who is researching a book on Mr. Hahn.

wsj_0114 (line 48, ant vp):
His wife also works for the paper, as did his father.

wsj_0408 (line 5, ant vp):
Warner and Mr. Azoff declined comment, as did MCA, where Mr. Azoff had also been discussing such a venture.

wsj_0415 (line 22, ant vped):
The dollar, the best indicator of the country's mood, has skyrocketed on the parallel market, as has gold.

wsj_0554 (line 65, ant vp):
Wells Rich declined to comment on the status of the account, as did the other agencies.

wsj_0723 (line 11, ant vp):
It argues, as does Unice, that labor relations are best left to be regulated at the national level.

wsj_0764 (line 14, ant vped):
Journalists and their families are constantly threatened as are the newspaper distribution outlets.

wsj_0765 (line 111, ant ap):
But Lincoln Center President Nathan Leventhal, who would head a Dinkins transition team, is more mainstream, as is real-estate executive Anthony Gliedman, another insider.

wsj_0788 (line 61, ant ap):
The markets are complex, as is the environment in which they function.

wsj_0994 (line 41, ant np):
"Traffic is certainly a concern, as is pollution, water and an adequate labor market," says Frank Sain, executive director of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau.

wsj_1036 (line 5, ant vp):
Nervousness that the market hasn't seen the last of its recent volatility kept trading at a moderate pace, as did anticipation of a report on the economy's third-quarter performance.

wsj_1299 (line 17, ant vped):
Both banks have been battered, as have other Arizona banks, by falling real estate prices.

wsj_1375 (line 66, ant vp):
Still, the list of troubled Drexel bond offerings dwarfs that of any firm on Wall Street, as does its successful offerings.

wsj_1495 (line 24, ant vped):
David Hubel, a Nobel laureate at Harvard, has taken the lead in defending research with animals, as has Dr. Michael DeBakey.

wsj_1618 (line 32, ant vped):
A section of the Bay Bridge had collapsed, as had a part of Interstate Highway 880 in Oakland.

wsj_1700 (line 18, ant ap):
What complicates the scene in Cambodia is that the current regime is already communist, as are its Vietnamese overseers back in Hanoi, as are the Khmer Rouge -- who are the strongest of the three guerrilla groups.

wsj_1700 (line 18, ant ap):
What complicates the scene in Cambodia is that the current regime is already communist, as are its Vietnamese overseers back in Hanoi, as are the Khmer Rouge -- who are the strongest of the three guerrilla groups.

wsj_1728 (line 39, ant vp):
Bell Atlantic posted a strong earnings gain for the third quarter, as did Southern New England Telecommunications.

wsj_1759 (line 21, ant vp):
Officials there declined to comment, as did Helmsley management.

wsj_1922 (line 11, ant vped):
But the greatest damage was visited on buildings and roadways perched upon landfill, as were the Marina District of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge -- two areas of maximum devastation.

wsj_1951 (line 18, ant vp):
In July, Par and a 60%-owned unit agreed to plead guilty in that inquiry, as did another former Par official.

wsj_1957 (line 7, ant vp):
Paris shares had a similar reaction, but most other European bourses posted gains, as did all major Asian and Pacific stock markets.

wsj_2040 (line 55, ant vp):
The net interest margin-the difference between the bank's cost of funds and what it receives as interest payments -- improved in the quarter, as did certain areas of wholesale banking.

wsj_2175 (line 19, ant vp):
Retailers' sales increased 0.7%, as did their inventories.

wsj_2282 (line 26, ant vp):
Mr. Sim is confident that the drive to dominate certain niche markets will work at Barry Wright as it has at Applied.

wsj_2284 (line 78, ant vp):
There are few prospects for upward mobility, and Mr. Li's daughter, seven-year-old Li Shu, is certain to toil at the factory too someday, as are more than 10,000 of the workers' children.

wsj_2346 (line 35, ant vp):
The thriving 34th Street area offers rents of about $100 a square foot, as do up-and-coming locations along lower Fifth Avenue.

wsj_2369 (line 40, ant vp):
At least, they both speak with strong accents, as do Jackie and Maddie.

wsj_2379 (line 53, ant vp):
Nasdaq's Small Order Execution System "worked beautifully," as did the automated system for larger trades, according to Mr. Hardiman.

wsj_2443 (line 90, ant vped):
But the stock market as a whole, bolstered as it is by takeover speculation, remains vulnerable to any further pullback by takeover financiers, both in the junkbond market and among commercial banks.

wsj_2446 (line 42, ant vp):
Mr. Wertheimer said the Senate Ethics Committee should hire a special outside counsel to conduct an investigation, as was done in the case of former House Speaker James Wright.