[src NP VP] (,) because|so [tgt NP AUX] (6 cases)

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In addition, further packaging of mortgage-backed securities, such as Blackstone's fund, have reduced the effects of prepayment risk and automatically reinvest monthly payments so institutions don't have to.

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They say insurance companies use policies aimed at excluding bad risks because their competitors do.

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"The offer will be sweetened, not because it has to be, but because it will make for a smoother transaction," Mr. Thorp said. "Dow Jones could bludgeon its way through the process and get it for less, but they won't do that.

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For years, he quietly stuck to the back accounting rooms, wearing a hat to work because everyone else did. "I was never a rebel," he said in an earlier interview. "I don't think most of the people that have been around me would ever say they've seen me pound the table or get angry."

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It's not that we don't know how to, because we do.

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Mr. Mehta observed that the U.S. merchandise trade deficit, which rose sharply in August, according to yesterday's report, has been having less and less impact on the gold market. "The dollar hasn't reacted much to it, so gold hasn't either," he said.