[src NP VP] (.|,) but [tgt NP AUX] (33 cases)

wsj_0041 (line 62, ant vp):
Mr. Wilder did introduce such legislation 17 years ago, but he did so at the request of a constituent, a common legislative technique used by lawmakers.

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Signs of a slowing economy are increasing pressure on the Federal Reserve to cut short-term interest rates, but it isn't clear whether the central bank will do so.

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During the takeover, Mr. Hahn said he would put his account up for review if WPP's bid were successful, but he didn't.

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"One thing that is a little unnerving is that you had three old men on the court of appeals in California coming up with a statement that Nancy Sinatra is not distinctive but that Bette Midler is.

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He has not changed, but those around him have.

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In an interview with reporters and editors of The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Dinkins appears quite confident of victory and of his ability to handle the mayoralty. "A lot of people think I will give away the store, but I can assure you I will not," he says. "I am aware we have real budgetary problems."

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Ms. Johnson, who works out of Aetna's office in Walnut Creek, an East Bay suburb, is awed by the earthquake's destructive force. "It really brings you down to a human level," she says. "It's hard to accept all the suffering people are going through, but you have to.

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The bill also would give the SEC the power to close the markets, a discretion that former SEC Chairman David Ruder wanted but Mr. Breeden doesn't.

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Only nine ESP contracts traded on the Big Board -- equivalent to about one million shares of stock, with a value of about $45 million. "It was a slow start, but we expected it would be," said Big Board President Richard Grasso. "We were generally pleased with the way the systems acted."

wsj_0860 (line 33, ant vp):
"We haven't decided to blacklist any firms.
But there's a chance we might," said David Wilson, head of Penn Mutual's $100 million stock portfolio. "We are very upset about what has happened to the stock market.

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Goldman, which doesn't do index arbitrage for itself but does for customers, is concerned about the fallout. "Our corporate, institutional and individual clients are concerned about what they perceive to be excessive volatility," said Robert E. Mnuchin, senior partner in charge of Goldman's equity trading. "We share their concern.

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Not all the scandal-tripped have enjoyed soft landings.
But many have. "These people bounce back more resiliently than regular people," says Washington writer Suzanne Garment, who is working on a history of post-Watergate scandal.

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But, he adds, "I was not acting as a messenger." He says that the Chinese never asked him to convey their statements to President Bush, but that the White House spontaneously invited him to do so.

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The first is that it represents an intense battle in what James Thurber used to caricature as "the war between the sexes." But although Thurber did so gently and lightheartedly, many of Dr. Morgan's supporters have taken Thurber's memorable title "The Male Animal" quite literally.

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Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told Congress that the Fed can wipe out inflation without causing a recession, but he said doing so will inflict some short-term pain and will require reducing the federal deficit sharply.

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"I could get AZT," says Mrs. Glaser, who bears her infection without any symptoms. "But my daughter couldn't, until she was too ill to take it.

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Fed Chairman Greenspan said the central bank can wipe out inflation without causing a recession, but doing so will inflict short-term pain.

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In real life, jurors may not always work that way, but some court observers question why they shouldn't be encouraged to do so rather than be programmed not to.

wsj_1267 (line 35, ant vp):
In real life, jurors may not always work that way, but some court observers question why they shouldn't be encouraged to do so rather than be programmed not to.

wsj_1286 (line 32, ant ap):
They may not be among the "best and brightest" of their generation -- there are very few such people, by definition.
But they need not be to do their jobs well.

wsj_1376 (line 69, ant vp):
Currently writing his memoirs, Mr. Churchill, an artist, tells how tycoons such as the late Jean Paul Getty, the oil billionnaire, were, in fact, known only by one initial, their last. "When you're at the club, you ask whether they've spoken to `G.' Now they know who you mean and you know who you mean.
But no one else does.

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It may seem trivial to worry about the World Series amid the destruction to the Bay Area wrought by Tuesday's quake, but the name of this column is "On Sports," so I feel obliged to do so.

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Most see little reason to doubt that their cash will go toward these noble goals.
But will it?

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One recent Saturday morning he stayed inside the Capitol monitoring tax-and-budget talks instead of flying to San Francisco for a fund-raiser and then to his hometown of Chicago for the 30th reunion of St. Ignatius High School. "I'm too old to waste a weekend, but that's what I did," the 48-year-old Mr. Juliano moans. "These days, anything can happen."

wsj_1695 (line 32, ant np):
Second, it explains why voters hold Congress in disdain but generally love their own congressional representatives: Any individual legislator's constituents appreciate the specific benefits that the legislator wins for them but not the overall cost associated with every other legislator doing likewise for his own constituency.

wsj_1932 (line 51, ant vp):
That country recently bought 200,000 tons of sugar and had been expected to seek a like quantity last week but didn't. "It's known they need the sugar, and the expectation that they will come in is apparently giving the market its principal support," the dealer said.

wsj_2013 (line 92, ant vp):
Some American officers interpreted his eagerness and studiousness as a sign of loyalty, but they did so falsely.

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It considered running them during tomorrow night's World Series broadcast but decided not to when the market recovered yesterday.

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The LME stocks decline was about as expected, but the Comex gain wasn't.

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Those sound like innocuous changes, but they're not.

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Reached in Honolulu, Mr. Shidler said that he believes the various Hooker malls can become profitable with new management. "These aren't mature assets, but they have the potential to be so," said Mr. Shidler. "Managed properly, and with a long-term outlook, these can become investment-grade quality properties."

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Weatherford suspended its preferred-dividend payment in October 1985 and said it hasn't any plans to catch up on dividends in arrears about $6 million, but will do so some time in the future.

wsj_2443 (line 73, ant vp):
Ramada has said it hopes to propose a new restructuring plan but hasn't indicated when it will do so.