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They also said that vendors were delivering goods more quickly in October than they had for each of the five previous months.

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Composer Marc Marder, a college friend of Mr. Lane's who earns his living playing the double bass in classical music ensembles, has prepared an exciting, eclectic score that tells you what the characters are thinking and feeling far more precisely than intertitles, or even words, would.

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Moreover, the Japanese government, now the world's largest aid donor, is pumping far more assistance into the region than the U.S. is.

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But consumers who buy at this level are also more knowledgeable than they were a few years ago. "They won't buy if the quality is not there," said Cedric Martin of Martin Wine Cellar in New Orleans. "Or if they feel the wine is overpriced and they can get something equally good for less." Mr. Martin has increased prices on some wines (like Grgich Hills Chardonnay, now $32) just to slow down movement, but he is beginning to see some resistance to high-priced red Burgundies and Cabernets and Chardonnays in the $30 to $40 range.

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Bush administration officials are looking to the Fed to bring down rates, and financial markets seem to be expecting easier credit as well. "I think the market had been expecting the Fed to ease sooner and a little more than it has to date," said Robert Johnson, vice president of global markets for Bankers Trust Co.

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In particular, Mr. Coxon says, businesses are paying out a smaller percentage of their profits and cash flow in the form of dividends than they have historically.

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But the presidency would be no worse off than it is now.

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In point of fact, volatility as measured by the annualized standard deviation of daily stock price movements has frequently been much higher than it is today.

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He notes that program traders have a commission cost advantage because of the quantity of their trades, that they have a smaller margin requirement than individual investors do and that they often can figure out earlier where the market is heading.

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The judge says he can't discuss in detail how he will defend himself at his trial, although he contends that if he were as corrupt as state prosecutors believe, he would be far wealthier than he is.

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"You can't say it's a "tsunami" (tidal wave), but we're making some headway," says Fannie Mae's chairman, David O. Maxwell, who visits Tokyo at least once a year to explain and drum up investor interest in mortgage securities. "Interest is a great deal higher than it was a year ago." The steady growth of the mortgage securities market in the U.S. has even triggered talk of building up a similar market here.

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Some analysts have said Courtaulds' moves could boost the company's value by 5% to 10%, because the two entities separately will carry a higher price earnings multiple than they did combined.

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If these speculators can't afford to trade as actively as before, stock-index futures prices, and therefore stock prices, may have to fall further than they might otherwise to attract buyers.

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In Japan, "software is four to five years behind the U.S. because hardware is four to five years behind, because NEC is enjoying a monopoly," complains Kazuhiko Nishi, the president of Ascii Corp., one of Japan's leading PC-magazine publishing and software companies. "There are no price wars, no competition." An NEC spokeswoman responds that prices are higher in Japan because customers put a greater emphasis on quality and service than they do in the U.S.

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Moreover, Japanese offices tend to use computers less efficiently than American offices do.

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"There is no question that the situation is bad, but we may be painting a gloomier picture than we should," he said.

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The rationale for responding to your customers' needs faster than the competition can is clear: Your company will benefit in terms of market share, customer satisfaction and profitability.

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"Monitoring shows that the Natick team's new system really does reduce cycle time for the morning package sort," reports James Barksdale, chief operating officer at Federal Express. "The vans leave at least 15 minutes earlier, on average, than they used to.

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"We're taking on more debt than we would have liked to," acknowledged Michael Plouf, LIN's vice president and treasurer.

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News programs, particularly if they score well in the ratings, appeal to the networks' cost-conscious corporate parents because they are so much less expensive to produce than an entertainment show is -- somewhere between $400,000 and $500,000 for a one-hour program.

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Champion International said, "We've gotten our costs down and we're better positioned for any cyclical downturn than we've ever been."

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The football and basketball players spent more time on their sports in season than they did on class attendance and homework combined (30 hours a week versus 25.3).

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And then, asset values of the funds could plunge more than they have so far.

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If the setting is exotic, the prose is closer to Balzac's "Pere Goriot" than it is to "Arabian Nights." Mr. Mahfouz began writing when there was no novelistic tradition in Arabic, and he modeled his work on Western classics.

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He added: "Inflation is lower than I think people expected it to be, and I think that's good news."

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In an interview with the Washington Post in early October, the secretary said the Fed may be slightly more interested in curbing inflation than the administration is, while the administration may put slightly more emphasis on spurring economic growth.

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The former $3 million-a-year lobbyist now frequents shelters for the homeless and devotes a third of his time counseling other recovering alcoholics. "I feel better than I ever have in my life," he says.

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The Morgan case thus tells us much more about the current state of sex, class, race and politics in our society than it does about the facts of Dr. Morgan's particular situation.

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Even though the Big Board says its product represents a post-crash "reform," some traders suggest that if the new basket had been trading during this month's Friday the 13th market plunge, the Dow Jones Industrial Average might have dropped more than the 190 points it did.

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Attorneys involved in the talks said that the parties were closer to accord than they were a year ago, when reports of an imminent agreement circulated.

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Mr. Corry might have to dismember the company more than he wants to.

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But freshness counts more than it once did, and stores are expanding shelf space for unconventional, but tastier, and often pricier, apples. "Rather than sell 39-cents-a-pound Delicious, maybe we can sell 79-cents-a-pound Fujis," says Chuck Tryon, perishables director for Super Valu Inc., a Minneapolis supermarket chain and food distributor.

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Some litigators scoff at the notion that a sociologist knows more than they do about what makes a jury tick. "The essence of being a trial lawyer is understanding how people of diverse backgrounds react to you and your presentation," says Barry Ostrager of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, who recently won a huge case on behalf of insurers against Shell Oil Co.

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Polyurethane foam is a highly efficient insulator, which accounts for why the walls of refrigerators and freezers can be thinner now than they were back in the days when they were insulated with glass fiber.

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Ms. Bryant, the head of the state securities group, said Drexel has done a better job of settling with the states than E.F. Hutton did after its guilty plea to a massive check-kiting scheme several years ago.

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Adults under age 30 like sports cars, luxury cars, convertibles and imports far more than their elders do.

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President Bush's national security adviser, Lt. Gen. Brent Scowcroft, came into office in January intent on making the NSC staff leaner and more disciplined than it had been during the Reagan administration.

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That would give the Pentagon flexibility that no other federal agency has. "It's simply a way of making the cuts less onerous for defense than they are for domestic programs," said Chairman James Sasser (D., Tenn.) of the Senate Budget Committee, who said he would oppose the request. "That isn't consistent with the kind of discipline that Gramm-Rudman is supposed to impose," he said.

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Under that approach, countries with the most unused oil capacity would get bigger shares of any future increases in OPEC's production ceiling than they would under the current system. "If you are already producing at 95% or 100% of your capacity, what's the good to be told you can produce at 105% of capacity?" asked Mr. Al-Chalabi.

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"Most of our competitors are announcing products based on our (older) products," said Finis Conner, chief executive officer and founder of the firm that bears his name. "We continue to develop products faster than anyone else can." These new products could account for as much as 35% of the company's business in 1990, Mr. Conner estimated. "We're not afraid of obsoleting some of our old stuff to stay ahead of the competition," he said.

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The FDA requested the recall of Quantum's mioxidil tablets, chlorazepate dipotassium tablets and meclofenamate sodium capsules because, it said, the size of the production runs submitted for testing to gain FDA approval was in each case misrepresented as much larger than it actually was.

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And returns on cash investments may continue to exceed inflation by a wider margin than they did over the long-term past.

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Third and most important, Amex would charge me a far higher premium than other reputable companies would on a straight term policy for the same amount; I'd be paying so heavily just to have the option of getting my premiums back that I'd almost have to cancel to make the whole thing worthwhile.

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As a result, many economists were expecting the consumer price index to increase significantly more than it did.

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Its language -- call it Streetspeak -- is increasingly mellifluous, reassuring, and designed to make financial products and maneuvers appear better, safer or cheaper than they really are.

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And don't expect anyone to change the term "blue chip," either, even though some of the companies that still enjoy the title may be riskier investments than they were.

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They are worth more because they pay higher interest than newly issued bonds do.

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He also had to fight harder for credibility than his partner did.

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In every presidential election over the past half century, except for the Goldwater presidential candidacy, the GOP has captured a greater percentage of the major-party popular vote for president than it has of congressional seats or the popular vote for Congress.

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First, economists James Bennett and Thomas DiLorenzo find that GOP senators turn back roughly 10% more of their allocated personal staff budgets than Democrats do.

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Second, if the key assumption is valid, Democrats should have lower attendance rates on roll-call votes than Republicans do to the extent that such votes reflect national policy making and that participating in such votes takes away from the time a legislator could otherwise devote to local benefit-seeking.

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Frank grovels a little for the bookers, probably no more or less than he would have to if he worked for a big corporation.

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Looking leaner than he has in a while, the younger Mr. Bridges's Jack is sexy and cynical and a far sadder case than Frank, who's managed to chisel his dreams to fit reality without feeling too cheated.

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Investors can get slightly higher yields on deposits below $50,000 than they can on deposits of $90,000 and up.

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On average, however, three-month CDs at major banks are yielding a tenth of a percentage point less than they were a week ago.

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However, Mr. Smith said that as a result of a $70 billion factory-modernization program undertaken over the last decade, "we can produce more in the new plants than we could in the old plants."

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In any case, the brokerage firms are clearly moving faster to create new ads than they did in the fall of 1987.

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America West, though, is a smaller airline and therefore more affected by the delayed delivery of a single plane than many of its competitors would be. "I figure that American and United probably have such a hard time counting all the planes in their fleets, they might not miss one at all," Mr. Otradovec said.

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Major oil companies in the next few days are expected to report much less robust earnings than they did for the third quarter a year ago, largely reflecting deteriorating chemical prices and gasoline profitability.

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In the third quarter, they averaged about 5% less than they were in 1988.

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Don't say the TV sitcom, because that happens to be a genre that, in its desperate need to attract everybody and offend nobody, resembles politics more than it does comedy.