[src NP VP] (.|,) or [tgt NP AUX] (12 cases)

wsj_0018 (line 21, ant vp):
Analysts noted yesterday that Cray Research's decision to link its $98.3 million promissory note to Mr. Cray's presence will complicate a valuation of the new company. "It has to be considered as an additional risk for the investor," said Gary P. Smaby of Smaby Group Inc., Minneapolis. "Cray Computer will be a concept stock," he said. "You either believe Seymour can do it again or you don't."

wsj_0039 (line 21, ant vpng):
He spends his days sketching passers-by, or trying to.

wsj_0257 (line 40, ant vp):
One learns a lot from this book, or seems to, about crippling federal bureaucracy. "Seems to" because it's possible that the CIA and the National Security Agency were more interested than they let on to Mr. Stoll.

wsj_0590 (line 11, ant vpng):
Mr. Bush has pledged as well to respect the 14-year-old executive order barring U.S. agents from assassinating foreign leaders or helping others to do so.

wsj_0632 (line 27, ant np):
Jaguar and GM hope to win Jaguar shareholders approval for the accord partly by structuring it in a way that wouldn't preclude a full Ford bid once the golden share expires. "There's either a minority {stake} package capable of getting Jaguar shareholder approval or there isn't," said one knowledgeable individual. "If there isn't, {the deal} won't be put forward" to shareholders.

wsj_0937 (line 38, ant vp):
And if you are caught or if people complain, simply argue that "everyone does it" or "no one said I shouldn't " and brazen it out.

wsj_1327 (line 61, ant vp):
The text by Patrick O'Connor is a tough read, but the pictures make her magnetism clear and help explain why Ernest Hemingway called Baker "The most sensational woman anybody ever saw.
Or ever will."

wsj_1560 (line 29, ant vped):
And Mr. Jackson probably has opened new checking accounts, too.
Or at least he should. "I assume those accounts are closed," says Mr. Smalling, referring to the accounts of the canceled checks. "I don't think he'd want to give out his current account numbers."

wsj_1574 (line 71, ant vp):
Congress closed this loophole last year, or thought it did.

wsj_1578 (line 27, ant vped):
Among other stocks involved in restructurings or rumored to be so: Holiday Corp. gained 1 7/8 to 73 and Honeywell rose 2 7/8 to 81 1/2.

wsj_2106 (line 12, ant vp):
Either one likes it or one doesn't.

wsj_2428 (line 23, ant vp):
Now, dozens of corporations, including Ethan Allen, TW Services and York International, that are counting on at least $7 billion of scheduled new junk financings to keep their highly leveraged takeovers and buy-outs afloat, may never get the money. "The music has stopped playing," says Michael Harkins, a principal in the investment firm of Levy Harkins. "You've either got a chair or you don't."