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This story line might resonate more strongly if Mr. Lane had as strong a presence in front of the camera as he does behind it.

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Experts say there isn't another state in the country where tests mean as much as they do in South Carolina.

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Adds Mitsui's Mr. Klauser: "Unlike corporations in this country, trading companies aren't so much interested in a high return on investment as they are on increasing trade flows.

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Still, some market analysts say the current 3.3% reading isn't as troublesome as it might have been in years past. "It's not a very meaningful indicator currently because corporations are not behaving in a traditional manner," says James H. Coxon, head of stock investments for Cigna Corp., the Philadelphia-based insurer.

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Department economists don't expect 1989 to be as good a year as 1988 was.

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Many felt Hearst kept the paper alive as long as it did, if marginally, because of its place in family history.

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"Until now, we've had no objective way of measuring motor function," says Keith Chiappa, a neurologist conducting clinical tests with the devices at Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital. "All we could do was tell a patient, `squeeze my fingers as hard as you can' or `raise your arm. ' " Under the best circumstances such tests are subjective; when a patient is unconscious, they don't work at all.

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I can assure Mr. Wanniski that the market is not as politically motivated as he is.

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But even that group knows some people don't use their machines as much as they should. "The first excuse is they don't have enough time," says research director Thomas Doyle. "The second is they don't have enough discipline." With more than 15 million exercise bikes sold in the past five years, he adds, "a lot of garages, basements and attics must be populated with them."

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Last Thursday, PaineWebber Group Inc. also said it would cease index arbitrage altogether, but the firm wasn't as big an index arbitrager as Merrill is.

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He did not go as far as he could have in tax reductions; indeed he combined them with increases in indirect taxes.

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But as astounding as the changes that have already occurred are, there is a fragility to glasnost.

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"Since deregulation of the market in 1985, producers have become much more intensely involved in both transportation and marketing," Mr. Maier said. "It's a matter of being close to those suppliers; many of those companies don't know us as well as they should."

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Mr. Good, who documents these things as best he can, provides an official explanation in the form of a memorandum from Chief of Staff George C. Marshall to President Roosevelt: "1,430 pounds of ammunition," he wrote his commander in chief, were expended on "unidentified aircraft," flying at speeds as slow as 200 mph and elevations between 9,000 and 18,000 feet.

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But Mr. Wyss said he will watch the numbers to get an inkling of whether consumers' general buying habits may slack off as much as their auto-buying apparently has.

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But even those numbers don't describe the situation as well as the athletes do in their own words.

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Environmental concerns are beginning to have as much influence in oil-industry spending plans as the price of crude does.

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I believe we have to take a shot at getting as much done as we can through the court, through Justice and through state and federal regulatory agencies.

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But we're not making as many {pyrotechnic devices} as we used to."

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Dow Jones is not going to squeeze as hard as it could."

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"He's as busy as he was as speaker," reports Mr. Wright's administrative aide, Larry Shannon.

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Unless the laws determining the noteholder's rights to payment are independent of the issuer of those notes, however, a gold-based ruble would be as unsuccessful for the Soviets as it was for the czars.

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The dividend increase was Du Pont's second this year, an affirmation of statements by top executives that they intend to increase rewards to shareholders. "We haven't benefited the shareholder as much as we need to," said Edgar Woolard Jr., Du Pont's chairman and chief executive officer, in an interview several months before he entered his current position in April.

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IBM, Armonk, N.Y., said it wanted to bring out the mainframes as soon as it could to spark as many sales as possible by the end of the year.

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But a spokesman said the quake won't have as big a financial impact on Allstate as Hurricane Hugo did.

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A former executive agreed that the departures don't reflect major problems, adding: "If you see any company that grows as fast as Reebok did, it is going to have people coming and going."

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Without this basic level of attention to reality, our policies on Cuba will continue to be as counterproductive as they have for 30 years.

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He says that because Seita's profits are limited by government-controlled cigarette prices, he doesn't have the cash to diversify as heavily into food and drink as the U.S. concern has done. (Last year, for example, Seita's net profit soared 150% to 461.6 million French francs ($73.5 million) on sales of FFr27.68 billion-a 1.7% profit margin.)

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What this all means in shorthand is that Soviet dominance in Ethiopia is collapsing as fast as President Barre's regime in Somalia is.

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And "shippers are getting the feeling that they have played one trucker off against another as much as they can," he said.

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And those who didn't move some production overseas suffer labor shortages. "The intensive labor needed to manufacture furs {in the U.S.} is not as available as it was," says Mr. Schreibman, who is starting overseas production.

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Fireman's Fund had claims adjusters on the streets of San Francisco right after sunrise yesterday and was paying as many claims as it could right on the spot.

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The only fly in the Soviet ointment was the last-minute addition of a unilateral American caveat, that U.S. aid to the resistance would continue as long as Soviet aid to Kabul did.

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You sunk just about as low as NBC did in its reporting on Korean life during last year's Olympics.

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Many are quick to emphasize that just because the market can fall as fast as it did Friday doesn't mean it will tank again, despite some disquieting similarities between now and October 1987.