[src NP VP] . [tgt NP AUX] (32 cases)

wsj_0112 (line 14, ant vp):
The framers hardly discussed the appropriations clause at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, according to Madison's notes.
To the extent they did, their concern was to ensure fiscal accountability.

wsj_0257 (line 40, ant vp):
One learns a lot from this book, or seems to, about crippling federal bureaucracy. "Seems to" because it's possible that the CIA and the National Security Agency were more interested than they let on to Mr. Stoll.

wsj_0336 (line 6, ant vp):
The big questions are whether the increase, effective Jan. 1, 1990, will stick, and whether other major steelmakers will follow suit.
It is widely expected that they will.

wsj_0439 (line 46, ant vp):
The closeness of Soviet perestroika to the fascist social blueprint of Mussolini was evident when Mr. Gorbachev presented his economic vision to the Soviet Congress.
In doing so, he neither rejected a socialist planned economy nor embraced the free market.

wsj_0445 (line 74, ant vp):
But early on, IBM offered its basic design to anybody wanting to copy it.
Dozens of small companies did, swiftly establishing a standard operating system.

wsj_0453 (line 46, ant vpng):
And New York Life made a plea for Red Cross donations in newspaper ads in the San Francisco area, latching onto the coattails of the Red Cross's impeccable reputation: "The Red Cross has been helping people for 125 years.
New York Life has been doing the same for over 140 years."

wsj_0526 (line 34, ant np):
Josh makes clumsy passes at Kate when she's seething with anger and fear, but we know from the outset that he's not a member of the evil patriarchy.
How could he be?

wsj_0569 (line 41, ant vp):
A good half-hour into breakfast at the Palmer House, Mr. O'Brien looks up from his plate after Mr. Straszheim says something about people who believe interest rates are about to nosedive. "I'm one of them who hope they will, with $6 billion in debt on the books.

wsj_0585 (line 27, ant vp):
Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Kidder Peabody, in addition to Shearson, do program-trade OTC stocks.
Shearson, Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs say they do so only for customers, however.

wsj_0758 (line 18, ant vp):
Some 34,320 fans jammed the stands, and shouted at the top of their lungs.
Mr. Engelken was doing the same across the Hudson River in New Jersey, where, with his nose pressed against the front window of the Passaic-Clifton National Bank, he watched the duel on a television set the bank set up for the event.

wsj_0766 (line 82, ant vp):
Recently, a contractor saved her from falling three stories as she investigated what remained of an old Victorian house torched by an arsonist. "I owe that contractor.
I really do," she says.

wsj_0887 (line 24, ant vp):
Republican senators, unwilling to concede the popular IRA issue to Democrats, suddenly embraced a scheme Sen. Roth had been pressing with little success.
The Bush administration, which was planning to unveil an IRA proposal of its own next year, was quick to do the same.

wsj_1092 (line 11, ant vp):
Americans place native or native speakers in charge of subsidiaries overseas.
European multinationals do likewise; even in America, their affiliates are usually run by American managers.

wsj_1099 (line 23, ant vp):
In 1986, Mr. Roderick adroitly dodged Mr. Icahn's first bullet after the takeover specialist had built up an 11.4% stake.
Mr. Roderick did so by having USX redeem a series of guaranteed notes, a move that, in effect, raised the cost of a $7.19 billion Icahn bid by about $3 billion.

wsj_1128 (line 22, ant vp):
He is known as the father of the U.S.-grown Granny Smith, a radically different apple that the conventional wisdom once said would never catch on.
It did, shaking the apple establishment to its roots.

wsj_1137 (line 13, ant vped):
For the political process to work, all citizens, regardless of race, must feel represented.
One essential indicator that they are is that members of minority groups get elected to public office with reasonable frequency.

wsj_1146 (line 25, ant ap):
The farmers stayed angry.
They still are.

wsj_1146 (line 36, ant vp):
I don't know why."
Edward Chojnowski does.

wsj_1146 (line 111, ant vp):
The pension's size still depends on how much produce he sells the state.
His allotment of materials also did, until the state couldn't hold up its end of that bargain.

wsj_1615 (line 72, ant vped):
Yet minutes after promising to appoint Hispanics to high posts in state government, he is unable to say whether he has ever employed any in his congressional office. "I don't think we do now," he says. "I think we did."

wsj_1615 (line 72, ant vped):
Yet minutes after promising to appoint Hispanics to high posts in state government, he is unable to say whether he has ever employed any in his congressional office. "I don't think we do now," he says. "I think we did."

wsj_1761 (line 23, ant vp):
GET RID OF THE DOGS. "Sell stocks that aren't doing well now, and that don't have good earnings prospects," says Alfred Goldman, technical analyst at St. Louis-based A.G. Edwards & Sons. "Most people do just the opposite: They sell their winners and keep their losers." Which types of stocks are most likely to qualify?

wsj_1946 (line 55, ant vp):
Judge Weinstein also ruled that judges must consider prior to extradition whether the defendant will be treated fairly in a foreign court.
To do so, the judge said, the U.S. courts must review the judicial process in the foreign country independently of the State Department's assessment.

wsj_2078 (line 11, ant vp):
"The conventional wisdom used to be that you couldn't modify the immune response of an infected individual" by innoculating them with synthetic viral proteins, Dr. Redfield said. "We've demonstrated that you can."

wsj_2106 (line 13, ant vp):
Either one likes it or one doesn't.
The typical Glass audience, which is more likely to be composed of music students than their teachers, certainly does.

wsj_2112 (line 15, ant vp):
The Command's huge bureaucracy is needed to analyze whether leaders of coups against Gen. Noriega meet the War Powers Act's six points, Cap Weinberger's seven points, the Intelligence Committee's 32 points and Woodrow Wilson's 14 points necessary to justify U.S. support.
So far no one has.

wsj_2173 (line 48, ant vp):
Under the law, President Bush may exempt military personnel accounts from the spending cuts.
He hasn't yet done so.

wsj_2183 (line 11, ant vp):
Proposition 103 does not prohibit any use of territorial rating, but requires insurers to justify it scientifically.
So far, they've been unable to do so.

wsj_2284 (line 112, ant vp):
While workers can't easily be fired, they also can't easily quit to find jobs elsewhere.
The Li family could apply for permission to do so, but hasn't tried. "I expect I'll be in Panzhihua for the rest of my life," Mr. Li says. "The No. 1 high school is pretty good, and I have to think of my daughter's future."

wsj_2286 (line 36, ant vp):
Jimmy Carter ultimately hired Mr. Volcker to kill inflation, which was reaching dangerous levels.
He did, too late to save Mr. Carter from forced retirement.

wsj_2377 (line 13, ant vped):
That Mr. Lantos supported the rights of the witnesses to take the Fifth Amendment.
Yes, he did.

wsj_2491 (line 24, ant vp):
But now, with Bull in firm control, these U.S. operations are key ingredients in Mr. Lorentz's plans to ensure that Bull remains one of the half-dozen or so world-wide, full-range computer companies likely to survive the 1990s.
To do so, Bull is planting itself firmly in the U.S., where, says Mr. Lorentz, a lot of the best people and research are.