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wsj_0423 (line 13, ant vp):
It's somehow OK for Secretary Baker himself, however, to say all the same things.
In fact, he did; the quotes above are from Mr. Baker's speech of two weeks ago.

wsj_0946 (line 20, ant vp):
Instead, it turns on the disputed and elusive facts of "who did what to whom." It is difficult, if not impossible, for anyone who has not pored over the thousands of pages of court pleadings and transcripts to have a worthwhile opinion on the underlying merits of the controversy.
Certainly I do not.

wsj_0966 (line 41, ant vped):
It's a mystery how this could have escaped the notice of Nebraska coaches.
Probably, it didn't.

wsj_1571 (line 21, ant vpng):
One of the plan's authors has defended the "socioeconomic disadvantage" category as perhaps making more sense than the current affirmative-action preferences based on race.
Perhaps it does.

wsj_2233 (line 6, ant np):
A three-judge appeals panel yesterday refused to comply, though liberal Judge Pat Wald went out of her way to deny that this was a "frivolous" case.
Of course it was.

wsj_2286 (line 45, ant vp):
The claim that inflation generates economic growth is seductive.
In fact it does the opposite.