[src NP VP] (.|,) (and) nor|neither [tgt AUX NP (6 cases)

wsj_0239 (line 35, ant vp):
See, the other rule of thumb about ballooning is that you can't steer.
And neither can your pilot.

wsj_0266 (line 5, ant vped):
But the Reserve Fund, America's first money fund, was not named, nor were the creators of the money-fund concept, Harry Brown and myself.

wsj_0326 (line 17, ant vp):
Although Philip Morris typically tries to defend the rights of smokers with free-choice arguments, "this has nothing to do with cigarettes, nor will it ever," the spokesman says.

wsj_1649 (line 13, ant vp):
If it does not quite have Chandler's special magic -- well, at the end, neither did Chandler.

wsj_1878 (line 16, ant vped):
"I was not pleased with the slow start, and neither was NBC News," said Guy Hempel, general manager of NBC affiliate WAVE in Louisville, Ky.

wsj_2331 (line 28, ant vped):
"It hasn't had any impact on us, nor do we expect it to," said a spokeswoman for Miller Brewing Co., a major client of Backer Spielvogel.