[src NP VP] .|;|.|-- (and) [tgt NP AUX not] (26 cases)

wsj_0036 (line 59, ant vp):
The government includes money spent on residential renovation; Dodge doesn't.

wsj_0060 (line 22, ant np):
And executives at stations in such major markets as Washington; Providence, R.I.; Cleveland; Raleigh, N.C.; Minneapolis, and Louisville, Ky., say they may very well not renew "Cosby." Dick Lobo, the general manager of WTVJ, the NBC-owned station in Miami, for example, says the show has "been a major disappointment to us." "At the prices we were charged, there should have been some return for the dollar.
There wasn't."

wsj_0071 (line 60, ant vp):
Image has, of course, a great deal to do with what sells and what doesn't, and it can't be forced.

wsj_0071 (line 68, ant ap):
By January it should be fairly clear what's hot -- and what's not.

wsj_0580 (line 5, ant ap):
Even White House budget director Richard Darman had trouble finding a silver lining in the report. "I suppose you could say the good news is that the deficits are not heading up," he said, "but you can't be satisfied with deficits at this level and we're not."

wsj_0968 (line 24, ant vpng):
Analysts said the company's effort will be helped by its decision last year to put point-of-sale scanners in 200 stores, allowing National Convenience to quickly track items that are selling and those that aren't.

wsj_0972 (line 21, ant vp):
All of their friends have children and they can't, so now they want a child more than anything -- perhaps even more than Michael wanted his fancy convertible or his deluxe stereo equipment.

wsj_1367 (line 74, ant vp):
The Volokhs were afraid that they'd end up like a friend of theirs who'd applied for a visa and waited for 10 years, having been demoted from his profession of theoretical mathematician to shipping clerk.
They didn't.

wsj_1376 (line 10, ant ap):
Like which are droppable and which are not.

wsj_1615 (line 46, ant vp):
"If you're going to be consistent and say it is a constitutionally protected right," he asks, "how are you going to say an upscale woman who can drive to the hospital or clinic in a nice car has a constitutional right and someone who is not in great shape financially does not?"

wsj_1631 (line 48, ant vp):
Traditional no-loads made their money by charging an annual management fee, usually a modest one; they imposed no other fees, and many still don't.

wsj_1635 (line 77, ant vpng):
Investors, for instance, may mistakenly assume that the bank or company that originally held the assets is guaranteeing the securities.
It isn't.

wsj_1659 (line 36, ant ap):
Michael Fisher, general manager of KTXL, a Fox affiliate in Sacramento, Calif., said, "The real question is whether the Paramount-MCA offering is practical.
It isn't. . . . Why would I consider giving up Fox, a proven commodity," for an unknown venture?

wsj_1755 (line 17, ant np):
And housing though it appears in the popular mind as being the major {growing} household asset, isn't."

wsj_1815 (line 46, ant vpng):
-- Median household income -- which includes both those living in families and those who aren't -- rose 0.3% last year to $27,225 after inflation.

wsj_1825 (line 31, ant vp):
MARKET MOVES, these managers don't.

wsj_1899 (line 4, ant vp):
But a secondary agenda among officials in the City of Angels was to learn about the disaster-contingency plans that work and those that don't.

wsj_1952 (line 7, ant vp):
If human beings can't cut federal spending honestly -- and they can't -- let the computers do it.

wsj_2052 (line 12, ant vp):
The U.S. said it would fully support the resistance -- and didn't.

wsj_2069 (line 5, ant vp):
"By encouraging massive, routine, voluntary testing we can enable society to voluntarily segregate itself sexually into two groups: those who carry the virus and those who do not," the Indianapolis research organization said in a new report.

wsj_2109 (line 13, ant pp):
People didn't believe we were in tune with the marketplace, and in many ways we weren't."

wsj_2205 (line 50, ant vp):
"France opened the limit down, off at least 10% if you could calculate the index, which you couldn't," Mr. Clark, the Shearson trader, said early in the afternoon. "Spain is down 10% and suspended, Sweden's down 8%, Norway 11%.

wsj_2232 (line 38, ant vp):
The onslaught of the program selling dashed any hopes that some of the big program trading firms would hold off until the market stabilized.
They didn't.

wsj_2384 (line 5, ant vp):
"There are some very significant issues out there, such as the fiscal deficit, the trade deficit, our relations with Japan, that have to be the subject of major initiatives," he said in an interview. "I'd like to see that initiative, and I haven't.

wsj_2400 (line 27, ant vp):
Robert H. Chandross, an economist for Lloyd's Bank in New York, is among those expecting a more moderate gain in the CPI than in prices at the producer level. "Auto prices had a big effect in the PPI, and at the CPI level they won't," he said.

wsj_2412 (line 58, ant ap):
Encouragement is fine; compulsion is not.