[src NP VP] ? [tgt NP AUX] (12 cases)

wsj_0296 (line 56, ant vp):
Can Sihanouk and Hun Sen knock off the Khmer Rouge still supported by China?
He can't.

wsj_0765 (line 65, ant vp):
Mr. Sutton recalls: "When I left, I sat down with Charlie {Rangel}, Basil {Paterson} and David, and David said, 'Who will run for borough president? ' And I said, 'You will. '"

wsj_0771 (line 39, ant vp):
But wouldn't a president who acted despite Senate objections be taking grave political risks? "He would," agrees the chairman. "But that is something the president ought to know before he goes ahead."

wsj_0994 (line 58, ant vp):
Will the investments pay off?
The growth of Las Vegas tourism in recent years persuades lenders that they will.

wsj_1057 (line 160, ant ap):
When Mr. Pilson is asked directly -- can you make money on all this? -- he doesn't exactly say yes. "What you're really asking is, Are the profit and loss margins anticipated on the events acceptable to management?" he says.
Then, he answers his own question. "Yes, they are.

wsj_1286 (line 4, ant vp):
Why can't we teach our children to read, write and reckon?
It's not that we don't know how to, because we do.

wsj_1286 (line 5, ant vp):
Why can't we teach our children to read, write and reckon?
It's that we don't want to.

wsj_1671 (line 59, ant vp):
Does the candidate favor parental consent for teen-age abortions? (The pro-choice lobby doesn't.) What about banning abortions in the second and third trimesters? (The lobby says no again.)

wsj_1778 (line 126, ant ap):
Next to Chez Panisse a homeless couple, bundled into a blue sleeping bag, sat up, said, "Good morning" and then the woman smiled, said, "Isn't it great just to be alive?" I agreed.
It is.

wsj_2369 (line 18, ant vp):
If Mr. Mason had used less derogatory language to articulate his amateur analysis of the voting behavior of his fellow New Yorkers, would the water be quite so hot?
It probably would, because few or none of the people upset by Mr. Mason's remarks have bothered to distinguish between the substance of his comments and the fact that he used insulting language.

wsj_2412 (line 74, ant ap):
Are they worth that?
Evaluations suggest that good ones are -- especially so if the effects on participants are counted.

wsj_2451 (line 32, ant np):
That's the problem, isn't it?"
Indeed it is.