[src NP TV NP (that) [tgt NP AUX]] (23 cases)

wsj_0045 (line 43, ant tved):
In CAT sections where students' knowledge of two-letter consonant sounds is tested, the authors noted that Scoring High concentrated on the same sounds that the test does -- to the exclusion of other sounds that fifth graders should know.

wsj_0097 (line 30, ant tvng):
"It has not been disruptive in the markets here," Mr. Maughan said. "The real difference seems to be that the cash market here . . . is big enough and liquid enough that the futures market isn't having the same impact it does in America."

wsj_0118 (line 129, ant tv):
Short of a total ban, some anti-programmers have proposed several middle-ground reforms, which they say would take away certain advantages program traders currently enjoy in the marketplace that other investors don't.

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Do you think the British know something that we don't?

wsj_0445 (line 98, ant tv):
Toyota Motor Corp. 's sales offices in Japan have one-tenth the computers per employee that its own U.S. offices do; over the next five years, it is aiming for rough parity.

wsj_0634 (line 31, ant tv):
But the different business system would make it hard for Dentsu to provide these Japanese companies the same kind of services they do in Japan.

wsj_1004 (line 32, ant tv):
They can make the masks brittle and can pass through material they're not supposed to.

wsj_1057 (line 66, ant tv):
Maybe we recognize values the other guys don't," Mr. Pilson says.

wsj_1206 (line 65, ant tved):
By contrast, KKR probably has already made all the money it can on SCI TV.

wsj_1267 (line 97, ant tv):
In our system of advocacy, the trial lawyer is duty bound to present the best case he possibly can."

wsj_1435 (line 32, ant tv):
Green allowed residents to re-enter; yellow allowed limited access; red allowed residents one last entry to gather everything they could within 15 minutes.

wsj_1480 (line 47, ant tvng):
Big cyclical companies are using "all the tricks they can to stabilize earnings," says Mr. Sloan.

wsj_1562 (line 56, ant tv):
One-Cancels-The-Other Order: This is really two orders in one, generally for the same security or commodity, instructing floor brokers to fill whichever order they can first and then cancel the other order.

wsj_1570 (line 64, ant tv):
Many workers, especially professionals, want to remain independent to avoid tax withholding and to continue to deduct many expenses that employees can't.

wsj_1677 (line 50, ant tv):
Pinpoint Information Corp., Chantilly, Va., a producer of $1,800-a-year personalized newsletters about the computer industry that started full operation last month, relies on 12 human readers to code news releases by topic in order to select items for each subscriber. "The computers find all the key words they can, but the editors confirm every one.

wsj_1691 (line 50, ant tvng):
"We feel we are doing everything we can," an Occidental spokesman says.

wsj_1695 (line 30, ant tved):
First, why ticket splitting has increased and taken the peculiar pattern that it has over the past half century: Prior to the election of Franklin Roosevelt as president and the advent of the New Deal, government occupied a much smaller role in society and the prisoner's dilemma problem confronting voters in races for Congress was considerably less severe.

wsj_1870 (line 91, ant tv):
There will be a lot of repair work that won't require the quantities of cement or concrete that new constructon would." Lone Star's San Francisco facilities weren't damaged in the quake.

wsj_1970 (line 25, ant tved):
"The figures today add further evidence to support the view that the improvement in the U.S. trade deficit has essentially stalled out at a level of about a $110 billion annual rate," said Jeffrey Scott, a research fellow at the Institute for International Economics here. "That's still an improvement over last year, but it leads one to conclude that basically we've gotten all the mileage we can out of past dollar depreciation and past marginal cuts in the federal budget deficit."

wsj_2285 (line 47, ant tv):
"I do not regard the amount of the decline on Friday as unexpected or unlikely," he said in a telephone interview. "With the market being up to 2,700 or 2,800 and the existence of derivative products . . . one can expect volatility of the magnitude we had."

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I want to say in the most forceful way I can: I certainly hope so."

wsj_2472 (line 82, ant tv):
When a store keeps dropping prices, the Farmington, Mich., resident says, "I get suspicious that they're trying to get the most they can out of you."

wsj_2478 (line 42, ant tved):
Merrill Lynch's Mr. Bradford said, "We haven't seen the pickup in flat rolled orders that we should have." Flat rolled steel is the industry's major product.