[src NP VP] ,|. (and|but) so [tgt AUX NP] (23 cases)

wsj_0018 (line 5, ant vped):
Not only is development of the new company's initial machine tied directly to Mr. Cray, so is its balance sheet.

wsj_0036 (line 25, ant vp):
Factory payrolls fell in September.
So did the Federal Reserve Board's industrial-production index.

wsj_0039 (line 10, ant vped):
Of course, if the film contained dialogue, Mr. Lane's Artist would be called a homeless person.
So would the Little Tramp, for that matter.

wsj_0128 (line 16, ant vp):
"Just as the 1980s bull market transformed the U.S. securities business, so too will the more difficult environment of the 1990s," says Christopher T. Mahoney, a Moody's vice president. "A sweeping restructuring of the industry is possible." Standard & Poor's Corp. says First Boston, Shearson and Drexel Burnham Lambert Inc., in particular, are likely to have difficulty shoring up their credit standing in months ahead.

wsj_0413 (line 74, ant vp):
I attend, and so does a television crew from New York City.

wsj_0439 (line 23, ant ap):
All independent media activity is now illegal, which perhaps is not surprising, but so is the manufacture of perfume, cosmetics, household chemicals and sand candles.

wsj_0601 (line 14, ant vp):
But the Reagan administration thought otherwise, and so may the Bush administration.

wsj_0790 (line 29, ant vp):
We see, smell and hear slums filled with "the echoes of hawkers advertising their wares interspersed with abusive language, rattling coughs and the sound of people gathering spittle in their throats and spewing into the street." And we meet engaging crooks, such as Hassan "the Head," famed for his head-butting fights, his whoring and his hashish. "`God has not yet ordained that I should have earnings, ' he tells his worried mother." Hassan comes to a bad end, but so does almost everyone else in the book.

wsj_0819 (line 52, ant vped):
Admittedly last season's runaway hit, "Steel Magnolias," helped a lot, but so did cost cutting and other measures insisted on by the board.

wsj_0966 (line 8, ant vp):
As the session broke up, I was approached by a man who identified himself as the alumni director of a Big Ten university. "I'd love to see sports cut back, and so would a lot of my counterparts at other schools, but everybody's afraid to make the first move," he confided. "It's like the U.S. and the Russians: Nobody wants to disarm first."

wsj_1151 (line 27, ant vp):
But as stock prices recovered some of the early losses, so did the U.S. currency.

wsj_1267 (line 86, ant vp):
Someone with a master's degree in classical arts who works in a deli would be ideal, Litigation Sciences advises.
So would someone recently divorced or widowed. (Since Litigation Sciences generally represents the defense, its job is usually to help the lawyers identify and remove such people from the jury.)

wsj_1567 (line 25, ant vp):
What's more, the losses they and the others caused "are just what we are stumbling over," says Mr. Stapf, adding that the majority of misdeeds probably go undetected.
So do just about all the losses that could be attributed to the sheer incompetence of unqualified planners.

wsj_1767 (line 35, ant vp):
As the West German currency rose, so did Merkur prices.

wsj_1947 (line 26, ant vp):
But car-happy Americans panicked, and so did the U.S. and other oil-consuming governments. "Shortage" and "crisis" became buzz words, although neither really applied.

wsj_2004 (line 11, ant vp):
When bank financing for the buy-out collapsed last week, so did UAL's stock.

wsj_2013 (line 166, ant vp):
As Mr. Noriega's political troubles grew, so did his offers of assistance to the Contras, an apparent attempt to curry more favor in Washington.

wsj_2109 (line 19, ant vp):
But this year, when the hullabaloo surrounding its centennial died, so too did some advertiser interest.

wsj_2167 (line 9, ant vp):
Ms. Parks's mother also gets to cuff Mr. Alexander.
So does Mr. Friend and his law partner, Nick Nichols.

wsj_2325 (line 12, ant vp):
But securities analysts say Phillips will be among the companies hard-hit by weak chemical prices and will probably post a drop in third-quarter earnings.
So, too, many analysts predict, will Exxon Corp., Chevron Corp. and Amoco Corp.

wsj_2366 (line 8, ant vp):
IOWA IS MAKING a comeback.
So are Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

wsj_2406 (line 14, ant vp):
While the network currently can operate freely in Budapest, so can others.

wsj_2412 (line 16, ant vp):
People eager to have youth "pay their dues to society" favor service proposals -- preferably mandatory ones.
So do those who seek a "re-energized concept of citizenship," a concept imposing stern obligations as well as conferring rights.