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Judge Ramirez, 44, said it is unjust for judges to make what they do. "Judges are not getting what they deserve.

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Please contribute what you can," the ad said.

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Common sense suggests that people who play for a company that charges about half what those houses do for a ticket are not in the same market.

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-- Saturday morning, a resident was given 15 minutes to scurry into a sagging building and reclaim what she could of her life's possessions.

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Finally, even the time-honored strategy called "value investing" no longer means what it once did.

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Today, Mr. Lang believes his magazines will offer what many women's magazines don't. "We write straight for women on their level," he said. "We don't have passive readers." Mr. Lang points out that even Success, in part, fits the company's image, since about 30% of its readership is female.