[src NP VP] before|until|when|whenever [tgt NP AUX] (13 cases)

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Many institutional index funds are active program traders, swapping their stocks for futures when profitable to do so.

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While recognizing that professional environmentalists may feel threatened, I intend to urge that UV-B be monitored whenever I can.

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IBM, though long a leader in the Japanese mainframe business, didn't introduce its first PC in Japan until five years after NEC did, and that wasn't compatible even with the U.S. IBM standard.

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On days when prices are tumbling, they must be willing to buy shares from sellers when no one else will.

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They worry that Mr. Breeden also will roll over when told to do so by the White House.

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That means that on days when prices are tumbling and sellers abound they must be willing to buy shares from sellers when no one else will.

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Munching pizza when they could and yelling until their voices gave out, the two Benjamin Jacobson specialists at the Big Board's UAL trading post yesterday presided over what can only be described as a financial free-for-all.

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It never hurt anyone, that is, unless the growth funds don't grow when you need them to.

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An Olivetti spokesman said the company's factories are already beginning to produce the machine, and that it should be available in Europe by December. "What this means is that Europeans will have these machines in their offices before Americans do," the spokesman said.

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In the long, frightening night after Tuesday's devastating earthquake, Bay Area residents searched for comfort and solace wherever they could.

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Those cuts, known as a "sequester" in budget jargon, became permanent yesterday, although Congress could cancel or rescind them whenever it wants to.

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On Friday, the market makers, who must be prepared to buy stock when no one else will, were frantically cutting the prices at which they would take stocks off sellers' hands, in reaction to plunging prices on the New York Stock Exchange, according to Mr. Rosenbach.

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On days like Friday, that means they must buy shares from sellers when no one else is willing to.