while|although|though [src NP VP] , [tgt NP AUX] (10 cases)

wsj_0203 (line 39, ant vp):
But Mr. Lane said that while the SEC regulates who files, the law tells them when to do so.

wsj_0408 (line 10, ant vp):
Although Mr. Azoff won't produce films at first, it is possible that he could do so later, the sources said.

wsj_0569 (line 19, ant ap):
While such changes might sound minor, they aren't: Merrill Lynch manages or oversees some $300 billion in retail accounts that include everything from mutual funds to individual annuities.

wsj_0592 (line 34, ant vp):
Though Mrs. Thatcher doesn't need to call an election until June 1992, she would prefer doing so in late 1991. "If the economy shows no sign of turning around in about year's time, she will be very vulnerable," says John Barnes, a lecturer at the London School of Economics.

wsj_0790 (line 43, ant vpng):
While the theme is compelling, the plot and characters are not.

wsj_1057 (line 25, ant vp):
While rights fees head skyward, ad rates won't.

wsj_1411 (line 117, ant np):
While the Cowboys may not be the best investment now, I don't accept they can't be in the future."

wsj_1572 (line 26, ant vp):
While the promises of big profits ought to set off warning bells, they often don't, in part because get-rich-quick tales have become embedded in American folklore.

wsj_1623 (line 22, ant vp):
Though he himself doesn't expect a recession soon, Mr. Wyss advises people who do that "the best thing to be in is long that is, 20-year to 30-year Treasury bonds."

wsj_2284 (line 24, ant ap):
Though the Panzhihua factory itself is profitable, many such enterprises aren't.