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See, the other rule of thumb about ballooning is that you can't steer.
And neither can your pilot.

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Can Sihanouk and Hun Sen knock off the Khmer Rouge still supported by China?
He can't.

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"Until now, we've had no objective way of measuring motor function," says Keith Chiappa, a neurologist conducting clinical tests with the devices at Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital. "All we could do was tell a patient, `squeeze my fingers as hard as you can' or `raise your arm. ' " Under the best circumstances such tests are subjective; when a patient is unconscious, they don't work at all.

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While recognizing that professional environmentalists may feel threatened, I intend to urge that UV-B be monitored whenever I can.

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Please contribute what you can," the ad said.

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Mr. Good, who documents these things as best he can, provides an official explanation in the form of a memorandum from Chief of Staff George C. Marshall to President Roosevelt: "1,430 pounds of ammunition," he wrote his commander in chief, were expended on "unidentified aircraft," flying at speeds as slow as 200 mph and elevations between 9,000 and 18,000 feet.

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The rationale for responding to your customers' needs faster than the competition can is clear: Your company will benefit in terms of market share, customer satisfaction and profitability.

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I believe we have to take a shot at getting as much done as we can through the court, through Justice and through state and federal regulatory agencies.

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All of their friends have children and they can't, so now they want a child more than anything -- perhaps even more than Michael wanted his fancy convertible or his deluxe stereo equipment.

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By contrast, KKR probably has already made all the money it can on SCI TV.

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In our system of advocacy, the trial lawyer is duty bound to present the best case he possibly can."

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Big cyclical companies are using "all the tricks they can to stabilize earnings," says Mr. Sloan.

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"Most of our competitors are announcing products based on our (older) products," said Finis Conner, chief executive officer and founder of the firm that bears his name. "We continue to develop products faster than anyone else can." These new products could account for as much as 35% of the company's business in 1990, Mr. Conner estimated. "We're not afraid of obsoleting some of our old stuff to stay ahead of the competition," he said.

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And "shippers are getting the feeling that they have played one trucker off against another as much as they can," he said.

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One-Cancels-The-Other Order: This is really two orders in one, generally for the same security or commodity, instructing floor brokers to fill whichever order they can first and then cancel the other order.

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But with every step I take, I'm building wealth.
You can, too, if you, like me, refuse to bite the bullet.

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Many workers, especially professionals, want to remain independent to avoid tax withholding and to continue to deduct many expenses that employees can't.

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Pinpoint Information Corp., Chantilly, Va., a producer of $1,800-a-year personalized newsletters about the computer industry that started full operation last month, relies on 12 human readers to code news releases by topic in order to select items for each subscriber. "The computers find all the key words they can, but the editors confirm every one.

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But Darman suggests such tensions will dissipate quickly. "If I can show signs of maturity, almost anybody can," he jokes.

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"We feel we are doing everything we can," an Occidental spokesman says.

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If human beings can't cut federal spending honestly -- and they can't -- let the computers do it.

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"The figures today add further evidence to support the view that the improvement in the U.S. trade deficit has essentially stalled out at a level of about a $110 billion annual rate," said Jeffrey Scott, a research fellow at the Institute for International Economics here. "That's still an improvement over last year, but it leads one to conclude that basically we've gotten all the mileage we can out of past dollar depreciation and past marginal cuts in the federal budget deficit."

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Supposedly the IRS will sell off the assets of MPI, but before it can, a lowly IRS agent is called into the hospital room of Wylie Slaughter, the dying head of the Central Intelligence Agency.

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You think you can go out and turn things around.
It's a tough thing when you can't.

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Investors can get slightly higher yields on deposits below $50,000 than they can on deposits of $90,000 and up.

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"The conventional wisdom used to be that you couldn't modify the immune response of an infected individual" by innoculating them with synthetic viral proteins, Dr. Redfield said. "We've demonstrated that you can."

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While the network currently can operate freely in Budapest, so can others.

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I want to say in the most forceful way I can: I certainly hope so."

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When a store keeps dropping prices, the Farmington, Mich., resident says, "I get suspicious that they're trying to get the most they can out of you."