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They also said that vendors were delivering goods more quickly in October than they had for each of the five previous months.

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Mr. Katzenstein certainly would have learned something, and it's even possible Mr. Morita would have too.

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Bush administration officials are looking to the Fed to bring down rates, and financial markets seem to be expecting easier credit as well. "I think the market had been expecting the Fed to ease sooner and a little more than it has to date," said Robert Johnson, vice president of global markets for Bankers Trust Co.

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The parishioners of St. Michael and All Angels stop to chat at the church door, as members here always have.

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In particular, Mr. Coxon says, businesses are paying out a smaller percentage of their profits and cash flow in the form of dividends than they have historically.

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Talks between the two sides could unravel, of course, as they have more than once since Sony announced its plans to hire Mr. Guber and Mr. Peters.

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More stable industries were to build an economically viable infrastructure for the Moon movement in North America, as they had in Japan and South Korea.

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In either case, ask yourself whether you have become better informed on the issues under protest by watching the act of civil disobedience.
If you have not, it is probable that a thorough airing of the dispute by calm and rational debate would have been the better course.

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But there were hitches, not the least of which was that, Mr. Wathen says, he proceeded almost blindly in doing the $95 million acquisition, which was completed in January 1988. "We weren't allowed to do any due diligence because of competitive reasons.
If we had, it might have scared us off," he says.

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The dollar, the best indicator of the country's mood, has skyrocketed on the parallel market, as has gold.

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He did not go as far as he could have in tax reductions; indeed he combined them with increases in indirect taxes.

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Wednesday's report from the purchasing agents will be watched to see if the index maintains a level below 50%, as it has for the past couple of months.

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He said traders should be on the lookout for how metals producers react to this rally. "I expect to see some selling, but will they kill this one as they have every rally in the recent past" by selling and locking in prices for their production?

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But Mr. Wyss said he will watch the numbers to get an inkling of whether consumers' general buying habits may slack off as much as their auto-buying apparently has.

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He has not changed, but those around him have.

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Mr. Dinkins also has failed to allay Jewish voters' fears about his association with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, despite the fact that few local non-Jewish politicians have been as vocal for Jewish causes in the past 20 years as Mr. Dinkins has.

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And then, asset values of the funds could plunge more than they have so far.

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By 1961, Mr. Mahfouz's idealism had vanished or become twisted, as it has in Said.

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Goodwill planned to sell the property and pocket the proceeds, as it had in many similar cases.

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Not all the scandal-tripped have enjoyed soft landings.
But many have. "These people bounce back more resiliently than regular people," says Washington writer Suzanne Garment, who is working on a history of post-Watergate scandal.

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The former $3 million-a-year lobbyist now frequents shelters for the homeless and devotes a third of his time counseling other recovering alcoholics. "I feel better than I ever have in my life," he says.

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Morgan Stanley and Kidder Peabody, the two biggest program trading firms, staunchly defend their strategies. "We continue to believe the position we've taken is reasonable," a Morgan Stanley official said. "We would stop index arbitrage when the market is under stress, and we have recently," he said, citing Oct. 13 and earlier this week.

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Both banks have been battered, as have other Arizona banks, by falling real estate prices.

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But from early on, Tiger's workers unionized, while Federal's never have.

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But just as every previous NSC adviser has, Gen. Scowcroft now will have to mull at what point the NSC staff becomes too lean and too restrained.

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The sales job seems to be paying off: When he bought the team, only six of the suites had been sold.
Today, 30 have.

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David Hubel, a Nobel laureate at Harvard, has taken the lead in defending research with animals, as has Dr. Michael DeBakey.

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Without this basic level of attention to reality, our policies on Cuba will continue to be as counterproductive as they have for 30 years.

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"Shippers are saying `the party's over, '" said Mr. LaLonde. "Shippers won't be able to look for transportation-cost savings as they have for the last eight or nine years.

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"This is one where I cross party lines," she says, rejecting the anti-abortion stance of Rep. Florio's opponent, Reagan-Republican Rep. James Courter. "People my age thought it wasn't going to be an issue.
Now it has -- especially for people my age."

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A section of the Bay Bridge had collapsed, as had a part of Interstate Highway 880 in Oakland.

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First, why ticket splitting has increased and taken the peculiar pattern that it has over the past half century: Prior to the election of Franklin Roosevelt as president and the advent of the New Deal, government occupied a much smaller role in society and the prisoner's dilemma problem confronting voters in races for Congress was considerably less severe.

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A daily news briefing from the company librarian, for example, would have a distinctive format on the screen, just as a paper version would have.

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In every presidential election over the past half century, except for the Goldwater presidential candidacy, the GOP has captured a greater percentage of the major-party popular vote for president than it has of congressional seats or the popular vote for Congress.

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Looking leaner than he has in a while, the younger Mr. Bridges's Jack is sexy and cynical and a far sadder case than Frank, who's managed to chisel his dreams to fit reality without feeling too cheated.

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If you bought, you wish you hadn't, and if you sold, you wish you hadn't." He said the current market "is all about sentiment, and the sentiment in London is 90% anxiety and worry." Britain's economic fundamentals, he said, "don't look very bright."

wsj_1957 (line 54, ant vp):
If you bought, you wish you hadn't, and if you sold, you wish you hadn't." He said the current market "is all about sentiment, and the sentiment in London is 90% anxiety and worry." Britain's economic fundamentals, he said, "don't look very bright."

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He insisted, as he has before, that creditors would be paid in full under the plan.

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Mr. Mehta observed that the U.S. merchandise trade deficit, which rose sharply in August, according to yesterday's report, has been having less and less impact on the gold market. "The dollar hasn't reacted much to it, so gold hasn't either," he said.

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The Command's huge bureaucracy is needed to analyze whether leaders of coups against Gen. Noriega meet the War Powers Act's six points, Cap Weinberger's seven points, the Intelligence Committee's 32 points and Woodrow Wilson's 14 points necessary to justify U.S. support.
So far no one has.

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Mr. Sim is confident that the drive to dominate certain niche markets will work at Barry Wright as it has at Applied.

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"I do not regard the amount of the decline on Friday as unexpected or unlikely," he said in a telephone interview. "With the market being up to 2,700 or 2,800 and the existence of derivative products . . . one can expect volatility of the magnitude we had."

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"There are some very significant issues out there, such as the fiscal deficit, the trade deficit, our relations with Japan, that have to be the subject of major initiatives," he said in an interview. "I'd like to see that initiative, and I haven't.

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Merrill Lynch's Mr. Bradford said, "We haven't seen the pickup in flat rolled orders that we should have." Flat rolled steel is the industry's major product.