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Its plan, instead, is to spin off the remainder of its real estate unit and to possibly do the same with its mining and energy assets.

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And New York Life made a plea for Red Cross donations in newspaper ads in the San Francisco area, latching onto the coattails of the Red Cross's impeccable reputation: "The Red Cross has been helping people for 125 years.
New York Life has been doing the same for over 140 years."

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Some 34,320 fans jammed the stands, and shouted at the top of their lungs.
Mr. Engelken was doing the same across the Hudson River in New Jersey, where, with his nose pressed against the front window of the Passaic-Clifton National Bank, he watched the duel on a television set the bank set up for the event.

wsj_0887 (line 24, ant vp):
Republican senators, unwilling to concede the popular IRA issue to Democrats, suddenly embraced a scheme Sen. Roth had been pressing with little success.
The Bush administration, which was planning to unveil an IRA proposal of its own next year, was quick to do the same.

wsj_1907 (line 6, ant vp):
When it made the offer, StatesWest declined to disclose details and asked Mesa to do the same.

wsj_1971 (line 44, ant vp):
Every major maker offers computers with color displays.
Next won't comment on when it will do the same, but is believed to have a color model under development.

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Maybe after the staffers explain their work to the Poles, they'd be willing to come back and do the same for the American people.

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A rebound in energy prices, which helped push up the producer price index, is expected to do the same in the consumer price report.