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American Enterprise Institute scholar Norman Ornstein in the Oct. 21 TV Guide on "What TV News Doesn't Report About Congress -- and Should":

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But even that group knows some people don't use their machines as much as they should. "The first excuse is they don't have enough time," says research director Thomas Doyle. "The second is they don't have enough discipline." With more than 15 million exercise bikes sold in the past five years, he adds, "a lot of garages, basements and attics must be populated with them."

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"There is no question that the situation is bad, but we may be painting a gloomier picture than we should," he said.

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"Since deregulation of the market in 1985, producers have become much more intensely involved in both transportation and marketing," Mr. Maier said. "It's a matter of being close to those suppliers; many of those companies don't know us as well as they should."

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And if you are caught or if people complain, simply argue that "everyone does it" or "no one said I shouldn't " and brazen it out.

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And Mr. Jackson probably has opened new checking accounts, too.
Or at least he should. "I assume those accounts are closed," says Mr. Smalling, referring to the accounts of the canceled checks. "I don't think he'd want to give out his current account numbers."

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Officers of the company, a health-care concern, "were very discouraged on Friday and felt they shouldn't go public; we felt they should," says Sanford Robertson, partner in the banking concern.