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Mr. Wilder did introduce such legislation 17 years ago, but he did so at the request of a constituent, a common legislative technique used by lawmakers.

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Signs of a slowing economy are increasing pressure on the Federal Reserve to cut short-term interest rates, but it isn't clear whether the central bank will do so.

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President Bush should veto appropriations acts that contain these kinds of unconstitutional conditions on the president's ability to discharge his duties and exercise his prerogatives.
If President Bush fails to do so in his first year, he will invite Congress, for the remainder of his presidency, to rewrite Article II of the Constitution to suit its purposes.

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The banks have 28 days to file an appeal against the ruling and are expected to do so shortly.

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Many institutional index funds are active program traders, swapping their stocks for futures when profitable to do so.

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But Mr. Lane said that while the SEC regulates who files, the law tells them when to do so.

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Although Mr. Azoff won't produce films at first, it is possible that he could do so later, the sources said.

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According to Fred Demler, metals economist for Drexel Burnham Lambert, New York, "Highland Valley has already started operating and Cananea is expected to do so soon."

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The closeness of Soviet perestroika to the fascist social blueprint of Mussolini was evident when Mr. Gorbachev presented his economic vision to the Soviet Congress.
In doing so, he neither rejected a socialist planned economy nor embraced the free market.

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Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Kidder Peabody, in addition to Shearson, do program-trade OTC stocks.
Shearson, Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs say they do so only for customers, however.

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Mr. Bush has pledged as well to respect the 14-year-old executive order barring U.S. agents from assassinating foreign leaders or helping others to do so.

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Though Mrs. Thatcher doesn't need to call an election until June 1992, she would prefer doing so in late 1991. "If the economy shows no sign of turning around in about year's time, she will be very vulnerable," says John Barnes, a lecturer at the London School of Economics.

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Moreover, they note, those who manage to pay their own way often do so only by selling their homes, using up life savings or drawing heavily on children and other relatives.

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Late Thursday, the Treasury said it needed to raise $17 billion quickly and would do so by issuing new securities this week.

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Among the arguments Sony makes is that Warner should let the producers go to Columbia because it already allowed the producers to become co-chairmen of publicly held Barris Industries Inc., which earlier this year changed its name to Guber Peters Entertainment.
Sony also says in its filing that Mr. Guber and Mr. Peters were offered management posts at Columbia once before in 1987, and that "Warner approved and encouraged them to do so."

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But, he adds, "I was not acting as a messenger." He says that the Chinese never asked him to convey their statements to President Bush, but that the White House spontaneously invited him to do so.

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The first is that it represents an intense battle in what James Thurber used to caricature as "the war between the sexes." But although Thurber did so gently and lightheartedly, many of Dr. Morgan's supporters have taken Thurber's memorable title "The Male Animal" quite literally.

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They worry that Mr. Breeden also will roll over when told to do so by the White House.

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Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told Congress that the Fed can wipe out inflation without causing a recession, but he said doing so will inflict some short-term pain and will require reducing the federal deficit sharply.

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-- Allow the EPA to permit the continued use of pesticides that exceed its negligible risk standard if the benefits of doing so outweigh the cost.

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Carol Sanger, vice president, corporate communications at Campeau, says that all of the Federated and Allied chains are paying their bills in a timely manner. "They continue to pay their bills and will do so," says Ms. Sanger. "We're confident we'll be paying our bills for spring merchandise as well."

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Fed Chairman Greenspan said the central bank can wipe out inflation without causing a recession, but doing so will inflict short-term pain.

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In 1986, Mr. Roderick adroitly dodged Mr. Icahn's first bullet after the takeover specialist had built up an 11.4% stake.
Mr. Roderick did so by having USX redeem a series of guaranteed notes, a move that, in effect, raised the cost of a $7.19 billion Icahn bid by about $3 billion.

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But most of them could have afforded to keep up their payments -- they chose not to do so.

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Given the prelude's thematic connections with the music preceding the last act, the idea is more worn than bad, though as luck would have it, for a change there actually was a conductor in the pit whom we wanted to hear, Carlos Kleiber, trying to make memorable music while we all waited for the bed lump to stir into song.
Once she did so, the big-souled German maestro with the shaky nerves who so often cancels offered a limpid, flowing performance that in its unswagged and unswaggering approach was totally at odds with the staging.

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Japan is considering giving aid to Hungary and Poland to support their recent political reforms, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said. "This is the first time, if we decide to do so, for Japan to extend aid of this kind to Eastern European countries," the spokesman said.

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The company said its core businesses have performed well and it expects them to continue to do so in the remainder of the fiscal year.

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In real life, jurors may not always work that way, but some court observers question why they shouldn't be encouraged to do so rather than be programmed not to.

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Neither state has settled, and officials in the two states won't discuss their reasons for not doing so.

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As a "good-will measure," the pilots had been working four extra hours a month and had agreed to fly UAL's two new Boeing 747-400 aircraft.
It's uncertain if the pilots will continue to do so without a contract settlement.

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In the third quarter, for example, junk bonds -- those with less than an investment-grade rating -- showed negative returns, the only major sector of the bond market to do so.

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So anyone buying the stock now is betting on some special transaction such as a recapitalization or takeover, and must do so using some guesswork about the likelihood of such an event.

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But buyers are essentially betting on a start-up investment fund with no track record -- and some have been encouraged to borrow to do so.

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Another factor to consider: Some of the companies currently earning very high yields are doing so through substantial investment in junk bonds, and you know how nervous the market has been about those lately.

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Among other stocks involved in restructurings or rumored to be so: Holiday Corp. gained 1 7/8 to 73 and Honeywell rose 2 7/8 to 81 1/2.

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It may seem trivial to worry about the World Series amid the destruction to the Bay Area wrought by Tuesday's quake, but the name of this column is "On Sports," so I feel obliged to do so.

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In the event that the buy-out group stalls in reviving its bid, the UAL board could remain under some pressure to seek another transaction, even without any legal obligation to do so.

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This bill simply says that if you want to develop property on a barrier island you have to do so without taxpayer support.

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IF IN VITRO fertilization works, it usually does so after only a few tries.

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When WCRS created Della Femina McNamee out of the merger of three smaller agency units in 1988, it said it did so in order to attract larger clients, especially packaged-goods companies.

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He visited the Hugo devastation but not until after local leaders urged him to do so.

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Judge Weinstein also ruled that judges must consider prior to extradition whether the defendant will be treated fairly in a foreign court.
To do so, the judge said, the U.S. courts must review the judicial process in the foreign country independently of the State Department's assessment.

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Some American officers interpreted his eagerness and studiousness as a sign of loyalty, but they did so falsely.

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You see, I know my father would have wished me to carry on just now." It is this kind of dignity and restraint that allows Stevens to declare: "For all its sad associations, whenever I recall that evening today, I find I do so with a large sense of triumph." We note the imperial public word used to deny private rage and sorrow.

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Under the law, President Bush may exempt military personnel accounts from the spending cuts.
He hasn't yet done so.

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Proposition 103 does not prohibit any use of territorial rating, but requires insurers to justify it scientifically.
So far, they've been unable to do so.

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She pointed out that even after Monday's 10% decline, the Straits Times index is up 24% this year, so investors who bailed out generally did so profitably.

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Then at 10:15 the Dow suddenly started to rebound, and when it shot upward it did so even faster than the early-morning fall.

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While workers can't easily be fired, they also can't easily quit to find jobs elsewhere.
The Li family could apply for permission to do so, but hasn't tried. "I expect I'll be in Panzhihua for the rest of my life," Mr. Li says. "The No. 1 high school is pretty good, and I have to think of my daughter's future."

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Reached in Honolulu, Mr. Shidler said that he believes the various Hooker malls can become profitable with new management. "These aren't mature assets, but they have the potential to be so," said Mr. Shidler. "Managed properly, and with a long-term outlook, these can become investment-grade quality properties."

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Weatherford suspended its preferred-dividend payment in October 1985 and said it hasn't any plans to catch up on dividends in arrears about $6 million, but will do so some time in the future.

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But 70% of the cable-television-equipped households that watch news do so between 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m., the network discovered, so CNN wants in.

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Ramada has said it hopes to propose a new restructuring plan but hasn't indicated when it will do so.

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But now, with Bull in firm control, these U.S. operations are key ingredients in Mr. Lorentz's plans to ensure that Bull remains one of the half-dozen or so world-wide, full-range computer companies likely to survive the 1990s.
To do so, Bull is planting itself firmly in the U.S., where, says Mr. Lorentz, a lot of the best people and research are.