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"Just as the 1980s bull market transformed the U.S. securities business, so too will the more difficult environment of the 1990s," says Christopher T. Mahoney, a Moody's vice president. "A sweeping restructuring of the industry is possible." Standard & Poor's Corp. says First Boston, Shearson and Drexel Burnham Lambert Inc., in particular, are likely to have difficulty shoring up their credit standing in months ahead.

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Although Philip Morris typically tries to defend the rights of smokers with free-choice arguments, "this has nothing to do with cigarettes, nor will it ever," the spokesman says.

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The big questions are whether the increase, effective Jan. 1, 1990, will stick, and whether other major steelmakers will follow suit.
It is widely expected that they will.

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A good half-hour into breakfast at the Palmer House, Mr. O'Brien looks up from his plate after Mr. Straszheim says something about people who believe interest rates are about to nosedive. "I'm one of them who hope they will, with $6 billion in debt on the books.

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On days when prices are tumbling, they must be willing to buy shares from sellers when no one else will.

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In an interview with reporters and editors of The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Dinkins appears quite confident of victory and of his ability to handle the mayoralty. "A lot of people think I will give away the store, but I can assure you I will not," he says. "I am aware we have real budgetary problems."

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Mr. Sutton recalls: "When I left, I sat down with Charlie {Rangel}, Basil {Paterson} and David, and David said, 'Who will run for borough president? ' And I said, 'You will. '"

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If she remains influential with Mr. Dinkins, as some suggest she will, his mayoralty may take on a more anti-development flavor.

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If the political establishment is reluctant to forgive sexual misadventures, the private sector sometimes will.

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Call it anecdotal if you will.

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Will the investments pay off?
The growth of Las Vegas tourism in recent years persuades lenders that they will.

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If I need to ask for money up front later, I will."

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While rights fees head skyward, ad rates won't.

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Even if baseball triggers losses at CBS -- and he doesn't think it will -- "I'd rather see the games on our air than on NBC and ABC," he says.

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That means that on days when prices are tumbling and sellers abound they must be willing to buy shares from sellers when no one else will.

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If bluebloods won't pay high prices for racehorses anymore, who will?

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The text by Patrick O'Connor is a tough read, but the pictures make her magnetism clear and help explain why Ernest Hemingway called Baker "The most sensational woman anybody ever saw.
Or ever will."

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This kind of jumpy uncertainty reminds John Calverley, senior economist for American Express Bank, of the 1969-72 period, when the industrial average rolled through huge ranges and investors flocked to the shares of companies with proven earnings records, which became known as the "nifty 50."
And they will again, say money-manager proponents of the growth-stock theme.

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Most see little reason to doubt that their cash will go toward these noble goals.
But will it?

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Dealers and auction houses "know if they don't lay out a half a million for this, another one will; it's that competitive."

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How soon Wang will stage a comeback, or if it will at all, are still matters of debate.

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On Friday, the market makers, who must be prepared to buy stock when no one else will, were frantically cutting the prices at which they would take stocks off sellers' hands, in reaction to plunging prices on the New York Stock Exchange, according to Mr. Rosenbach.

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If takeover premiums become excessive, if LBO dealmakers become too aggressive, then the private market will recognize these problems more quickly and accurately than will policy makers, and the markets will move with lightning speed to impose appropriate sanctions.

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But securities analysts say Phillips will be among the companies hard-hit by weak chemical prices and will probably post a drop in third-quarter earnings.
So, too, many analysts predict, will Exxon Corp., Chevron Corp. and Amoco Corp.

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A 190-point drop isn't likely to make much of a dent; multiply that a few times over, though, and it will.

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Robert H. Chandross, an economist for Lloyd's Bank in New York, is among those expecting a more moderate gain in the CPI than in prices at the producer level. "Auto prices had a big effect in the PPI, and at the CPI level they won't," he said.