would (14 cases)

wsj_0039 (line 10, ant vped):
Of course, if the film contained dialogue, Mr. Lane's Artist would be called a homeless person.
So would the Little Tramp, for that matter.

wsj_0039 (line 13, ant vp):
Composer Marc Marder, a college friend of Mr. Lane's who earns his living playing the double bass in classical music ensembles, has prepared an exciting, eclectic score that tells you what the characters are thinking and feeling far more precisely than intertitles, or even words, would.

wsj_0381 (line 35, ant vp):
What Ms. Pfeiffer had going for her besides determination -- Ms. Stevens recalled that the actress was up one night until 3 a.m. practicing "My Funny Valentine" -- was an airy alto, a nice breathy quality and intelligence. "When we first started working it was a matter of finding a language we both understood," Ms. Stevens said. "I couldn't talk with her as I would with someone who had a lot of vocal training."

wsj_0381 (line 40, ant vp):
And please, Michelle, when you sing the line in "Makin' Whoopee," about another sunny, funny honeymoon, don't say "funn-ih," the way Dylan would.

wsj_0765 (line 46, ant vpng):
Rather than scaring off white voters, as many predicted he would, Mr. Dinkins attracted many whites precisely because of his reputation for having a cool head. (Keeping cool is a Dinkins priority: On humid days this summer, he was known to change his double-breasted suits as many as four times a day.)

wsj_0771 (line 39, ant vp):
But wouldn't a president who acted despite Senate objections be taking grave political risks? "He would," agrees the chairman. "But that is something the president ought to know before he goes ahead."

wsj_0966 (line 8, ant vp):
As the session broke up, I was approached by a man who identified himself as the alumni director of a Big Ten university. "I'd love to see sports cut back, and so would a lot of my counterparts at other schools, but everybody's afraid to make the first move," he confided. "It's like the U.S. and the Russians: Nobody wants to disarm first."

wsj_0985 (line 8, ant vp):
By contrast, in 19th-century Russia an authoritarian government owned the bank and had the power to revoke payment whenever it chose, much as it would in today's Soviet Union.

wsj_1267 (line 86, ant vp):
Someone with a master's degree in classical arts who works in a deli would be ideal, Litigation Sciences advises.
So would someone recently divorced or widowed. (Since Litigation Sciences generally represents the defense, its job is usually to help the lawyers identify and remove such people from the jury.)

wsj_1474 (line 20, ant vpng):
General Electric Co. recently sold off its interests in liquid-crystal displays to Thompson-CSF of France. "We found the market not developing as we thought it would," a GE spokesman says.

wsj_1428 (line 31, ant vp):
Under that approach, countries with the most unused oil capacity would get bigger shares of any future increases in OPEC's production ceiling than they would under the current system. "If you are already producing at 95% or 100% of your capacity, what's the good to be told you can produce at 105% of capacity?" asked Mr. Al-Chalabi.

wsj_1574 (line 43, ant vp):
Third and most important, Amex would charge me a far higher premium than other reputable companies would on a straight term policy for the same amount; I'd be paying so heavily just to have the option of getting my premiums back that I'd almost have to cancel to make the whole thing worthwhile.

wsj_1870 (line 91, ant tv):
There will be a lot of repair work that won't require the quantities of cement or concrete that new constructon would." Lone Star's San Francisco facilities weren't damaged in the quake.

wsj_2369 (line 18, ant vp):
If Mr. Mason had used less derogatory language to articulate his amateur analysis of the voting behavior of his fellow New Yorkers, would the water be quite so hot?
It probably would, because few or none of the people upset by Mr. Mason's remarks have bothered to distinguish between the substance of his comments and the fact that he used insulting language.