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Crude as they were, these early PCs triggered explosive product development in desktop models for the home and office.

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But consumers who buy at this level are also more knowledgeable than they were a few years ago. "They won't buy if the quality is not there," said Cedric Martin of Martin Wine Cellar in New Orleans. "Or if they feel the wine is overpriced and they can get something equally good for less." Mr. Martin has increased prices on some wines (like Grgich Hills Chardonnay, now $32) just to slow down movement, but he is beginning to see some resistance to high-priced red Burgundies and Cabernets and Chardonnays in the $30 to $40 range.

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By January it should be fairly clear what's hot -- and what's not.

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Still, some market analysts say the current 3.3% reading isn't as troublesome as it might have been in years past. "It's not a very meaningful indicator currently because corporations are not behaving in a traditional manner," says James H. Coxon, head of stock investments for Cigna Corp., the Philadelphia-based insurer.

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But the presidency would be no worse off than it is now.

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Department economists don't expect 1989 to be as good a year as 1988 was.

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In point of fact, volatility as measured by the annualized standard deviation of daily stock price movements has frequently been much higher than it is today.

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The judge says he can't discuss in detail how he will defend himself at his trial, although he contends that if he were as corrupt as state prosecutors believe, he would be far wealthier than he is.

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"You can't say it's a "tsunami" (tidal wave), but we're making some headway," says Fannie Mae's chairman, David O. Maxwell, who visits Tokyo at least once a year to explain and drum up investor interest in mortgage securities. "Interest is a great deal higher than it was a year ago." The steady growth of the mortgage securities market in the U.S. has even triggered talk of building up a similar market here.

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As for gold, she notes that it usually rises when the dollar is weak, as it has been lately.

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I can assure Mr. Wanniski that the market is not as politically motivated as he is.

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All independent media activity is now illegal, which perhaps is not surprising, but so is the manufacture of perfume, cosmetics, household chemicals and sand candles.

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"One thing that is a little unnerving is that you had three old men on the court of appeals in California coming up with a statement that Nancy Sinatra is not distinctive but that Bette Midler is.

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Last Thursday, PaineWebber Group Inc. also said it would cease index arbitrage altogether, but the firm wasn't as big an index arbitrager as Merrill is.

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He isn't as well-known to clients as is Mr. Roman.

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While such changes might sound minor, they aren't: Merrill Lynch manages or oversees some $300 billion in retail accounts that include everything from mutual funds to individual annuities.

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Even White House budget director Richard Darman had trouble finding a silver lining in the report. "I suppose you could say the good news is that the deficits are not heading up," he said, "but you can't be satisfied with deficits at this level and we're not."

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But as astounding as the changes that have already occurred are, there is a fragility to glasnost.

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News programs, particularly if they score well in the ratings, appeal to the networks' cost-conscious corporate parents because they are so much less expensive to produce than an entertainment show is -- somewhere between $400,000 and $500,000 for a one-hour program.

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Champion International said, "We've gotten our costs down and we're better positioned for any cyclical downturn than we've ever been."

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But Lincoln Center President Nathan Leventhal, who would head a Dinkins transition team, is more mainstream, as is real-estate executive Anthony Gliedman, another insider.

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The markets are complex, as is the environment in which they function.

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If the setting is exotic, the prose is closer to Balzac's "Pere Goriot" than it is to "Arabian Nights." Mr. Mahfouz began writing when there was no novelistic tradition in Arabic, and he modeled his work on Western classics.

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He added: "Inflation is lower than I think people expected it to be, and I think that's good news."

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"He's as busy as he was as speaker," reports Mr. Wright's administrative aide, Larry Shannon.

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Unless the laws determining the noteholder's rights to payment are independent of the issuer of those notes, however, a gold-based ruble would be as unsuccessful for the Soviets as it was for the czars.

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Attorneys involved in the talks said that the parties were closer to accord than they were a year ago, when reports of an imminent agreement circulated.

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When Mr. Pilson is asked directly -- can you make money on all this? -- he doesn't exactly say yes. "What you're really asking is, Are the profit and loss margins anticipated on the events acceptable to management?" he says.
Then, he answers his own question. "Yes, they are.

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The farmers stayed angry.
They still are.

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Polyurethane foam is a highly efficient insulator, which accounts for why the walls of refrigerators and freezers can be thinner now than they were back in the days when they were insulated with glass fiber.

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They may not be among the "best and brightest" of their generation -- there are very few such people, by definition.
But they need not be to do their jobs well.

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Like which are droppable and which are not.

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President Bush's national security adviser, Lt. Gen. Brent Scowcroft, came into office in January intent on making the NSC staff leaner and more disciplined than it had been during the Reagan administration.

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That would give the Pentagon flexibility that no other federal agency has. "It's simply a way of making the cuts less onerous for defense than they are for domestic programs," said Chairman James Sasser (D., Tenn.) of the Senate Budget Committee, who said he would oppose the request. "That isn't consistent with the kind of discipline that Gramm-Rudman is supposed to impose," he said.

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The FDA requested the recall of Quantum's mioxidil tablets, chlorazepate dipotassium tablets and meclofenamate sodium capsules because, it said, the size of the production runs submitted for testing to gain FDA approval was in each case misrepresented as much larger than it actually was.

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Other cases go to show that an old saw still applies: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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And those who didn't move some production overseas suffer labor shortages. "The intensive labor needed to manufacture furs {in the U.S.} is not as available as it was," says Mr. Schreibman, who is starting overseas production.

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Its language -- call it Streetspeak -- is increasingly mellifluous, reassuring, and designed to make financial products and maneuvers appear better, safer or cheaper than they really are.

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And don't expect anyone to change the term "blue chip," either, even though some of the companies that still enjoy the title may be riskier investments than they were.

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Moreover, the old contract was about to expire, and the lineup of Guber Peters pictures for Warner wasn't as strong as it is now.

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Michael Fisher, general manager of KTXL, a Fox affiliate in Sacramento, Calif., said, "The real question is whether the Paramount-MCA offering is practical.
It isn't. . . . Why would I consider giving up Fox, a proven commodity," for an unknown venture?

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What complicates the scene in Cambodia is that the current regime is already communist, as are its Vietnamese overseers back in Hanoi, as are the Khmer Rouge -- who are the strongest of the three guerrilla groups.

wsj_1700 (line 18, ant ap):
What complicates the scene in Cambodia is that the current regime is already communist, as are its Vietnamese overseers back in Hanoi, as are the Khmer Rouge -- who are the strongest of the three guerrilla groups.

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Next to Chez Panisse a homeless couple, bundled into a blue sleeping bag, sat up, said, "Good morning" and then the woman smiled, said, "Isn't it great just to be alive?" I agreed.
It is.

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Though the Panzhihua factory itself is profitable, many such enterprises aren't.

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Encouragement is fine; compulsion is not.

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Are they worth that?
Evaluations suggest that good ones are -- especially so if the effects on participants are counted.

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Are narrow,
Must they always be