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wsj_0018 (line 21, ant vp):
Analysts noted yesterday that Cray Research's decision to link its $98.3 million promissory note to Mr. Cray's presence will complicate a valuation of the new company. "It has to be considered as an additional risk for the investor," said Gary P. Smaby of Smaby Group Inc., Minneapolis. "Cray Computer will be a concept stock," he said. "You either believe Seymour can do it again or you don't."

wsj_0036 (line 25, ant vp):
Factory payrolls fell in September.
So did the Federal Reserve Board's industrial-production index.

wsj_0036 (line 59, ant vp):
The government includes money spent on residential renovation; Dodge doesn't.

wsj_0039 (line 13, ant vp):
Composer Marc Marder, a college friend of Mr. Lane's who earns his living playing the double bass in classical music ensembles, has prepared an exciting, eclectic score that tells you what the characters are thinking and feeling far more precisely than intertitles, or even words, would.

wsj_0039 (line 32, ant vp):
This story line might resonate more strongly if Mr. Lane had as strong a presence in front of the camera as he does behind it.

wsj_0041 (line 62, ant vp):
Mr. Wilder did introduce such legislation 17 years ago, but he did so at the request of a constituent, a common legislative technique used by lawmakers.

wsj_0044 (line 31, ant vp):
A 50-state study released in September by Friends for Education, an Albuquerque, N.M., school-research group, concluded that "outright cheating by American educators" is "common." The group says standardized achievement test scores are greatly inflated because teachers often "teach the test" as Mrs. Yeargin did, although most are never caught.

wsj_0044 (line 42, ant vp):
Experts say there isn't another state in the country where tests mean as much as they do in South Carolina.

wsj_0047 (line 11, ant vp):
Both Dr. Mason and Dr. Sullivan oppose federal funding for abortion, as does President Bush, except in cases where a woman's life is threatened.

wsj_0071 (line 60, ant vp):
Image has, of course, a great deal to do with what sells and what doesn't, and it can't be forced.

wsj_0072 (line 3, ant vp):
Signs of a slowing economy are increasing pressure on the Federal Reserve to cut short-term interest rates, but it isn't clear whether the central bank will do so.

wsj_0072 (line 11, ant vp):
Bush administration officials are looking to the Fed to bring down rates, and financial markets seem to be expecting easier credit as well. "I think the market had been expecting the Fed to ease sooner and a little more than it has to date," said Robert Johnson, vice president of global markets for Bankers Trust Co.

wsj_0089 (line 9, ant vp):
The parishioners of St. Michael and All Angels stop to chat at the church door, as members here always have.

wsj_0100 (line 21, ant vp):
Assuming that post at the age of 35, he managed by consensus, as is the rule in universities, says Warren H. Strother, a university official who is researching a book on Mr. Hahn.

wsj_0112 (line 14, ant vp):
The framers hardly discussed the appropriations clause at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, according to Madison's notes.
To the extent they did, their concern was to ensure fiscal accountability.

wsj_0112 (line 45, ant vp):
President Bush should veto appropriations acts that contain these kinds of unconstitutional conditions on the president's ability to discharge his duties and exercise his prerogatives.
If President Bush fails to do so in his first year, he will invite Congress, for the remainder of his presidency, to rewrite Article II of the Constitution to suit its purposes.

wsj_0112 (line 73, ant vp):
President Bush should set things straight.
If he does not, he will help realize Madison's fear in The Federalist No. 48 of a legislature "everywhere extending the sphere of its activity and drawing all powers into its impetuous vortex."

wsj_0114 (line 24, ant vp):
Many felt Hearst kept the paper alive as long as it did, if marginally, because of its place in family history.

wsj_0114 (line 48, ant vp):
His wife also works for the paper, as did his father.

wsj_0117 (line 33, ant vp):
The banks have 28 days to file an appeal against the ruling and are expected to do so shortly.

wsj_0121 (line 9, ant vp):
He notes that program traders have a commission cost advantage because of the quantity of their trades, that they have a smaller margin requirement than individual investors do and that they often can figure out earlier where the market is heading.

wsj_0128 (line 16, ant vp):
"Just as the 1980s bull market transformed the U.S. securities business, so too will the more difficult environment of the 1990s," says Christopher T. Mahoney, a Moody's vice president. "A sweeping restructuring of the industry is possible." Standard & Poor's Corp. says First Boston, Shearson and Drexel Burnham Lambert Inc., in particular, are likely to have difficulty shoring up their credit standing in months ahead.

wsj_0137 (line 15, ant vp):
Investors switched trading focus quickly as they did Tuesday, reflecting uncertainty about long-term commitments to any issue or sector, traders said.

wsj_0203 (line 39, ant vp):
But Mr. Lane said that while the SEC regulates who files, the law tells them when to do so.

wsj_0239 (line 35, ant vp):
See, the other rule of thumb about ballooning is that you can't steer.
And neither can your pilot.

wsj_0257 (line 40, ant vp):
One learns a lot from this book, or seems to, about crippling federal bureaucracy. "Seems to" because it's possible that the CIA and the National Security Agency were more interested than they let on to Mr. Stoll.

wsj_0257 (line 40, ant vp):
One learns a lot from this book, or seems to, about crippling federal bureaucracy. "Seems to" because it's possible that the CIA and the National Security Agency were more interested than they let on to Mr. Stoll.

wsj_0274 (line 46, ant vp):
In addition, further packaging of mortgage-backed securities, such as Blackstone's fund, have reduced the effects of prepayment risk and automatically reinvest monthly payments so institutions don't have to.

wsj_0278 (line 35, ant vp):
Talks between the two sides could unravel, of course, as they have more than once since Sony announced its plans to hire Mr. Guber and Mr. Peters.

wsj_0280 (line 75, ant vp):
Jewelry makers rarely pay commissions and aren't expected to anytime soon.

wsj_0282 (line 9, ant vp):
More stable industries were to build an economically viable infrastructure for the Moon movement in North America, as they had in Japan and South Korea.

wsj_0286 (line 119, ant vp):
He promises that Nissan will soon establish a holding company overseeing all U.S. operations, just as it's doing in Europe.

wsj_0295 (line 64, ant vp):
During the takeover, Mr. Hahn said he would put his account up for review if WPP's bid were successful, but he didn't.

wsj_0296 (line 56, ant vp):
Can Sihanouk and Hun Sen knock off the Khmer Rouge still supported by China?
He can't.

wsj_0297 (line 21, ant vp):
"Until now, we've had no objective way of measuring motor function," says Keith Chiappa, a neurologist conducting clinical tests with the devices at Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital. "All we could do was tell a patient, `squeeze my fingers as hard as you can' or `raise your arm. ' " Under the best circumstances such tests are subjective; when a patient is unconscious, they don't work at all.

wsj_0305 (line 27, ant vp):
But there were hitches, not the least of which was that, Mr. Wathen says, he proceeded almost blindly in doing the $95 million acquisition, which was completed in January 1988. "We weren't allowed to do any due diligence because of competitive reasons.
If we had, it might have scared us off," he says.

wsj_0305 (line 68, ant vp):
American Brands "just had a different approach," Mr. Wathen says. "Their approach didn't work; mine is."

wsj_0309 (line 26, ant vp):
But even if he agrees, Mr. Kemp doesn't write the nation's housing law -- Congress does.

wsj_0326 (line 17, ant vp):
Although Philip Morris typically tries to defend the rights of smokers with free-choice arguments, "this has nothing to do with cigarettes, nor will it ever," the spokesman says.

wsj_0331 (line 29, ant vp):
Its plan, instead, is to spin off the remainder of its real estate unit and to possibly do the same with its mining and energy assets.

wsj_0336 (line 6, ant vp):
The big questions are whether the increase, effective Jan. 1, 1990, will stick, and whether other major steelmakers will follow suit.
It is widely expected that they will.

wsj_0360 (line 40, ant vp):
While recognizing that professional environmentalists may feel threatened, I intend to urge that UV-B be monitored whenever I can.

wsj_0362 (line 3, ant vp):
American Enterprise Institute scholar Norman Ornstein in the Oct. 21 TV Guide on "What TV News Doesn't Report About Congress -- and Should":

wsj_0362 (line 5, ant vp):
By concentrating all their resources on the pay raise, Wright and Tower, the networks actually overlooked some major stories that showed the flaws and shortcomings of the institution. . . . An imaginative producer could easily have created a fast-moving and interesting piece about how Congress really works -- and why voters in, say, West Virginia got a federally funded university project and building while voters in Arkansas did not.

wsj_0381 (line 35, ant vp):
What Ms. Pfeiffer had going for her besides determination -- Ms. Stevens recalled that the actress was up one night until 3 a.m. practicing "My Funny Valentine" -- was an airy alto, a nice breathy quality and intelligence. "When we first started working it was a matter of finding a language we both understood," Ms. Stevens said. "I couldn't talk with her as I would with someone who had a lot of vocal training."

wsj_0381 (line 40, ant vp):
And please, Michelle, when you sing the line in "Makin' Whoopee," about another sunny, funny honeymoon, don't say "funn-ih," the way Dylan would.

wsj_0376 (line 15, ant vp):
Some analysts have said Courtaulds' moves could boost the company's value by 5% to 10%, because the two entities separately will carry a higher price earnings multiple than they did combined.

wsj_0398 (line 34, ant vp):
If these speculators can't afford to trade as actively as before, stock-index futures prices, and therefore stock prices, may have to fall further than they might otherwise to attract buyers.

wsj_0408 (line 5, ant vp):
Warner and Mr. Azoff declined comment, as did MCA, where Mr. Azoff had also been discussing such a venture.

wsj_0408 (line 10, ant vp):
Although Mr. Azoff won't produce films at first, it is possible that he could do so later, the sources said.

wsj_0413 (line 74, ant vp):
I attend, and so does a television crew from New York City.

wsj_0415 (line 31, ant vp):
If Brazil devises an economic strategy allowing it to resume growth and service debt, this could lead it to open up and deregulate its sheltered economy, analysts say, just as Argentinian President Carlos Saul Menem has been doing even though he was elected on a populist platform.

wsj_0423 (line 11, ant vp):
Dark hints would be raised that parts of the administration hope Mr. Gorbachev would fail, just as they were when Vice President Quayle voiced similar sentiments.

wsj_0423 (line 13, ant vp):
It's somehow OK for Secretary Baker himself, however, to say all the same things.
In fact, he did; the quotes above are from Mr. Baker's speech of two weeks ago.

wsj_0439 (line 46, ant vp):
The closeness of Soviet perestroika to the fascist social blueprint of Mussolini was evident when Mr. Gorbachev presented his economic vision to the Soviet Congress.
In doing so, he neither rejected a socialist planned economy nor embraced the free market.

wsj_0445 (line 74, ant vp):
But early on, IBM offered its basic design to anybody wanting to copy it.
Dozens of small companies did, swiftly establishing a standard operating system.

wsj_0445 (line 90, ant vp):
In Japan, "software is four to five years behind the U.S. because hardware is four to five years behind, because NEC is enjoying a monopoly," complains Kazuhiko Nishi, the president of Ascii Corp., one of Japan's leading PC-magazine publishing and software companies. "There are no price wars, no competition." An NEC spokeswoman responds that prices are higher in Japan because customers put a greater emphasis on quality and service than they do in the U.S.

wsj_0445 (line 128, ant vp):
IBM, though long a leader in the Japanese mainframe business, didn't introduce its first PC in Japan until five years after NEC did, and that wasn't compatible even with the U.S. IBM standard.

wsj_0475 (line 28, ant vp):
Yesterday, Joel Zweibel, an attorney for Eastern's creditors committee, declined to comment on whether the experts had ever been instructed to look at other choices and whether they now were asked not to.

wsj_0409 (line 29, ant vp):
But even that group knows some people don't use their machines as much as they should. "The first excuse is they don't have enough time," says research director Thomas Doyle. "The second is they don't have enough discipline." With more than 15 million exercise bikes sold in the past five years, he adds, "a lot of garages, basements and attics must be populated with them."

wsj_0445 (line 34, ant vp):
Moreover, Japanese offices tend to use computers less efficiently than American offices do.

wsj_0456 (line 25, ant vp):
He did not go as far as he could have in tax reductions; indeed he combined them with increases in indirect taxes.

wsj_0488 (line 41, ant vp):
"There is no question that the situation is bad, but we may be painting a gloomier picture than we should," he said.

wsj_0518 (line 31, ant vp):
They say insurance companies use policies aimed at excluding bad risks because their competitors do.

wsj_0554 (line 65, ant vp):
Wells Rich declined to comment on the status of the account, as did the other agencies.

wsj_0569 (line 41, ant vp):
A good half-hour into breakfast at the Palmer House, Mr. O'Brien looks up from his plate after Mr. Straszheim says something about people who believe interest rates are about to nosedive. "I'm one of them who hope they will, with $6 billion in debt on the books.

wsj_0585 (line 27, ant vp):
Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Kidder Peabody, in addition to Shearson, do program-trade OTC stocks.
Shearson, Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs say they do so only for customers, however.

wsj_0585 (line 35, ant vp):
On days when prices are tumbling, they must be willing to buy shares from sellers when no one else will.

wsj_0592 (line 34, ant vp):
Though Mrs. Thatcher doesn't need to call an election until June 1992, she would prefer doing so in late 1991. "If the economy shows no sign of turning around in about year's time, she will be very vulnerable," says John Barnes, a lecturer at the London School of Economics.

wsj_0595 (line 39, ant vp):
Moreover, they note, those who manage to pay their own way often do so only by selling their homes, using up life savings or drawing heavily on children and other relatives.

wsj_0597 (line 7, ant vp):
Irving maintained -- and still does -- that its actions were proper under its account agreements with customers.

wsj_0529 (line 7, ant vp):
"Since deregulation of the market in 1985, producers have become much more intensely involved in both transportation and marketing," Mr. Maier said. "It's a matter of being close to those suppliers; many of those companies don't know us as well as they should."

wsj_0550 (line 18, ant vp):
Mr. Good, who documents these things as best he can, provides an official explanation in the form of a memorandum from Chief of Staff George C. Marshall to President Roosevelt: "1,430 pounds of ammunition," he wrote his commander in chief, were expended on "unidentified aircraft," flying at speeds as slow as 200 mph and elevations between 9,000 and 18,000 feet.

wsj_0552 (line 38, ant vp):
To reduce the danger of such pricing cycles, Akzo has invested heavily in specialty chemicals, which have highly specific industrial uses and tend to produce much higher profit margins than do bulk chemicals.

wsj_0562 (line 27, ant vp):
"Monitoring shows that the Natick team's new system really does reduce cycle time for the morning package sort," reports James Barksdale, chief operating officer at Federal Express. "The vans leave at least 15 minutes earlier, on average, than they used to.

wsj_0601 (line 14, ant vp):
But the Reagan administration thought otherwise, and so may the Bush administration.

wsj_0617 (line 26, ant vp):
In 1980, 18% of federal prosecutions concluded at trial; in 1987, only 9% did.

wsj_0627 (line 19, ant vp):
Wednesday's report from the purchasing agents will be watched to see if the index maintains a level below 50%, as it has for the past couple of months.

wsj_0671 (line 68, ant vp):
Late Thursday, the Treasury said it needed to raise $17 billion quickly and would do so by issuing new securities this week.

wsj_0627 (line 34, ant vp):
But Mr. Wyss said he will watch the numbers to get an inkling of whether consumers' general buying habits may slack off as much as their auto-buying apparently has.

wsj_0723 (line 11, ant vp):
It argues, as does Unice, that labor relations are best left to be regulated at the national level.

wsj_0728 (line 13, ant vp):
If you asked me to select a stock with the highest expected return, I would select a stock with the greatest amount of undiversifiable risk, as I am sure your pros do.

wsj_0742 (line 16, ant vp):
Like others, Mr. Gabelli says that if futures cause investors to lose confidence in stocks, they will move away from stocks -- as many have already done.

wsj_0749 (line 15, ant vp):
The football and basketball players spent more time on their sports in season than they did on class attendance and homework combined (30 hours a week versus 25.3).

wsj_0749 (line 18, ant vp):
But even those numbers don't describe the situation as well as the athletes do in their own words.

wsj_0755 (line 3, ant vp):
Environmental concerns are beginning to have as much influence in oil-industry spending plans as the price of crude does.

wsj_0758 (line 18, ant vp):
Some 34,320 fans jammed the stands, and shouted at the top of their lungs.
Mr. Engelken was doing the same across the Hudson River in New Jersey, where, with his nose pressed against the front window of the Passaic-Clifton National Bank, he watched the duel on a television set the bank set up for the event.

wsj_0765 (line 27, ant vp):
In an interview with reporters and editors of The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Dinkins appears quite confident of victory and of his ability to handle the mayoralty. "A lot of people think I will give away the store, but I can assure you I will not," he says. "I am aware we have real budgetary problems."

wsj_0765 (line 65, ant vp):
Mr. Sutton recalls: "When I left, I sat down with Charlie {Rangel}, Basil {Paterson} and David, and David said, 'Who will run for borough president? ' And I said, 'You will. '"

wsj_0765 (line 109, ant vp):
If she remains influential with Mr. Dinkins, as some suggest she will, his mayoralty may take on a more anti-development flavor.

wsj_0766 (line 33, ant vp):
Ms. Johnson, who works out of Aetna's office in Walnut Creek, an East Bay suburb, is awed by the earthquake's destructive force. "It really brings you down to a human level," she says. "It's hard to accept all the suffering people are going through, but you have to.

wsj_0766 (line 34, ant vp):
Ms. Johnson, who works out of Aetna's office in Walnut Creek, an East Bay suburb, is awed by the earthquake's destructive force. "It really brings you down to a human level," she says. "It's hard to accept all the suffering people are going through, but you have to.
If you don't, you can't do your job."

wsj_0766 (line 82, ant vp):
Recently, a contractor saved her from falling three stories as she investigated what remained of an old Victorian house torched by an arsonist. "I owe that contractor.
I really do," she says.

wsj_0768 (line 52, ant vp):
And then, asset values of the funds could plunge more than they have so far.

wsj_0771 (line 39, ant vp):
But wouldn't a president who acted despite Senate objections be taking grave political risks? "He would," agrees the chairman. "But that is something the president ought to know before he goes ahead."

wsj_0787 (line 33, ant vp):
The bill also would give the SEC the power to close the markets, a discretion that former SEC Chairman David Ruder wanted but Mr. Breeden doesn't.

wsj_0790 (line 29, ant vp):
We see, smell and hear slums filled with "the echoes of hawkers advertising their wares interspersed with abusive language, rattling coughs and the sound of people gathering spittle in their throats and spewing into the street." And we meet engaging crooks, such as Hassan "the Head," famed for his head-butting fights, his whoring and his hashish. "`God has not yet ordained that I should have earnings, ' he tells his worried mother." Hassan comes to a bad end, but so does almost everyone else in the book.

wsj_0804 (line 27, ant vp):
As they did when the Philippines was a colony of the U.S., teachers for the most part teach in English, even though it is a foreign language for most Philippine children.

wsj_0839 (line 19, ant vp):
But Sony also says in its filing that the Warner contract "doesn't require that Guber and Peters take any affirmative steps to produce motion pictures; it simply rewards them when they do and prohibits them from producing for another entertainment company." And Sony says Warner has already shown it doesn't need the producers "by taking action to prevent Guber and Peters from completing production in Warner properties."

wsj_0839 (line 22, ant vp):
Among the arguments Sony makes is that Warner should let the producers go to Columbia because it already allowed the producers to become co-chairmen of publicly held Barris Industries Inc., which earlier this year changed its name to Guber Peters Entertainment.
Sony also says in its filing that Mr. Guber and Mr. Peters were offered management posts at Columbia once before in 1987, and that "Warner approved and encouraged them to do so."

wsj_0842 (line 6, ant vp):
Goodwill planned to sell the property and pocket the proceeds, as it had in many similar cases.

wsj_0846 (line 25, ant vp):
Mr. Jeancourt-Galignani refused to say whether Indosuez will bid for all of Morgan Grenfell when its year is up.
If it does, the operation would be one of the largest foreign purchases of a U.K merchant bank.

wsj_0860 (line 33, ant vp):
"We haven't decided to blacklist any firms.
But there's a chance we might," said David Wilson, head of Penn Mutual's $100 million stock portfolio. "We are very upset about what has happened to the stock market.

wsj_0860 (line 49, ant vp):
Goldman, which doesn't do index arbitrage for itself but does for customers, is concerned about the fallout. "Our corporate, institutional and individual clients are concerned about what they perceive to be excessive volatility," said Robert E. Mnuchin, senior partner in charge of Goldman's equity trading. "We share their concern.

wsj_0883 (line 17, ant vp):
Neil Kinnock, Labor Party leader, dubbed the 46-year-old Mr. Major a "lap dog" unlikely to veer from his boss's strongly held views, as Mr. Lawson sometimes did.

wsj_0887 (line 19, ant vp):
The shortcomings of delaying the reward, as Sen. Roth and Sen. Robert Packwood (R., Ore.) propose, is that it may not boost savings much and, if it does, it may widen deficits in the future. "It looks like you haven't given anything away, but five, 10, 20, 40 years later, little bomblets go off," says Henry Aaron, a Brookings Institution economist.

wsj_0887 (line 24, ant vp):
Republican senators, unwilling to concede the popular IRA issue to Democrats, suddenly embraced a scheme Sen. Roth had been pressing with little success.
The Bush administration, which was planning to unveil an IRA proposal of its own next year, was quick to do the same.

wsj_0888 (line 38, ant vp):
Dow Jones is not going to squeeze as hard as it could."

wsj_0909 (line 110, ant vp):
If the political establishment is reluctant to forgive sexual misadventures, the private sector sometimes will.

wsj_0931 (line 22, ant vp):
But, he adds, "I was not acting as a messenger." He says that the Chinese never asked him to convey their statements to President Bush, but that the White House spontaneously invited him to do so.

wsj_0937 (line 22, ant vp):
All of which has enabled those of us in Washington who enjoy wallowing in such things to go into high public dudgeon, as Mr. Apple and I did the other night on ABC's "Nightline." Punching away, we raised what I still think were all the right issues and landed more than one hard blow, but at the end of the affair, there was just the tiniest nagging worry that we had been aiming at the wrong target.

wsj_0937 (line 38, ant vp):
And if you are caught or if people complain, simply argue that "everyone does it" or "no one said I shouldn't " and brazen it out.

wsj_0946 (line 20, ant vp):
Instead, it turns on the disputed and elusive facts of "who did what to whom." It is difficult, if not impossible, for anyone who has not pored over the thousands of pages of court pleadings and transcripts to have a worthwhile opinion on the underlying merits of the controversy.
Certainly I do not.

wsj_0946 (line 25, ant vp):
The first is that it represents an intense battle in what James Thurber used to caricature as "the war between the sexes." But although Thurber did so gently and lightheartedly, many of Dr. Morgan's supporters have taken Thurber's memorable title "The Male Animal" quite literally.

wsj_0946 (line 35, ant vp):
The local government is discredited in the eyes of many residents for a variety of reasons, and congressmen read the same newspapers and watch the same TV newscasts as other people in the area do.

wsj_0955 (line 48, ant vp):
They worry that Mr. Breeden also will roll over when told to do so by the White House.

wsj_0961 (line 3, ant vp):
Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told Congress that the Fed can wipe out inflation without causing a recession, but he said doing so will inflict some short-term pain and will require reducing the federal deficit sharply.

wsj_0964 (line 32, ant vp):
-- Allow the EPA to permit the continued use of pesticides that exceed its negligible risk standard if the benefits of doing so outweigh the cost.

wsj_0966 (line 8, ant vp):
As the session broke up, I was approached by a man who identified himself as the alumni director of a Big Ten university. "I'd love to see sports cut back, and so would a lot of my counterparts at other schools, but everybody's afraid to make the first move," he confided. "It's like the U.S. and the Russians: Nobody wants to disarm first."

wsj_0966 (line 39, ant vp):
Dean Steinkuhler, a spectacularly bulked-up former lineman, confesses that he used 'em, and says other Huskers did too.

wsj_0972 (line 21, ant vp):
All of their friends have children and they can't, so now they want a child more than anything -- perhaps even more than Michael wanted his fancy convertible or his deluxe stereo equipment.

wsj_0978 (line 30, ant vp):
So why does Renaissance's computer like stocks with the Dow at 2653.28, where it closed yesterday, when it didn't with the Dow at 2200?

wsj_0989 (line 50, ant vp):
So far, they say, it hasn't had any noticeable effect on response rates.
And before it does, they're trying to cut back on the clutter that created the situation in the first place.

wsj_0992 (line 11, ant vp):
Call it anecdotal if you will.

wsj_0994 (line 58, ant vp):
Will the investments pay off?
The growth of Las Vegas tourism in recent years persuades lenders that they will.

wsj_0909 (line 36, ant vp):
The former $3 million-a-year lobbyist now frequents shelters for the homeless and devotes a third of his time counseling other recovering alcoholics. "I feel better than I ever have in my life," he says.

wsj_0946 (line 41, ant vp):
The Morgan case thus tells us much more about the current state of sex, class, race and politics in our society than it does about the facts of Dr. Morgan's particular situation.

wsj_0985 (line 8, ant vp):
By contrast, in 19th-century Russia an authoritarian government owned the bank and had the power to revoke payment whenever it chose, much as it would in today's Soviet Union.

wsj_1000 (line 37, ant vp):
Morgan Stanley and Kidder Peabody, the two biggest program trading firms, staunchly defend their strategies. "We continue to believe the position we've taken is reasonable," a Morgan Stanley official said. "We would stop index arbitrage when the market is under stress, and we have recently," he said, citing Oct. 13 and earlier this week.

wsj_1002 (line 36, ant vp):
If I need to ask for money up front later, I will."

wsj_1002 (line 38, ant vp):
Carol Sanger, vice president, corporate communications at Campeau, says that all of the Federated and Allied chains are paying their bills in a timely manner. "They continue to pay their bills and will do so," says Ms. Sanger. "We're confident we'll be paying our bills for spring merchandise as well."

wsj_1036 (line 5, ant vp):
Nervousness that the market hasn't seen the last of its recent volatility kept trading at a moderate pace, as did anticipation of a report on the economy's third-quarter performance.

wsj_1041 (line 24, ant vp):
"I could get AZT," says Mrs. Glaser, who bears her infection without any symptoms. "But my daughter couldn't, until she was too ill to take it.

wsj_1043 (line 26, ant vp):
Fed Chairman Greenspan said the central bank can wipe out inflation without causing a recession, but doing so will inflict short-term pain.

wsj_1052 (line 38, ant vp):
TW notes, as many junk issuers do, that "adjusted to eliminate non-cash charges" TW would have run a cash surplus -- in this case, of $56 million over six months.

wsj_1052 (line 55, ant vp):
In the recent past, bond buyers didn't seek such assurance.
Now, apparently, they do.

wsj_1057 (line 25, ant vp):
While rights fees head skyward, ad rates won't.

wsj_1057 (line 36, ant vp):
Some TV people doubt they will materialize and argue that even if they do, they won't offset the multimillion-dollar deficits that CBS could run up. "As we've seen in the '80s," says Roger Werner, the president of the ESPN sports channel, "those deals can turn sour if the numbers don't work.

wsj_1057 (line 83, ant vp):
Even if baseball triggers losses at CBS -- and he doesn't think it will -- "I'd rather see the games on our air than on NBC and ABC," he says.

wsj_1092 (line 11, ant vp):
Americans place native or native speakers in charge of subsidiaries overseas.
European multinationals do likewise; even in America, their affiliates are usually run by American managers.

wsj_1099 (line 18, ant vp):
Mr. Corry might have to dismember the company more than he wants to.

wsj_1099 (line 23, ant vp):
In 1986, Mr. Roderick adroitly dodged Mr. Icahn's first bullet after the takeover specialist had built up an 11.4% stake.
Mr. Roderick did so by having USX redeem a series of guaranteed notes, a move that, in effect, raised the cost of a $7.19 billion Icahn bid by about $3 billion.

wsj_1099 (line 111, ant vp):
USX, he noted, was formed 88 years ago, "by in effect buying out a bunch of other companies. . . . People got rich through takeovers in those days, as they do today."

wsj_1059 (line 47, ant vp):
IBM, Armonk, N.Y., said it wanted to bring out the mainframes as soon as it could to spark as many sales as possible by the end of the year.

wsj_1105 (line 49, ant vp):
But a spokesman said the quake won't have as big a financial impact on Allstate as Hurricane Hugo did.

wsj_1107 (line 8, ant vp):
But most of them could have afforded to keep up their payments -- they chose not to do so.

wsj_1128 (line 22, ant vp):
He is known as the father of the U.S.-grown Granny Smith, a radically different apple that the conventional wisdom once said would never catch on.
It did, shaking the apple establishment to its roots.

wsj_1128 (line 49, ant vp):
But freshness counts more than it once did, and stores are expanding shelf space for unconventional, but tastier, and often pricier, apples. "Rather than sell 39-cents-a-pound Delicious, maybe we can sell 79-cents-a-pound Fujis," says Chuck Tryon, perishables director for Super Valu Inc., a Minneapolis supermarket chain and food distributor.

wsj_1141 (line 15, ant vp):
By not choosing one of these options, Israelis will condemn themselves, as the Maronites did, to perpetual war with the Muslims in their midst, and so to the internal erosion of their state.

wsj_1142 (line 32, ant vp):
That means that on days when prices are tumbling and sellers abound they must be willing to buy shares from sellers when no one else will.

wsj_1146 (line 36, ant vp):
I don't know why."
Edward Chojnowski does.

wsj_1146 (line 72, ant vp):
Try as they might, the Communists could neither replace nor break him.

wsj_1146 (line 111, ant vp):
The pension's size still depends on how much produce he sells the state.
His allotment of materials also did, until the state couldn't hold up its end of that bargain.

wsj_1151 (line 27, ant vp):
But as stock prices recovered some of the early losses, so did the U.S. currency.

wsj_1154 (line 38, ant vp):
Given the prelude's thematic connections with the music preceding the last act, the idea is more worn than bad, though as luck would have it, for a change there actually was a conductor in the pit whom we wanted to hear, Carlos Kleiber, trying to make memorable music while we all waited for the bed lump to stir into song.
Once she did so, the big-souled German maestro with the shaky nerves who so often cancels offered a limpid, flowing performance that in its unswagged and unswaggering approach was totally at odds with the staging.

wsj_1154 (line 78, ant vp):
Japan is considering giving aid to Hungary and Poland to support their recent political reforms, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said. "This is the first time, if we decide to do so, for Japan to extend aid of this kind to Eastern European countries," the spokesman said.

wsj_1171 (line 8, ant vp):
At first UAL didn't open because of an order imbalance.
When it did a half-hour into the session, it was priced at $150 a share, down more than $28 from Monday's close.

wsj_1174 (line 3, ant vp):
If bluebloods won't pay high prices for racehorses anymore, who will?

wsj_1203 (line 57, ant vp):
Ms. Raptopoulos thought yesterday's price action reflected weakness in the stock market and the dollar. "Gold still acts as a haven when uncertainty prevails in the financial markets as it did" yesterday, she said.

wsj_1267 (line 35, ant vp):
In real life, jurors may not always work that way, but some court observers question why they shouldn't be encouraged to do so rather than be programmed not to.

wsj_1267 (line 35, ant vp):
In real life, jurors may not always work that way, but some court observers question why they shouldn't be encouraged to do so rather than be programmed not to.

wsj_1267 (line 86, ant vp):
Someone with a master's degree in classical arts who works in a deli would be ideal, Litigation Sciences advises.
So would someone recently divorced or widowed. (Since Litigation Sciences generally represents the defense, its job is usually to help the lawyers identify and remove such people from the jury.)

wsj_1267 (line 125, ant vp):
Some litigators scoff at the notion that a sociologist knows more than they do about what makes a jury tick. "The essence of being a trial lawyer is understanding how people of diverse backgrounds react to you and your presentation," says Barry Ostrager of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, who recently won a huge case on behalf of insurers against Shell Oil Co.

wsj_1274 (line 51, ant vp):
Some bourbon makers advertise abroad as they do at home.

wsj_1283 (line 11, ant vp):
The quarter net was below analyst expectations mainly because truck-parts sales didn't rebound in September from the summer doldrums as they usually do, said Patrick E. Sheridan, analyst with McDonald & Co. Mr. Sheridan, who had been expecting quarter profit of about $1.25 a share, says he is reducing his estimate for the year to the area of $5.70 a share, from his previous estimate of $6.10.

wsj_1286 (line 4, ant vp):
Why can't we teach our children to read, write and reckon?
It's not that we don't know how to, because we do.

wsj_1286 (line 4, ant vp):
It's not that we don't know how to, because we do.

wsj_1286 (line 5, ant vp):
Why can't we teach our children to read, write and reckon?
It's that we don't want to.

wsj_1286 (line 6, ant vp):
Why can't we teach our children to read, write and reckon?
And the reason we don't want to is that effective education would require us to relinquish some cherished metaphysical beliefs about human nature in general and the human nature of young people in particular, as well as to violate some cherished vested interests.

wsj_1263 (line 19, ant vp):
A former executive agreed that the departures don't reflect major problems, adding: "If you see any company that grows as fast as Reebok did, it is going to have people coming and going."

wsj_1280 (line 18, ant vp):
One analyst noted that the company often has better store locations than do its franchisees, thus aiding promotional efforts.

wsj_1280 (line 20, ant vp):
On average in the latest nine months, company-operated units in the U.S. had $90,552 more in sales than did franchised outlets.

wsj_1284 (line 21, ant vp):
Poland produces about 20 times more soot and five times more sulfur dioxide and solid waste per unit of gross national product than does Western Europe.

wsj_1307 (line 14, ant vp):
The President of the United States urged the Panamanian armed forces to move against Mr. Noriega.
When they did, his commanders didn't have the initiative to do more than block a couple of roads.

wsj_1327 (line 61, ant vp):
The text by Patrick O'Connor is a tough read, but the pictures make her magnetism clear and help explain why Ernest Hemingway called Baker "The most sensational woman anybody ever saw.
Or ever will."

wsj_1367 (line 74, ant vp):
The Volokhs were afraid that they'd end up like a friend of theirs who'd applied for a visa and waited for 10 years, having been demoted from his profession of theoretical mathematician to shipping clerk.
They didn't.

wsj_1375 (line 16, ant vp):
In the third quarter, for example, junk bonds -- those with less than an investment-grade rating -- showed negative returns, the only major sector of the bond market to do so.

wsj_1375 (line 66, ant vp):
Still, the list of troubled Drexel bond offerings dwarfs that of any firm on Wall Street, as does its successful offerings.

wsj_1376 (line 69, ant vp):
Currently writing his memoirs, Mr. Churchill, an artist, tells how tycoons such as the late Jean Paul Getty, the oil billionnaire, were, in fact, known only by one initial, their last. "When you're at the club, you ask whether they've spoken to `G.' Now they know who you mean and you know who you mean.
But no one else does.

wsj_1377 (line 51, ant vp):
Adults under age 30 like sports cars, luxury cars, convertibles and imports far more than their elders do.

wsj_1379 (line 19, ant vp):
The department is advising residents to plant Sagos, if they must, in the back yard and telling nurseries to be on the lookout for anyone trying to palm one off.

wsj_1387 (line 56, ant vp):
Many Japanese think it only natural that the organizations or their members would donate to politicians, the way many Japanese do, to win favor or support.

wsj_1391 (line 17, ant vp):
China might stave off a crisis if it acts as forcefully as it did to arrest the 1985 decline, when Beijing slammed the brakes on foreign-exchange spending and devalued the currency.

wsj_1394 (line 73, ant vp):
But from early on, Tiger's workers unionized, while Federal's never have.

wsj_1405 (line 40, ant vp):
But just as every previous NSC adviser has, Gen. Scowcroft now will have to mull at what point the NSC staff becomes too lean and too restrained.

wsj_1432 (line 15, ant vp):
"The sense is we would never be in a position again where everything works for us the way it did before," says Rod Eddington, Cathay's commercial director.

wsj_1453 (line 58, ant vp):
But when the dollar rises against major foreign currencies, as it did for much of this year, the dollar value of these funds declines.

wsj_1461 (line 15, ant vp):
Comsat Video, which distributes pay-per-view programs to hotel rooms, plans to add Nuggets games to their offerings, as Mr. Turner did successfully with his Atlanta Hawks and Braves sports teams.

wsj_1474 (line 33, ant vp):
But Peter Brody, Magnascreen's president, says Japanese companies are poised to snatch the technology and put it to commercial use, just as they did with earlier U.S. innovations in color television and video recording.

wsj_1480 (line 26, ant vp):
This kind of jumpy uncertainty reminds John Calverley, senior economist for American Express Bank, of the 1969-72 period, when the industrial average rolled through huge ranges and investors flocked to the shares of companies with proven earnings records, which became known as the "nifty 50."
And they will again, say money-manager proponents of the growth-stock theme.

wsj_1490 (line 9, ant vp):
The arbs may recoup some of their paper losses if the UAL deal gets patched up again, as they did in 1982 when Occidental Petroleum Co. rescued them with a $4 billion takeover of Cities Service.

wsj_1416 (line 25, ant vp):
Without this basic level of attention to reality, our policies on Cuba will continue to be as counterproductive as they have for 30 years.

wsj_1422 (line 9, ant vp):
He says that because Seita's profits are limited by government-controlled cigarette prices, he doesn't have the cash to diversify as heavily into food and drink as the U.S. concern has done. (Last year, for example, Seita's net profit soared 150% to 461.6 million French francs ($73.5 million) on sales of FFr27.68 billion-a 1.7% profit margin.)

wsj_1428 (line 31, ant vp):
Under that approach, countries with the most unused oil capacity would get bigger shares of any future increases in OPEC's production ceiling than they would under the current system. "If you are already producing at 95% or 100% of your capacity, what's the good to be told you can produce at 105% of capacity?" asked Mr. Al-Chalabi.

wsj_1445 (line 34, ant vp):
"Most of our competitors are announcing products based on our (older) products," said Finis Conner, chief executive officer and founder of the firm that bears his name. "We continue to develop products faster than anyone else can." These new products could account for as much as 35% of the company's business in 1990, Mr. Conner estimated. "We're not afraid of obsoleting some of our old stuff to stay ahead of the competition," he said.

wsj_1502 (line 19, ant vp):
"Shippers are saying `the party's over, '" said Mr. LaLonde. "Shippers won't be able to look for transportation-cost savings as they have for the last eight or nine years.

wsj_1564 (line 72, ant vp):
And returns on cash investments may continue to exceed inflation by a wider margin than they did over the long-term past.

wsj_1567 (line 25, ant vp):
What's more, the losses they and the others caused "are just what we are stumbling over," says Mr. Stapf, adding that the majority of misdeeds probably go undetected.
So do just about all the losses that could be attributed to the sheer incompetence of unqualified planners.

wsj_1569 (line 30, ant vp):
It never hurt anyone, that is, unless the growth funds don't grow when you need them to.

wsj_1570 (line 73, ant vp):
Revenue-short states also are becoming more aggressive pursuers of tax delinquents, and perhaps none tracks them down with more relish than does New York since it acquired an $80 million computer system in 1985.

wsj_1572 (line 26, ant vp):
While the promises of big profits ought to set off warning bells, they often don't, in part because get-rich-quick tales have become embedded in American folklore.

wsj_1574 (line 38, ant vp):
Sounds great -- or does it?

wsj_1574 (line 43, ant vp):
Third and most important, Amex would charge me a far higher premium than other reputable companies would on a straight term policy for the same amount; I'd be paying so heavily just to have the option of getting my premiums back that I'd almost have to cancel to make the whole thing worthwhile.

wsj_1574 (line 71, ant vp):
Congress closed this loophole last year, or thought it did.

wsj_1591 (line 9, ant vp):
An Olivetti spokesman said the company's factories are already beginning to produce the machine, and that it should be available in Europe by December. "What this means is that Europeans will have these machines in their offices before Americans do," the spokesman said.

wsj_1603 (line 22, ant vp):
Things were supposed to change when Vietnam's economic reforms gathered pace, and for awhile they did.

wsj_1615 (line 12, ant vp):
"This is one where I cross party lines," she says, rejecting the anti-abortion stance of Rep. Florio's opponent, Reagan-Republican Rep. James Courter. "People my age thought it wasn't going to be an issue.
Now it has -- especially for people my age."

wsj_1615 (line 46, ant vp):
"If you're going to be consistent and say it is a constitutionally protected right," he asks, "how are you going to say an upscale woman who can drive to the hospital or clinic in a nice car has a constitutional right and someone who is not in great shape financially does not?"

wsj_1616 (line 20, ant vp):
As a result, many economists were expecting the consumer price index to increase significantly more than it did.

wsj_1618 (line 4, ant vp):
But you knew that, didn't you?

wsj_1618 (line 12, ant vp):
It may seem trivial to worry about the World Series amid the destruction to the Bay Area wrought by Tuesday's quake, but the name of this column is "On Sports," so I feel obliged to do so.

wsj_1618 (line 16, ant vp):
One fan, seated several rows in front of the open, upper-deck auxiliary press section where I was stationed, faced the assembled newsies and laughingly shouted, "We arranged that just for you guys!" I thought and, I'm sure, others did: "You shouldn't have bothered."

wsj_1623 (line 3, ant vp):
NOW YOU SEE IT, now you don't.

wsj_1623 (line 22, ant vp):
Though he himself doesn't expect a recession soon, Mr. Wyss advises people who do that "the best thing to be in is long that is, 20-year to 30-year Treasury bonds."

wsj_1625 (line 11, ant vp):
Most see little reason to doubt that their cash will go toward these noble goals.
But will it?

wsj_1631 (line 48, ant vp):
Traditional no-loads made their money by charging an annual management fee, usually a modest one; they imposed no other fees, and many still don't.

wsj_1647 (line 61, ant vp):
One recent Saturday morning he stayed inside the Capitol monitoring tax-and-budget talks instead of flying to San Francisco for a fund-raiser and then to his hometown of Chicago for the 30th reunion of St. Ignatius High School. "I'm too old to waste a weekend, but that's what I did," the 48-year-old Mr. Juliano moans. "These days, anything can happen."

wsj_1649 (line 13, ant vp):
If it does not quite have Chandler's special magic -- well, at the end, neither did Chandler.

wsj_1657 (line 34, ant vp):
On Oct. 3, following conversations with Secretary of State James Baker, Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze arrived in Managua to acclaim "Nicaragua's great peace efforts." There, Mr. Shevardnadze felt legitimized to unveil his own peace plan: The U.S.S.R. would prolong a suspension of arms shipments to Nicaragua after the February election if the U.S. did likewise with its allies in Central America.

wsj_1671 (line 59, ant vp):
Does the candidate favor parental consent for teen-age abortions? (The pro-choice lobby doesn't.) What about banning abortions in the second and third trimesters? (The lobby says no again.)

wsj_1682 (line 29, ant vp):
But Darman suggests such tensions will dissipate quickly. "If I can show signs of maturity, almost anybody can," he jokes.

wsj_1698 (line 27, ant vp):
The Members could still try to serve their constituents with special-interest goodies, but the police (in the form of a President) would be there with a straitjacket if they really get crazy, as they do now.

wsj_1677 (line 69, ant vp):
A daily news briefing from the company librarian, for example, would have a distinctive format on the screen, just as a paper version would have.

wsj_1623 (line 25, ant vp):
They are worth more because they pay higher interest than newly issued bonds do.

wsj_1634 (line 49, ant vp):
He also had to fight harder for credibility than his partner did.

wsj_1695 (line 51, ant vp):
First, economists James Bennett and Thomas DiLorenzo find that GOP senators turn back roughly 10% more of their allocated personal staff budgets than Democrats do.

wsj_1695 (line 54, ant vp):
Second, if the key assumption is valid, Democrats should have lower attendance rates on roll-call votes than Republicans do to the extent that such votes reflect national policy making and that participating in such votes takes away from the time a legislator could otherwise devote to local benefit-seeking.

wsj_1695 (line 64, ant vp):
Moreover, ticket splitting appears to take the same peculiar pattern at the state government level as it does at the federal level.

wsj_1705 (line 34, ant vp):
Not exactly sophisticated market research, but who cares as long as the campaigns work.
And ad agencies insist that they do.

wsj_1728 (line 39, ant vp):
Bell Atlantic posted a strong earnings gain for the third quarter, as did Southern New England Telecommunications.

wsj_1759 (line 21, ant vp):
Officials there declined to comment, as did Helmsley management.

wsj_1760 (line 72, ant vp):
Try as they might, they just can't conceive of life without black workers.

wsj_1761 (line 23, ant vp):
GET RID OF THE DOGS. "Sell stocks that aren't doing well now, and that don't have good earnings prospects," says Alfred Goldman, technical analyst at St. Louis-based A.G. Edwards & Sons. "Most people do just the opposite: They sell their winners and keep their losers." Which types of stocks are most likely to qualify?

wsj_1767 (line 35, ant vp):
As the West German currency rose, so did Merkur prices.

wsj_1778 (line 3, ant vp):
In the long, frightening night after Tuesday's devastating earthquake, Bay Area residents searched for comfort and solace wherever they could.

wsj_1790 (line 28, ant vp):
HERE'S ONE more explanation for why Japan is a tough industrial competitor: Two of three Japanese employees submit suggestions to save money, increase efficiency and boost morale, while only 8% of American workers do.

wsj_1792 (line 37, ant vp):
In the event that the buy-out group stalls in reviving its bid, the UAL board could remain under some pressure to seek another transaction, even without any legal obligation to do so.

wsj_1795 (line 18, ant vp):
But these proposals do not rest on a view of what the Fed's problem is or, if they do, they rest on an incorrect view.

wsj_1809 (line 52, ant vp):
As that system grows, larger computers may be needed. "In the past, customers had to go to IBM when they outgrew the VAX. Now they don't have to," he says. "That's going to cost IBM revenue."

wsj_1814 (line 10, ant vp):
This bill simply says that if you want to develop property on a barrier island you have to do so without taxpayer support.

wsj_1825 (line 20, ant vp):
IF IN VITRO fertilization works, it usually does so after only a few tries.

wsj_1825 (line 31, ant vp):
MARKET MOVES, these managers don't.

wsj_1831 (line 7, ant vp):
Her Susie Diamond handles a song the way the greats do, like she's hearing the way it should sound inside her head and she's concentrating on matching that internal tone.

wsj_1831 (line 39, ant vp):
Frank grovels a little for the bookers, probably no more or less than he would have to if he worked for a big corporation.

wsj_1844 (line 34, ant vp):
When WCRS created Della Femina McNamee out of the merger of three smaller agency units in 1988, it said it did so in order to attract larger clients, especially packaged-goods companies.

wsj_1899 (line 4, ant vp):
But a secondary agenda among officials in the City of Angels was to learn about the disaster-contingency plans that work and those that don't.

wsj_1903 (line 23, ant vp):
I feel about Sassy like I did about Working Woman 10 years ago." Mr. Lang took on Ms. and Sassy with the acquisition of Matilda Publications Inc. by his newly formed Lang Communications.

wsj_1907 (line 6, ant vp):
When it made the offer, StatesWest declined to disclose details and asked Mesa to do the same.

wsj_1928 (line 57, ant vp):
Dealers and auction houses "know if they don't lay out a half a million for this, another one will; it's that competitive."

wsj_1929 (line 31, ant vp):
Even the Soviet Union has Peter the Great to rediscover, should it choose to.

wsj_1932 (line 51, ant vp):
That country recently bought 200,000 tons of sugar and had been expected to seek a like quantity last week but didn't. "It's known they need the sugar, and the expectation that they will come in is apparently giving the market its principal support," the dealer said.

wsj_1939 (line 25, ant vp):
The stock market reacted as Mr. Rahn did, crumbling as it absorbed the news that Mr. Darman's strategy had been abandoned.

wsj_1946 (line 55, ant vp):
Judge Weinstein also ruled that judges must consider prior to extradition whether the defendant will be treated fairly in a foreign court.
To do so, the judge said, the U.S. courts must review the judicial process in the foreign country independently of the State Department's assessment.

wsj_1947 (line 26, ant vp):
But car-happy Americans panicked, and so did the U.S. and other oil-consuming governments. "Shortage" and "crisis" became buzz words, although neither really applied.

wsj_1951 (line 18, ant vp):
In July, Par and a 60%-owned unit agreed to plead guilty in that inquiry, as did another former Par official.

wsj_1952 (line 7, ant vp):
If human beings can't cut federal spending honestly -- and they can't -- let the computers do it.

wsj_1957 (line 7, ant vp):
Paris shares had a similar reaction, but most other European bourses posted gains, as did all major Asian and Pacific stock markets.

wsj_1957 (line 54, ant vp):
If you bought, you wish you hadn't, and if you sold, you wish you hadn't." He said the current market "is all about sentiment, and the sentiment in London is 90% anxiety and worry." Britain's economic fundamentals, he said, "don't look very bright."

wsj_1957 (line 54, ant vp):
If you bought, you wish you hadn't, and if you sold, you wish you hadn't." He said the current market "is all about sentiment, and the sentiment in London is 90% anxiety and worry." Britain's economic fundamentals, he said, "don't look very bright."

wsj_1971 (line 44, ant vp):
Every major maker offers computers with color displays.
Next won't comment on when it will do the same, but is believed to have a color model under development.

wsj_1984 (line 19, ant vp):
Supposedly the IRS will sell off the assets of MPI, but before it can, a lowly IRS agent is called into the hospital room of Wylie Slaughter, the dying head of the Central Intelligence Agency.

wsj_1996 (line 5, ant vp):
How soon Wang will stage a comeback, or if it will at all, are still matters of debate.

wsj_1996 (line 76, ant vp):
You think you can go out and turn things around.
It's a tough thing when you can't.

wsj_2004 (line 11, ant vp):
When bank financing for the buy-out collapsed last week, so did UAL's stock.

wsj_2013 (line 92, ant vp):
Some American officers interpreted his eagerness and studiousness as a sign of loyalty, but they did so falsely.

wsj_2013 (line 166, ant vp):
As Mr. Noriega's political troubles grew, so did his offers of assistance to the Contras, an apparent attempt to curry more favor in Washington.

wsj_2032 (line 12, ant vp):
He insisted, as he has before, that creditors would be paid in full under the plan.

wsj_2040 (line 55, ant vp):
The net interest margin-the difference between the bank's cost of funds and what it receives as interest payments -- improved in the quarter, as did certain areas of wholesale banking.

wsj_2052 (line 11, ant vp):
Soviet leaders said they would support their Kabul clients by all means necessary -- and did.

wsj_2052 (line 12, ant vp):
The U.S. said it would fully support the resistance -- and didn't.

wsj_2052 (line 16, ant vp):
The only fly in the Soviet ointment was the last-minute addition of a unilateral American caveat, that U.S. aid to the resistance would continue as long as Soviet aid to Kabul did.

wsj_2053 (line 19, ant vp):
"We want to complain, we want to say something about it, and we're going to as it gets worse," says Rep. Dan Burton, an Indiana Republican who has been a staunch Contra backer. "But it's like kicking your father in the pants.

wsj_2057 (line 36, ant vp):
It added another 5% Monday before stocks rallied.
When they did, the firm reduced those stock holdings to about 70%.

wsj_2063 (line 6, ant vp):
Investors can get slightly higher yields on deposits below $50,000 than they can on deposits of $90,000 and up.

wsj_2069 (line 5, ant vp):
"By encouraging massive, routine, voluntary testing we can enable society to voluntarily segregate itself sexually into two groups: those who carry the virus and those who do not," the Indianapolis research organization said in a new report.

wsj_2078 (line 11, ant vp):
"The conventional wisdom used to be that you couldn't modify the immune response of an infected individual" by innoculating them with synthetic viral proteins, Dr. Redfield said. "We've demonstrated that you can."

wsj_2091 (line 14, ant vp):
The company had been experiencing softening margins because of increased sales of software applications, which have lower margins than do operating systems.

wsj_2106 (line 12, ant vp):
Either one likes it or one doesn't.

wsj_2106 (line 13, ant vp):
Either one likes it or one doesn't.
The typical Glass audience, which is more likely to be composed of music students than their teachers, certainly does.

wsj_2109 (line 19, ant vp):
But this year, when the hullabaloo surrounding its centennial died, so too did some advertiser interest.

wsj_2111 (line 37, ant vp):
By 1982, however, the patent status of the Lanier microcassette had changed, permitting Dictaphone to develop its own competitive micro system, which it did.

wsj_2112 (line 15, ant vp):
The Command's huge bureaucracy is needed to analyze whether leaders of coups against Gen. Noriega meet the War Powers Act's six points, Cap Weinberger's seven points, the Intelligence Committee's 32 points and Woodrow Wilson's 14 points necessary to justify U.S. support.
So far no one has.

wsj_2112 (line 81, ant vp):
Then the whole thing will start to collapse, just as it did in the 1970s, and the ghosts and banshees will be howling through the place turning people's hair white.

wsj_2113 (line 36, ant vp):
Collectors don't say "It's a van Gogh" anymore, laments Harry Brooks, the president of Wildenstein & Co., a New York gallery. "They say, `Johnny Payson got $53 million for his, so certainly $10 million isn't too much for mine. ' The great collectors we depended on, such as Paul Mellon or Norton Simon, have stopped buying, and the new buyers are brilliant men who made money in the stock market or in takeovers and rushed into collecting. . . ." Mr. Payson, an art dealer and collector, sold Vincent van Gogh's "Irises" at a Sotheby's auction in November 1987 to Australian businessman Alan Bond. (Trouble is, Mr. Bond has yet to pay up, and until he does, Sotheby's has the painting under lock and key.)

wsj_2142 (line 19, ant vp):
And any strong surge in redemptions could force some funds to dump stocks to raise cash, as some did during Black Monday.

wsj_2145 (line 25, ant vp):
Officers of the company, a health-care concern, "were very discouraged on Friday and felt they shouldn't go public; we felt they should," says Sanford Robertson, partner in the banking concern.

wsj_2145 (line 45, ant vp):
William O'Donnell, president, says he still thinks the IPO will succeed.
If it doesn't, he says, the company would have to change its expansion timetable.

wsj_2149 (line 26, ant vp):
You see, I know my father would have wished me to carry on just now." It is this kind of dignity and restraint that allows Stevens to declare: "For all its sad associations, whenever I recall that evening today, I find I do so with a large sense of triumph." We note the imperial public word used to deny private rage and sorrow.

wsj_2167 (line 9, ant vp):
Ms. Parks's mother also gets to cuff Mr. Alexander.
So does Mr. Friend and his law partner, Nick Nichols.

wsj_2173 (line 28, ant vp):
Those cuts, known as a "sequester" in budget jargon, became permanent yesterday, although Congress could cancel or rescind them whenever it wants to.

wsj_2173 (line 48, ant vp):
Under the law, President Bush may exempt military personnel accounts from the spending cuts.
He hasn't yet done so.

wsj_2175 (line 19, ant vp):
Retailers' sales increased 0.7%, as did their inventories.

wsj_2183 (line 11, ant vp):
Proposition 103 does not prohibit any use of territorial rating, but requires insurers to justify it scientifically.
So far, they've been unable to do so.

wsj_2191 (line 9, ant vp):
However, Mr. Smith said that as a result of a $70 billion factory-modernization program undertaken over the last decade, "we can produce more in the new plants than we could in the old plants."

wsj_2193 (line 14, ant vp):
On Friday, the market makers, who must be prepared to buy stock when no one else will, were frantically cutting the prices at which they would take stocks off sellers' hands, in reaction to plunging prices on the New York Stock Exchange, according to Mr. Rosenbach.

wsj_2109 (line 25, ant vp):
Even though National Geographic offers far more readers than does a magazine like Smithsonian, "the page costs you an arm and a leg to develop any frequency,"says Harry Glass, New York media manager for Bozell Inc.

wsj_2109 (line 29, ant vp):
But the magazine was slower than its competitors to come up with its regional editions, and until last year offered fewer of them than did competitors.

wsj_2195 (line 5, ant vp):
You sunk just about as low as NBC did in its reporting on Korean life during last year's Olympics.

wsj_2202 (line 3, ant vp):
You know what the law of averages is, don't you?

wsj_2205 (line 50, ant vp):
"France opened the limit down, off at least 10% if you could calculate the index, which you couldn't," Mr. Clark, the Shearson trader, said early in the afternoon. "Spain is down 10% and suspended, Sweden's down 8%, Norway 11%.

wsj_2229 (line 41, ant vp):
If takeover premiums become excessive, if LBO dealmakers become too aggressive, then the private market will recognize these problems more quickly and accurately than will policy makers, and the markets will move with lightning speed to impose appropriate sanctions.

wsj_2230 (line 68, ant vp):
She pointed out that even after Monday's 10% decline, the Straits Times index is up 24% this year, so investors who bailed out generally did so profitably.

wsj_2232 (line 38, ant vp):
The onslaught of the program selling dashed any hopes that some of the big program trading firms would hold off until the market stabilized.
They didn't.

wsj_2232 (line 43, ant vp):
Then at 10:15 the Dow suddenly started to rebound, and when it shot upward it did so even faster than the early-morning fall.

wsj_2237 (line 7, ant vp):
Maybe after the staffers explain their work to the Poles, they'd be willing to come back and do the same for the American people.

wsj_2282 (line 26, ant vp):
Mr. Sim is confident that the drive to dominate certain niche markets will work at Barry Wright as it has at Applied.

wsj_2282 (line 33, ant vp):
When he came to Applied, "I didn't have the power to execute as I do today," he says.

wsj_2284 (line 78, ant vp):
There are few prospects for upward mobility, and Mr. Li's daughter, seven-year-old Li Shu, is certain to toil at the factory too someday, as are more than 10,000 of the workers' children.

wsj_2284 (line 112, ant vp):
While workers can't easily be fired, they also can't easily quit to find jobs elsewhere.
The Li family could apply for permission to do so, but hasn't tried. "I expect I'll be in Panzhihua for the rest of my life," Mr. Li says. "The No. 1 high school is pretty good, and I have to think of my daughter's future."

wsj_2285 (line 9, ant vp):
Because the markets remained relatively calm, however, the Fed didn't have to inject massive amounts of money into the banking system, as it did in October 1987.

wsj_2286 (line 27, ant vp):
Enough inflation can ultimately even wipe out the bond market, as it did in Britain in the 1970s, thereby crippling the economy.

wsj_2286 (line 36, ant vp):
Jimmy Carter ultimately hired Mr. Volcker to kill inflation, which was reaching dangerous levels.
He did, too late to save Mr. Carter from forced retirement.

wsj_2286 (line 45, ant vp):
The claim that inflation generates economic growth is seductive.
In fact it does the opposite.

wsj_2289 (line 78, ant vp):
The bank was in touch with other major central banks over the weekend and was preparing to make capital available to dealers if needed, as it did in the 1987 crash, according to people familiar with the bank's strategy.

wsj_2293 (line 97, ant vp):
Many are quick to emphasize that just because the market can fall as fast as it did Friday doesn't mean it will tank again, despite some disquieting similarities between now and October 1987.

wsj_2296 (line 31, ant vp):
If foreigners dump U.S. stocks and return to the safety of their home markets -- as they did in October 1987 -- they must simultaneously also sell dollars for their own currencies.

wsj_2325 (line 5, ant vp):
Major oil companies in the next few days are expected to report much less robust earnings than they did for the third quarter a year ago, largely reflecting deteriorating chemical prices and gasoline profitability.

wsj_2325 (line 12, ant vp):
But securities analysts say Phillips will be among the companies hard-hit by weak chemical prices and will probably post a drop in third-quarter earnings.
So, too, many analysts predict, will Exxon Corp., Chevron Corp. and Amoco Corp.

wsj_2325 (line 39, ant vp):
In the third quarter, they averaged about 5% less than they were in 1988.

wsj_2340 (line 10, ant vp):
Weatherford suspended its preferred-dividend payment in October 1985 and said it hasn't any plans to catch up on dividends in arrears about $6 million, but will do so some time in the future.

wsj_2343 (line 4, ant vp):
However, most people, having been subjected to news footage of the devastated South Bronx, look at the borough the way Tom Wolfe's Sherman McCoy did in "Bonfire of the Vanities" -- as a wrong turn into hell.

wsj_2346 (line 35, ant vp):
The thriving 34th Street area offers rents of about $100 a square foot, as do up-and-coming locations along lower Fifth Avenue.

wsj_2351 (line 52, ant vp):
But 70% of the cable-television-equipped households that watch news do so between 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m., the network discovered, so CNN wants in.

wsj_2361 (line 57, ant vp):
Since production costs were guaranteed, it didn't matter that a program couldn't be sold abroad or put into syndication, as most American programs are.

wsj_2366 (line 8, ant vp):
IOWA IS MAKING a comeback.
So are Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

wsj_2369 (line 18, ant vp):
If Mr. Mason had used less derogatory language to articulate his amateur analysis of the voting behavior of his fellow New Yorkers, would the water be quite so hot?
It probably would, because few or none of the people upset by Mr. Mason's remarks have bothered to distinguish between the substance of his comments and the fact that he used insulting language.

wsj_2369 (line 33, ant vp):
As Elizabeth Kristol wrote in the New York Times just before the Mason donnybrook, "Perhaps intolerance would not boil over with such intensity if honest differences were allowed to simmer." The question is, if group conflicts still exist (as undeniably they do), and if Mr. Mason's type of ethnic humor is passe, then what other means do we have for letting off steam?

wsj_2369 (line 40, ant vp):
At least, they both speak with strong accents, as do Jackie and Maddie.

wsj_2379 (line 35, ant vp):
On days like Friday, that means they must buy shares from sellers when no one else is willing to.

wsj_2379 (line 53, ant vp):
Nasdaq's Small Order Execution System "worked beautifully," as did the automated system for larger trades, according to Mr. Hardiman.

wsj_2384 (line 5, ant vp):
"There are some very significant issues out there, such as the fiscal deficit, the trade deficit, our relations with Japan, that have to be the subject of major initiatives," he said in an interview. "I'd like to see that initiative, and I haven't.

wsj_2397 (line 64, ant vp):
A 190-point drop isn't likely to make much of a dent; multiply that a few times over, though, and it will.

wsj_2400 (line 24, ant vp):
A rebound in energy prices, which helped push up the producer price index, is expected to do the same in the consumer price report.

wsj_2400 (line 27, ant vp):
Robert H. Chandross, an economist for Lloyd's Bank in New York, is among those expecting a more moderate gain in the CPI than in prices at the producer level. "Auto prices had a big effect in the PPI, and at the CPI level they won't," he said.

wsj_2406 (line 14, ant vp):
While the network currently can operate freely in Budapest, so can others.

wsj_2412 (line 16, ant vp):
People eager to have youth "pay their dues to society" favor service proposals -- preferably mandatory ones.
So do those who seek a "re-energized concept of citizenship," a concept imposing stern obligations as well as conferring rights.

wsj_2413 (line 5, ant vp):
Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was on the telephones, making it clear to officials in the U.S. and abroad that the Fed was prepared to inject massive amounts of money into the banking system, as it did in October 1987, if the action were needed to prevent a financial crisis.

wsj_2415 (line 25, ant vp):
Even for people who expect a bear market in coming months -- and a sizable number of money managers and market pundits do -- the advice is: Wait for the market to bounce back, and sell shares gradually during rallies.

wsj_2418 (line 41, ant vp):
Sony uses mostly red and blue, with traces of yellow -- and so does Justin, on the theory that kids prefer these colors. ("To be successful, a product can be any color whatsoever, as long as it is fire-engine red," says Charles E. Baxley, Justin's attorney.)

wsj_2428 (line 23, ant vp):
Now, dozens of corporations, including Ethan Allen, TW Services and York International, that are counting on at least $7 billion of scheduled new junk financings to keep their highly leveraged takeovers and buy-outs afloat, may never get the money. "The music has stopped playing," says Michael Harkins, a principal in the investment firm of Levy Harkins. "You've either got a chair or you don't."

wsj_2443 (line 73, ant vp):
Ramada has said it hopes to propose a new restructuring plan but hasn't indicated when it will do so.

wsj_2446 (line 42, ant vp):
Mr. Wertheimer said the Senate Ethics Committee should hire a special outside counsel to conduct an investigation, as was done in the case of former House Speaker James Wright.

wsj_2454 (line 33, ant vp):
If it doesn't yield on these matters, and eventually begin talking directly to the ANC, the expectations and promise raised by yesterday's releases will turn to disillusionment and unrest.
If it does, the large number of right-wing whites, who oppose any concessions to the black majority, will step up their agitation and threats to take matters into their own hands.

wsj_2454 (line 36, ant vp):
The government is watching closely to see if their presence in the townships leads to increased anti-government protests and violence; if it does, Pretoria will use this as a reason to keep Mr. Mandela behind bars.

wsj_2455 (line 20, ant vp):
Just as Pope John Paul II did in Seoul last week, President Bush and members of Congress ought to tell Mr. Roh in no uncertain terms that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.

wsj_2491 (line 24, ant vp):
But now, with Bull in firm control, these U.S. operations are key ingredients in Mr. Lorentz's plans to ensure that Bull remains one of the half-dozen or so world-wide, full-range computer companies likely to survive the 1990s.
To do so, Bull is planting itself firmly in the U.S., where, says Mr. Lorentz, a lot of the best people and research are.

wsj_2495 (line 6, ant vp):
Nor mistake, as he seems to have done, a raw, rough-cut, unretouched, genuine diary, complete with blips, print lice and all the confusions of real time with high-gloss footnoted academic scholarship.