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Not only is development of the new company's initial machine tied directly to Mr. Cray, so is its balance sheet.

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Mr. Katzenstein certainly would have learned something, and it's even possible Mr. Morita would have too.

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Of course, if the film contained dialogue, Mr. Lane's Artist would be called a homeless person.
So would the Little Tramp, for that matter.

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Adds Mitsui's Mr. Klauser: "Unlike corporations in this country, trading companies aren't so much interested in a high return on investment as they are on increasing trade flows.

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A USX spokesman said the company hadn't yet received any documents from OSHA regarding the penalty or fine. "Once we do, they will receive very serious evaluation," the spokesman said. "No consideration is more important than the health and safety of our employees."

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But like Mr. Egnuss, few expect it to be halted entirely, and a surprising number doubt it should be.

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But the Reserve Fund, America's first money fund, was not named, nor were the creators of the money-fund concept, Harry Brown and myself.

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While they aren't backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government, as Treasury bonds are, it is widely assumed that the government would support them if necessary. (U.S.

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On planes, FAA rules dictate that children two years old and over have their own tickets and be strapped into regular seats, just as adults are.

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The dollar, the best indicator of the country's mood, has skyrocketed on the parallel market, as has gold.

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According to Fred Demler, metals economist for Drexel Burnham Lambert, New York, "Highland Valley has already started operating and Cananea is expected to do so soon."

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He has not changed, but those around him have.

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Journalists and their families are constantly threatened as are the newspaper distribution outlets.

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Mr. Dinkins also has failed to allay Jewish voters' fears about his association with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, despite the fact that few local non-Jewish politicians have been as vocal for Jewish causes in the past 20 years as Mr. Dinkins has.

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By 1961, Mr. Mahfouz's idealism had vanished or become twisted, as it has in Said.

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Admittedly last season's runaway hit, "Steel Magnolias," helped a lot, but so did cost cutting and other measures insisted on by the board.

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As she has done in the past, she stated her support for Mr. Lawson but insisted on keeping on an adviser who opposed and disparaged his policies.

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"The offer will be sweetened, not because it has to be, but because it will make for a smoother transaction," Mr. Thorp said. "Dow Jones could bludgeon its way through the process and get it for less, but they won't do that.

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Not all the scandal-tripped have enjoyed soft landings.
But many have. "These people bounce back more resiliently than regular people," says Washington writer Suzanne Garment, who is working on a history of post-Watergate scandal.

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It isn't yet clear whether the 200-ruble limit will be lifted.
If it isn't, the black market for dollars probably will continue to thrive.

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In an interview with the Washington Post in early October, the secretary said the Fed may be slightly more interested in curbing inflation than the administration is, while the administration may put slightly more emphasis on spurring economic growth.

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It's a mystery how this could have escaped the notice of Nebraska coaches.
Probably, it didn't.

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The dividend increase was Du Pont's second this year, an affirmation of statements by top executives that they intend to increase rewards to shareholders. "We haven't benefited the shareholder as much as we need to," said Edgar Woolard Jr., Du Pont's chairman and chief executive officer, in an interview several months before he entered his current position in April.

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Even though the Big Board says its product represents a post-crash "reform," some traders suggest that if the new basket had been trading during this month's Friday the 13th market plunge, the Dow Jones Industrial Average might have dropped more than the 190 points it did.

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For the political process to work, all citizens, regardless of race, must feel represented.
One essential indicator that they are is that members of minority groups get elected to public office with reasonable frequency.

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The company said its core businesses have performed well and it expects them to continue to do so in the remainder of the fiscal year.

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Drexel says it doesn't expect any of its state brokerage licenses will be revoked, and even if some are, its securities business wouldn't be directly hurt.

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Neither state has settled, and officials in the two states won't discuss their reasons for not doing so.

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Ms. Bryant, the head of the state securities group, said Drexel has done a better job of settling with the states than E.F. Hutton did after its guilty plea to a massive check-kiting scheme several years ago.

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Both banks have been battered, as have other Arizona banks, by falling real estate prices.

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American Express, Kraft General Foods, and Mattel executives said the move won't affect their relationships with the ad agency. "General Foods's relationships with its agencies are based on the agencies' work, and will continue to be," said David Hurwitt, a vice president of Kraft General Foods.

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The sales job seems to be paying off: When he bought the team, only six of the suites had been sold.
Today, 30 have.

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David Hubel, a Nobel laureate at Harvard, has taken the lead in defending research with animals, as has Dr. Michael DeBakey.

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And "shippers are getting the feeling that they have played one trucker off against another as much as they can," he said.

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And Mr. Jackson probably has opened new checking accounts, too.
Or at least he should. "I assume those accounts are closed," says Mr. Smalling, referring to the accounts of the canceled checks. "I don't think he'd want to give out his current account numbers."

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Among other stocks involved in restructurings or rumored to be so: Holiday Corp. gained 1 7/8 to 73 and Honeywell rose 2 7/8 to 81 1/2.

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Yet minutes after promising to appoint Hispanics to high posts in state government, he is unable to say whether he has ever employed any in his congressional office. "I don't think we do now," he says. "I think we did."

wsj_1615 (line 72, ant vped):
Yet minutes after promising to appoint Hispanics to high posts in state government, he is unable to say whether he has ever employed any in his congressional office. "I don't think we do now," he says. "I think we did."

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A section of the Bay Bridge had collapsed, as had a part of Interstate Highway 880 in Oakland.

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In every presidential election over the past half century, except for the Goldwater presidential candidacy, the GOP has captured a greater percentage of the major-party popular vote for president than it has of congressional seats or the popular vote for Congress.

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"I was not pleased with the slow start, and neither was NBC News," said Guy Hempel, general manager of NBC affiliate WAVE in Louisville, Ky.

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He visited the Hugo devastation but not until after local leaders urged him to do so.

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But the greatest damage was visited on buildings and roadways perched upon landfill, as were the Marina District of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge -- two areas of maximum devastation.

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Mr. Mehta observed that the U.S. merchandise trade deficit, which rose sharply in August, according to yesterday's report, has been having less and less impact on the gold market. "The dollar hasn't reacted much to it, so gold hasn't either," he said.

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And while the defense secretary is speaking out, President Bush himself hasn't launched any high-visibility campaign to drum up support, as President Reagan did.

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The text of his remarks hasn't been published, and editors say they have no instructions as to whether it will be.

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The past two trading days, while painful, haven't been as disastrous for the arbs as the October 1987 market crash because takeover-related stocks haven't dropped as sharply as they did two years ago, and traders aren't as deeply in debt as they were then.

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America West, though, is a smaller airline and therefore more affected by the delayed delivery of a single plane than many of its competitors would be. "I figure that American and United probably have such a hard time counting all the planes in their fleets, they might not miss one at all," Mr. Otradovec said.

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"It hasn't had any impact on us, nor do we expect it to," said a spokeswoman for Miller Brewing Co., a major client of Backer Spielvogel.

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That Mr. Lantos supported the rights of the witnesses to take the Fifth Amendment.
Yes, he did.

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But the stock market as a whole, bolstered as it is by takeover speculation, remains vulnerable to any further pullback by takeover financiers, both in the junkbond market and among commercial banks.