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They also said that vendors were delivering goods more quickly in October than they had for each of the five previous months.

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He spends his days sketching passers-by, or trying to.

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Moreover, the Japanese government, now the world's largest aid donor, is pumping far more assistance into the region than the U.S. is.

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The program-trading issue is heating up on Capitol Hill as it is on Wall Street, and several legislators want to grant the SEC the power to shut off the programs when trading becomes too volatile.

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The less complicated version of playing tunes on bells, as do the carillons of continental Europe, is considered by the English to be childish, fit only for foreigners.

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In particular, Mr. Coxon says, businesses are paying out a smaller percentage of their profits and cash flow in the form of dividends than they have historically.

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If President Bush loses at the court, it might be disappointing, as Morrison v.
Olson was for the Reagan administration.

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Many institutional index funds are active program traders, swapping their stocks for futures when profitable to do so.

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In particular, they criticize the timing, coming as it does on the heels of Sony Corp. 's controversial purchase of Columbia Pictures Entertainment Inc.

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An 11-week dispute involving Australia's 1,640 domestic pilots has slashed airline earnings and crippled much of the continent's tourist industry. "The only people who are flying are those who have to," said Frank Moore, chairman of the Australian Tourist Industry Association.

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In either case, ask yourself whether you have become better informed on the issues under protest by watching the act of civil disobedience.
If you have not, it is probable that a thorough airing of the dispute by calm and rational debate would have been the better course.

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Supporters of index arbitrage haven't been publicly sticking up for the trading strategy, as some did during the post-crash outcry of 1987.

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And New York Life made a plea for Red Cross donations in newspaper ads in the San Francisco area, latching onto the coattails of the Red Cross's impeccable reputation: "The Red Cross has been helping people for 125 years.
New York Life has been doing the same for over 140 years."

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Mr. Bush has pledged as well to respect the 14-year-old executive order barring U.S. agents from assassinating foreign leaders or helping others to do so.

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The rationale for responding to your customers' needs faster than the competition can is clear: Your company will benefit in terms of market share, customer satisfaction and profitability.

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"We're taking on more debt than we would have liked to," acknowledged Michael Plouf, LIN's vice president and treasurer.

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Rather than scaring off white voters, as many predicted he would, Mr. Dinkins attracted many whites precisely because of his reputation for having a cool head. (Keeping cool is a Dinkins priority: On humid days this summer, he was known to change his double-breasted suits as many as four times a day.)

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I believe we have to take a shot at getting as much done as we can through the court, through Justice and through state and federal regulatory agencies.

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While the theme is compelling, the plot and characters are not.

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But we're not making as many {pyrotechnic devices} as we used to."

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Analysts said the company's effort will be helped by its decision last year to put point-of-sale scanners in 200 stores, allowing National Convenience to quickly track items that are selling and those that aren't.

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For years, he quietly stuck to the back accounting rooms, wearing a hat to work because everyone else did. "I was never a rebel," he said in an earlier interview. "I don't think most of the people that have been around me would ever say they've seen me pound the table or get angry."

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A Japanese apple called the Fuji is cropping up in orchards the way Hondas did on U.S. roads.

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Instead of proposing a complete elimination of farm subsidies, as the earlier U.S. proposal did, the new package calls for the elimination of only the most tradedistorting ones.

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Munching pizza when they could and yelling until their voices gave out, the two Benjamin Jacobson specialists at the Big Board's UAL trading post yesterday presided over what can only be described as a financial free-for-all.

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Thus, he asserts, Lloyd's can't react quickly to competition. "Lloyd's has lost control of the situation," he says. "They aren't controlling their destiny like they used to."

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As a "good-will measure," the pilots had been working four extra hours a month and had agreed to fly UAL's two new Boeing 747-400 aircraft.
It's uncertain if the pilots will continue to do so without a contract settlement.

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General Electric Co. recently sold off its interests in liquid-crystal displays to Thompson-CSF of France. "We found the market not developing as we thought it would," a GE spokesman says.

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So anyone buying the stock now is betting on some special transaction such as a recapitalization or takeover, and must do so using some guesswork about the likelihood of such an event.

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The Bush White House is breeding non-duck ducks the same way the Nixon White House did: It hops on an issue that is unopposable -- cleaner air, better treatment of the disabled, better child care.

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What this all means in shorthand is that Soviet dominance in Ethiopia is collapsing as fast as President Barre's regime in Somalia is.

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But with every step I take, I'm building wealth.
You can, too, if you, like me, refuse to bite the bullet.

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But buyers are essentially betting on a start-up investment fund with no track record -- and some have been encouraged to borrow to do so.

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Firms that are paying employment taxes also provide leads to competitors that aren't, he says.

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One of the plan's authors has defended the "socioeconomic disadvantage" category as perhaps making more sense than the current affirmative-action preferences based on race.
Perhaps it does.

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Another factor to consider: Some of the companies currently earning very high yields are doing so through substantial investment in junk bonds, and you know how nervous the market has been about those lately.

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Investors, for instance, may mistakenly assume that the bank or company that originally held the assets is guaranteeing the securities.
It isn't.

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-- Median household income -- which includes both those living in families and those who aren't -- rose 0.3% last year to $27,225 after inflation.

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Looking leaner than he has in a while, the younger Mr. Bridges's Jack is sexy and cynical and a far sadder case than Frank, who's managed to chisel his dreams to fit reality without feeling too cheated.

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Customers and potential customers are suddenly complaining about the stock market in the exact way they did in post-crash 1987.

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Fireman's Fund had claims adjusters on the streets of San Francisco right after sunrise yesterday and was paying as many claims as it could right on the spot.

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The older generation has been torn between a fear of tampering with the status quo and a fear of what might happen if they didn't.

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On average, however, three-month CDs at major banks are yielding a tenth of a percentage point less than they were a week ago.

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Another sticking point for advertisers was National Geographic's tradition of lumping its ads together, usually at the beginning or end of the magazine, rather than spreading ads out among its articles, as most magazines do.

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In the wake of Friday's plunge and yesterday's rebound, some companies are already postponing deals, and others wish they could.

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However, he acknowledges they "have the option of taking a swat at me if they really want to." Mr. Friend says his side is "dead serious." Although they don't contemplate delivering any disabling blows, he says that Mr. Alexander will be asked to sign a release from liability, just in case.

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Their mission is to keep clients from fleeing the market, as individual investors did in droves after the crash in October

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It considered running them during tomorrow night's World Series broadcast but decided not to when the market recovered yesterday.

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In any case, the brokerage firms are clearly moving faster to create new ads than they did in the fall of 1987.

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The reasons include the obvious differences in the market between this fall and 1987: Interest rates haven't been rising this time, as they were in 1987; the dollar, though hit Friday, hasn't been eroding dangerously; the economy isn't overheating; and, above all, stocks are far from being as wildly overpriced: They are selling at only about 13 times per-share earnings, compared with about 20 two years ago.

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It's appropriate for U.S. officials to keep hammering for more open trade policies, as U.S. Trade Representative Carla Hills did in Seoul last week.