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Assuming that post at the age of 35, he managed by consensus, as is the rule in universities, says Warren H. Strother, a university official who is researching a book on Mr. Hahn.

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A USX spokesman said the company hadn't yet received any documents from OSHA regarding the penalty or fine. "Once we do, they will receive very serious evaluation," the spokesman said. "No consideration is more important than the health and safety of our employees."

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The framers hardly discussed the appropriations clause at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, according to Madison's notes.
To the extent they did, their concern was to ensure fiscal accountability.

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President Bush should veto appropriations acts that contain these kinds of unconstitutional conditions on the president's ability to discharge his duties and exercise his prerogatives.
If President Bush fails to do so in his first year, he will invite Congress, for the remainder of his presidency, to rewrite Article II of the Constitution to suit its purposes.

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If President Bush loses at the court, it might be disappointing, as Morrison v.
Olson was for the Reagan administration.

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But the presidency would be no worse off than it is now.

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President Bush should set things straight.
If he does not, he will help realize Madison's fear in The Federalist No. 48 of a legislature "everywhere extending the sphere of its activity and drawing all powers into its impetuous vortex."

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Department economists don't expect 1989 to be as good a year as 1988 was.

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Many felt Hearst kept the paper alive as long as it did, if marginally, because of its place in family history.

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His wife also works for the paper, as did his father.

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The banks have 28 days to file an appeal against the ruling and are expected to do so shortly.

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Short of a total ban, some anti-programmers have proposed several middle-ground reforms, which they say would take away certain advantages program traders currently enjoy in the marketplace that other investors don't.

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In point of fact, volatility as measured by the annualized standard deviation of daily stock price movements has frequently been much higher than it is today.

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But like Mr. Egnuss, few expect it to be halted entirely, and a surprising number doubt it should be.

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He notes that program traders have a commission cost advantage because of the quantity of their trades, that they have a smaller margin requirement than individual investors do and that they often can figure out earlier where the market is heading.

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"Just as the 1980s bull market transformed the U.S. securities business, so too will the more difficult environment of the 1990s," says Christopher T. Mahoney, a Moody's vice president. "A sweeping restructuring of the industry is possible." Standard & Poor's Corp. says First Boston, Shearson and Drexel Burnham Lambert Inc., in particular, are likely to have difficulty shoring up their credit standing in months ahead.

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Investors switched trading focus quickly as they did Tuesday, reflecting uncertainty about long-term commitments to any issue or sector, traders said.

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Many institutional index funds are active program traders, swapping their stocks for futures when profitable to do so.