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It argues, as does Unice, that labor relations are best left to be regulated at the national level.

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If you asked me to select a stock with the highest expected return, I would select a stock with the greatest amount of undiversifiable risk, as I am sure your pros do.

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Like others, Mr. Gabelli says that if futures cause investors to lose confidence in stocks, they will move away from stocks -- as many have already done.

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He has not changed, but those around him have.

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The football and basketball players spent more time on their sports in season than they did on class attendance and homework combined (30 hours a week versus 25.3).

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But even those numbers don't describe the situation as well as the athletes do in their own words.

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Environmental concerns are beginning to have as much influence in oil-industry spending plans as the price of crude does.

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Some 34,320 fans jammed the stands, and shouted at the top of their lungs.
Mr. Engelken was doing the same across the Hudson River in New Jersey, where, with his nose pressed against the front window of the Passaic-Clifton National Bank, he watched the duel on a television set the bank set up for the event.

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Journalists and their families are constantly threatened as are the newspaper distribution outlets.

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In an interview with reporters and editors of The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Dinkins appears quite confident of victory and of his ability to handle the mayoralty. "A lot of people think I will give away the store, but I can assure you I will not," he says. "I am aware we have real budgetary problems."

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Rather than scaring off white voters, as many predicted he would, Mr. Dinkins attracted many whites precisely because of his reputation for having a cool head. (Keeping cool is a Dinkins priority: On humid days this summer, he was known to change his double-breasted suits as many as four times a day.)

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Mr. Dinkins also has failed to allay Jewish voters' fears about his association with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, despite the fact that few local non-Jewish politicians have been as vocal for Jewish causes in the past 20 years as Mr. Dinkins has.

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Mr. Sutton recalls: "When I left, I sat down with Charlie {Rangel}, Basil {Paterson} and David, and David said, 'Who will run for borough president? ' And I said, 'You will. '"

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If she remains influential with Mr. Dinkins, as some suggest she will, his mayoralty may take on a more anti-development flavor.

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But Lincoln Center President Nathan Leventhal, who would head a Dinkins transition team, is more mainstream, as is real-estate executive Anthony Gliedman, another insider.

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Ms. Johnson, who works out of Aetna's office in Walnut Creek, an East Bay suburb, is awed by the earthquake's destructive force. "It really brings you down to a human level," she says. "It's hard to accept all the suffering people are going through, but you have to.

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Ms. Johnson, who works out of Aetna's office in Walnut Creek, an East Bay suburb, is awed by the earthquake's destructive force. "It really brings you down to a human level," she says. "It's hard to accept all the suffering people are going through, but you have to.
If you don't, you can't do your job."

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Recently, a contractor saved her from falling three stories as she investigated what remained of an old Victorian house torched by an arsonist. "I owe that contractor.
I really do," she says.

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And then, asset values of the funds could plunge more than they have so far.

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But wouldn't a president who acted despite Senate objections be taking grave political risks? "He would," agrees the chairman. "But that is something the president ought to know before he goes ahead."

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I believe we have to take a shot at getting as much done as we can through the court, through Justice and through state and federal regulatory agencies.

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The bill also would give the SEC the power to close the markets, a discretion that former SEC Chairman David Ruder wanted but Mr. Breeden doesn't.

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The markets are complex, as is the environment in which they function.

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We see, smell and hear slums filled with "the echoes of hawkers advertising their wares interspersed with abusive language, rattling coughs and the sound of people gathering spittle in their throats and spewing into the street." And we meet engaging crooks, such as Hassan "the Head," famed for his head-butting fights, his whoring and his hashish. "`God has not yet ordained that I should have earnings, ' he tells his worried mother." Hassan comes to a bad end, but so does almost everyone else in the book.

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If the setting is exotic, the prose is closer to Balzac's "Pere Goriot" than it is to "Arabian Nights." Mr. Mahfouz began writing when there was no novelistic tradition in Arabic, and he modeled his work on Western classics.

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By 1961, Mr. Mahfouz's idealism had vanished or become twisted, as it has in Said.

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While the theme is compelling, the plot and characters are not.

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He added: "Inflation is lower than I think people expected it to be, and I think that's good news."

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But we're not making as many {pyrotechnic devices} as we used to."