WSJ section 08 (15 cases)

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As they did when the Philippines was a colony of the U.S., teachers for the most part teach in English, even though it is a foreign language for most Philippine children.

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Admittedly last season's runaway hit, "Steel Magnolias," helped a lot, but so did cost cutting and other measures insisted on by the board.

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But Sony also says in its filing that the Warner contract "doesn't require that Guber and Peters take any affirmative steps to produce motion pictures; it simply rewards them when they do and prohibits them from producing for another entertainment company." And Sony says Warner has already shown it doesn't need the producers "by taking action to prevent Guber and Peters from completing production in Warner properties."

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Among the arguments Sony makes is that Warner should let the producers go to Columbia because it already allowed the producers to become co-chairmen of publicly held Barris Industries Inc., which earlier this year changed its name to Guber Peters Entertainment.
Sony also says in its filing that Mr. Guber and Mr. Peters were offered management posts at Columbia once before in 1987, and that "Warner approved and encouraged them to do so."

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Goodwill planned to sell the property and pocket the proceeds, as it had in many similar cases.

wsj_0846 (line 25, ant vp):
Mr. Jeancourt-Galignani refused to say whether Indosuez will bid for all of Morgan Grenfell when its year is up.
If it does, the operation would be one of the largest foreign purchases of a U.K merchant bank.

wsj_0855 (line 11, ant np):
Only nine ESP contracts traded on the Big Board -- equivalent to about one million shares of stock, with a value of about $45 million. "It was a slow start, but we expected it would be," said Big Board President Richard Grasso. "We were generally pleased with the way the systems acted."

wsj_0860 (line 33, ant vp):
"We haven't decided to blacklist any firms.
But there's a chance we might," said David Wilson, head of Penn Mutual's $100 million stock portfolio. "We are very upset about what has happened to the stock market.

wsj_0860 (line 49, ant vp):
Goldman, which doesn't do index arbitrage for itself but does for customers, is concerned about the fallout. "Our corporate, institutional and individual clients are concerned about what they perceive to be excessive volatility," said Robert E. Mnuchin, senior partner in charge of Goldman's equity trading. "We share their concern.

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Neil Kinnock, Labor Party leader, dubbed the 46-year-old Mr. Major a "lap dog" unlikely to veer from his boss's strongly held views, as Mr. Lawson sometimes did.

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As she has done in the past, she stated her support for Mr. Lawson but insisted on keeping on an adviser who opposed and disparaged his policies.

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The shortcomings of delaying the reward, as Sen. Roth and Sen. Robert Packwood (R., Ore.) propose, is that it may not boost savings much and, if it does, it may widen deficits in the future. "It looks like you haven't given anything away, but five, 10, 20, 40 years later, little bomblets go off," says Henry Aaron, a Brookings Institution economist.

wsj_0887 (line 24, ant vp):
Republican senators, unwilling to concede the popular IRA issue to Democrats, suddenly embraced a scheme Sen. Roth had been pressing with little success.
The Bush administration, which was planning to unveil an IRA proposal of its own next year, was quick to do the same.

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"The offer will be sweetened, not because it has to be, but because it will make for a smoother transaction," Mr. Thorp said. "Dow Jones could bludgeon its way through the process and get it for less, but they won't do that.

wsj_0888 (line 38, ant vp):
Dow Jones is not going to squeeze as hard as it could."