WSJ section 09 (30 cases)

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Not all the scandal-tripped have enjoyed soft landings.
But many have. "These people bounce back more resiliently than regular people," says Washington writer Suzanne Garment, who is working on a history of post-Watergate scandal.

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"He's as busy as he was as speaker," reports Mr. Wright's administrative aide, Larry Shannon.

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If the political establishment is reluctant to forgive sexual misadventures, the private sector sometimes will.

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In part, this division is dictated by economics: West Germany is a net exporter of capital while the U.S. isn't.

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But, he adds, "I was not acting as a messenger." He says that the Chinese never asked him to convey their statements to President Bush, but that the White House spontaneously invited him to do so.

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It isn't yet clear whether the 200-ruble limit will be lifted.
If it isn't, the black market for dollars probably will continue to thrive.

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In an interview with the Washington Post in early October, the secretary said the Fed may be slightly more interested in curbing inflation than the administration is, while the administration may put slightly more emphasis on spurring economic growth.

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All of which has enabled those of us in Washington who enjoy wallowing in such things to go into high public dudgeon, as Mr. Apple and I did the other night on ABC's "Nightline." Punching away, we raised what I still think were all the right issues and landed more than one hard blow, but at the end of the affair, there was just the tiniest nagging worry that we had been aiming at the wrong target.

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And if you are caught or if people complain, simply argue that "everyone does it" or "no one said I shouldn't " and brazen it out.

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Instead, it turns on the disputed and elusive facts of "who did what to whom." It is difficult, if not impossible, for anyone who has not pored over the thousands of pages of court pleadings and transcripts to have a worthwhile opinion on the underlying merits of the controversy.
Certainly I do not.

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The first is that it represents an intense battle in what James Thurber used to caricature as "the war between the sexes." But although Thurber did so gently and lightheartedly, many of Dr. Morgan's supporters have taken Thurber's memorable title "The Male Animal" quite literally.

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The local government is discredited in the eyes of many residents for a variety of reasons, and congressmen read the same newspapers and watch the same TV newscasts as other people in the area do.

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They worry that Mr. Breeden also will roll over when told to do so by the White House.

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Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told Congress that the Fed can wipe out inflation without causing a recession, but he said doing so will inflict some short-term pain and will require reducing the federal deficit sharply.

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-- Allow the EPA to permit the continued use of pesticides that exceed its negligible risk standard if the benefits of doing so outweigh the cost.

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As the session broke up, I was approached by a man who identified himself as the alumni director of a Big Ten university. "I'd love to see sports cut back, and so would a lot of my counterparts at other schools, but everybody's afraid to make the first move," he confided. "It's like the U.S. and the Russians: Nobody wants to disarm first."

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Dean Steinkuhler, a spectacularly bulked-up former lineman, confesses that he used 'em, and says other Huskers did too.

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It's a mystery how this could have escaped the notice of Nebraska coaches.
Probably, it didn't.

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Analysts said the company's effort will be helped by its decision last year to put point-of-sale scanners in 200 stores, allowing National Convenience to quickly track items that are selling and those that aren't.

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All of their friends have children and they can't, so now they want a child more than anything -- perhaps even more than Michael wanted his fancy convertible or his deluxe stereo equipment.

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So why does Renaissance's computer like stocks with the Dow at 2653.28, where it closed yesterday, when it didn't with the Dow at 2200?

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Unless the laws determining the noteholder's rights to payment are independent of the issuer of those notes, however, a gold-based ruble would be as unsuccessful for the Soviets as it was for the czars.

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So far, they say, it hasn't had any noticeable effect on response rates.
And before it does, they're trying to cut back on the clutter that created the situation in the first place.

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Call it anecdotal if you will.

wsj_0994 (line 41, ant np):
"Traffic is certainly a concern, as is pollution, water and an adequate labor market," says Frank Sain, executive director of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau.

wsj_0994 (line 58, ant vp):
Will the investments pay off?
The growth of Las Vegas tourism in recent years persuades lenders that they will.

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The former $3 million-a-year lobbyist now frequents shelters for the homeless and devotes a third of his time counseling other recovering alcoholics. "I feel better than I ever have in my life," he says.

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The dividend increase was Du Pont's second this year, an affirmation of statements by top executives that they intend to increase rewards to shareholders. "We haven't benefited the shareholder as much as we need to," said Edgar Woolard Jr., Du Pont's chairman and chief executive officer, in an interview several months before he entered his current position in April.

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The Morgan case thus tells us much more about the current state of sex, class, race and politics in our society than it does about the facts of Dr. Morgan's particular situation.

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By contrast, in 19th-century Russia an authoritarian government owned the bank and had the power to revoke payment whenever it chose, much as it would in today's Soviet Union.