WSJ section 10 (22 cases)

wsj_1000 (line 37, ant vp):
Morgan Stanley and Kidder Peabody, the two biggest program trading firms, staunchly defend their strategies. "We continue to believe the position we've taken is reasonable," a Morgan Stanley official said. "We would stop index arbitrage when the market is under stress, and we have recently," he said, citing Oct. 13 and earlier this week.

wsj_1002 (line 36, ant vp):
If I need to ask for money up front later, I will."

wsj_1002 (line 38, ant vp):
Carol Sanger, vice president, corporate communications at Campeau, says that all of the Federated and Allied chains are paying their bills in a timely manner. "They continue to pay their bills and will do so," says Ms. Sanger. "We're confident we'll be paying our bills for spring merchandise as well."

wsj_1004 (line 32, ant tv):
They can make the masks brittle and can pass through material they're not supposed to.

wsj_1019 (line 47, ant vped):
Even though the Big Board says its product represents a post-crash "reform," some traders suggest that if the new basket had been trading during this month's Friday the 13th market plunge, the Dow Jones Industrial Average might have dropped more than the 190 points it did.

wsj_1022 (line 8, ant ap):
Attorneys involved in the talks said that the parties were closer to accord than they were a year ago, when reports of an imminent agreement circulated.

wsj_1036 (line 5, ant vp):
Nervousness that the market hasn't seen the last of its recent volatility kept trading at a moderate pace, as did anticipation of a report on the economy's third-quarter performance.

wsj_1041 (line 24, ant vp):
"I could get AZT," says Mrs. Glaser, who bears her infection without any symptoms. "But my daughter couldn't, until she was too ill to take it.

wsj_1043 (line 26, ant vp):
Fed Chairman Greenspan said the central bank can wipe out inflation without causing a recession, but doing so will inflict short-term pain.

wsj_1052 (line 38, ant vp):
TW notes, as many junk issuers do, that "adjusted to eliminate non-cash charges" TW would have run a cash surplus -- in this case, of $56 million over six months.

wsj_1052 (line 55, ant vp):
In the recent past, bond buyers didn't seek such assurance.
Now, apparently, they do.

wsj_1057 (line 25, ant vp):
While rights fees head skyward, ad rates won't.

wsj_1057 (line 36, ant vp):
Some TV people doubt they will materialize and argue that even if they do, they won't offset the multimillion-dollar deficits that CBS could run up. "As we've seen in the '80s," says Roger Werner, the president of the ESPN sports channel, "those deals can turn sour if the numbers don't work.

wsj_1057 (line 66, ant tv):
Maybe we recognize values the other guys don't," Mr. Pilson says.

wsj_1057 (line 83, ant vp):
Even if baseball triggers losses at CBS -- and he doesn't think it will -- "I'd rather see the games on our air than on NBC and ABC," he says.

wsj_1057 (line 160, ant ap):
When Mr. Pilson is asked directly -- can you make money on all this? -- he doesn't exactly say yes. "What you're really asking is, Are the profit and loss margins anticipated on the events acceptable to management?" he says.
Then, he answers his own question. "Yes, they are.

wsj_1092 (line 11, ant vp):
Americans place native or native speakers in charge of subsidiaries overseas.
European multinationals do likewise; even in America, their affiliates are usually run by American managers.

wsj_1099 (line 18, ant vp):
Mr. Corry might have to dismember the company more than he wants to.

wsj_1099 (line 23, ant vp):
In 1986, Mr. Roderick adroitly dodged Mr. Icahn's first bullet after the takeover specialist had built up an 11.4% stake.
Mr. Roderick did so by having USX redeem a series of guaranteed notes, a move that, in effect, raised the cost of a $7.19 billion Icahn bid by about $3 billion.

wsj_1099 (line 44, ant vpng):
For years, he quietly stuck to the back accounting rooms, wearing a hat to work because everyone else did. "I was never a rebel," he said in an earlier interview. "I don't think most of the people that have been around me would ever say they've seen me pound the table or get angry."

wsj_1099 (line 111, ant vp):
USX, he noted, was formed 88 years ago, "by in effect buying out a bunch of other companies. . . . People got rich through takeovers in those days, as they do today."

wsj_1059 (line 47, ant vp):
IBM, Armonk, N.Y., said it wanted to bring out the mainframes as soon as it could to spark as many sales as possible by the end of the year.