WSJ section 11 (21 cases)

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But a spokesman said the quake won't have as big a financial impact on Allstate as Hurricane Hugo did.

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But most of them could have afforded to keep up their payments -- they chose not to do so.

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A Japanese apple called the Fuji is cropping up in orchards the way Hondas did on U.S. roads.

wsj_1128 (line 22, ant vp):
He is known as the father of the U.S.-grown Granny Smith, a radically different apple that the conventional wisdom once said would never catch on.
It did, shaking the apple establishment to its roots.

wsj_1128 (line 49, ant vp):
But freshness counts more than it once did, and stores are expanding shelf space for unconventional, but tastier, and often pricier, apples. "Rather than sell 39-cents-a-pound Delicious, maybe we can sell 79-cents-a-pound Fujis," says Chuck Tryon, perishables director for Super Valu Inc., a Minneapolis supermarket chain and food distributor.

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Instead of proposing a complete elimination of farm subsidies, as the earlier U.S. proposal did, the new package calls for the elimination of only the most tradedistorting ones.

wsj_1137 (line 13, ant vped):
For the political process to work, all citizens, regardless of race, must feel represented.
One essential indicator that they are is that members of minority groups get elected to public office with reasonable frequency.

wsj_1141 (line 15, ant vp):
By not choosing one of these options, Israelis will condemn themselves, as the Maronites did, to perpetual war with the Muslims in their midst, and so to the internal erosion of their state.

wsj_1142 (line 32, ant vp):
That means that on days when prices are tumbling and sellers abound they must be willing to buy shares from sellers when no one else will.

wsj_1146 (line 25, ant ap):
The farmers stayed angry.
They still are.

wsj_1146 (line 36, ant vp):
I don't know why."
Edward Chojnowski does.

wsj_1146 (line 72, ant vp):
Try as they might, the Communists could neither replace nor break him.

wsj_1146 (line 111, ant vp):
The pension's size still depends on how much produce he sells the state.
His allotment of materials also did, until the state couldn't hold up its end of that bargain.

wsj_1151 (line 27, ant vp):
But as stock prices recovered some of the early losses, so did the U.S. currency.

wsj_1154 (line 38, ant vp):
Given the prelude's thematic connections with the music preceding the last act, the idea is more worn than bad, though as luck would have it, for a change there actually was a conductor in the pit whom we wanted to hear, Carlos Kleiber, trying to make memorable music while we all waited for the bed lump to stir into song.
Once she did so, the big-souled German maestro with the shaky nerves who so often cancels offered a limpid, flowing performance that in its unswagged and unswaggering approach was totally at odds with the staging.

wsj_1154 (line 47, ant tv):
Common sense suggests that people who play for a company that charges about half what those houses do for a ticket are not in the same market.

wsj_1154 (line 78, ant vp):
Japan is considering giving aid to Hungary and Poland to support their recent political reforms, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said. "This is the first time, if we decide to do so, for Japan to extend aid of this kind to Eastern European countries," the spokesman said.

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At first UAL didn't open because of an order imbalance.
When it did a half-hour into the session, it was priced at $150 a share, down more than $28 from Monday's close.

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Munching pizza when they could and yelling until their voices gave out, the two Benjamin Jacobson specialists at the Big Board's UAL trading post yesterday presided over what can only be described as a financial free-for-all.

wsj_1174 (line 3, ant vp):
If bluebloods won't pay high prices for racehorses anymore, who will?

wsj_1199 (line 10, ant vped):
The company said its core businesses have performed well and it expects them to continue to do so in the remainder of the fiscal year.