WSJ section 13 (16 cases)

wsj_1302 (line 58, ant vpng):
Thus, he asserts, Lloyd's can't react quickly to competition. "Lloyd's has lost control of the situation," he says. "They aren't controlling their destiny like they used to."

wsj_1305 (line 42, ant vpng):
As a "good-will measure," the pilots had been working four extra hours a month and had agreed to fly UAL's two new Boeing 747-400 aircraft.
It's uncertain if the pilots will continue to do so without a contract settlement.

wsj_1307 (line 14, ant vp):
The President of the United States urged the Panamanian armed forces to move against Mr. Noriega.
When they did, his commanders didn't have the initiative to do more than block a couple of roads.

wsj_1317 (line 53, ant vped):
American Express, Kraft General Foods, and Mattel executives said the move won't affect their relationships with the ad agency. "General Foods's relationships with its agencies are based on the agencies' work, and will continue to be," said David Hurwitt, a vice president of Kraft General Foods.

wsj_1327 (line 61, ant vp):
The text by Patrick O'Connor is a tough read, but the pictures make her magnetism clear and help explain why Ernest Hemingway called Baker "The most sensational woman anybody ever saw.
Or ever will."

wsj_1367 (line 74, ant vp):
The Volokhs were afraid that they'd end up like a friend of theirs who'd applied for a visa and waited for 10 years, having been demoted from his profession of theoretical mathematician to shipping clerk.
They didn't.

wsj_1375 (line 16, ant vp):
In the third quarter, for example, junk bonds -- those with less than an investment-grade rating -- showed negative returns, the only major sector of the bond market to do so.

wsj_1375 (line 66, ant vp):
Still, the list of troubled Drexel bond offerings dwarfs that of any firm on Wall Street, as does its successful offerings.

wsj_1376 (line 10, ant ap):
Like which are droppable and which are not.

wsj_1376 (line 69, ant vp):
Currently writing his memoirs, Mr. Churchill, an artist, tells how tycoons such as the late Jean Paul Getty, the oil billionnaire, were, in fact, known only by one initial, their last. "When you're at the club, you ask whether they've spoken to `G.' Now they know who you mean and you know who you mean.
But no one else does.

wsj_1377 (line 51, ant vp):
Adults under age 30 like sports cars, luxury cars, convertibles and imports far more than their elders do.

wsj_1379 (line 19, ant vp):
The department is advising residents to plant Sagos, if they must, in the back yard and telling nurseries to be on the lookout for anyone trying to palm one off.

wsj_1387 (line 25, ant np):
At 500 yen ($3.60) for a handful of balls, pachinko is a common pastime, and has been since it took root as cheap entertainment in the years after World War II.

wsj_1387 (line 56, ant vp):
Many Japanese think it only natural that the organizations or their members would donate to politicians, the way many Japanese do, to win favor or support.

wsj_1391 (line 17, ant vp):
China might stave off a crisis if it acts as forcefully as it did to arrest the 1985 decline, when Beijing slammed the brakes on foreign-exchange spending and devalued the currency.

wsj_1394 (line 73, ant vp):
But from early on, Tiger's workers unionized, while Federal's never have.