WSJ section 15 (24 cases)

wsj_1502 (line 19, ant vp):
"Shippers are saying `the party's over, '" said Mr. LaLonde. "Shippers won't be able to look for transportation-cost savings as they have for the last eight or nine years.

wsj_1502 (line 34, ant vped):
And "shippers are getting the feeling that they have played one trucker off against another as much as they can," he said.

wsj_1542 (line 7, ant ap):
The FDA requested the recall of Quantum's mioxidil tablets, chlorazepate dipotassium tablets and meclofenamate sodium capsules because, it said, the size of the production runs submitted for testing to gain FDA approval was in each case misrepresented as much larger than it actually was.

wsj_1549 (line 41, ant np):
Barbara Donovan, an expert on East Germany at Radio Free Europe in Munich, says Mr. Krenz may project a smooth image, but she doubts he's a true reformer.
Even if he is, she adds, he appears to have only limited room for maneuver within the Communist Party's ruling Politburo.

wsj_1560 (line 29, ant vped):
And Mr. Jackson probably has opened new checking accounts, too.
Or at least he should. "I assume those accounts are closed," says Mr. Smalling, referring to the accounts of the canceled checks. "I don't think he'd want to give out his current account numbers."

wsj_1562 (line 56, ant tv):
One-Cancels-The-Other Order: This is really two orders in one, generally for the same security or commodity, instructing floor brokers to fill whichever order they can first and then cancel the other order.

wsj_1564 (line 72, ant vp):
And returns on cash investments may continue to exceed inflation by a wider margin than they did over the long-term past.

wsj_1566 (line 48, ant vpng):
But with every step I take, I'm building wealth.
You can, too, if you, like me, refuse to bite the bullet.

wsj_1567 (line 25, ant vp):
What's more, the losses they and the others caused "are just what we are stumbling over," says Mr. Stapf, adding that the majority of misdeeds probably go undetected.
So do just about all the losses that could be attributed to the sheer incompetence of unqualified planners.

wsj_1567 (line 113, ant ap):
Other cases go to show that an old saw still applies: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

wsj_1569 (line 30, ant vp):
It never hurt anyone, that is, unless the growth funds don't grow when you need them to.

wsj_1569 (line 99, ant vpng):
But buyers are essentially betting on a start-up investment fund with no track record -- and some have been encouraged to borrow to do so.

wsj_1570 (line 64, ant tv):
Many workers, especially professionals, want to remain independent to avoid tax withholding and to continue to deduct many expenses that employees can't.

wsj_1570 (line 66, ant vpng):
Firms that are paying employment taxes also provide leads to competitors that aren't, he says.

wsj_1570 (line 73, ant vp):
Revenue-short states also are becoming more aggressive pursuers of tax delinquents, and perhaps none tracks them down with more relish than does New York since it acquired an $80 million computer system in 1985.

wsj_1571 (line 21, ant vpng):
One of the plan's authors has defended the "socioeconomic disadvantage" category as perhaps making more sense than the current affirmative-action preferences based on race.
Perhaps it does.

wsj_1572 (line 26, ant vp):
While the promises of big profits ought to set off warning bells, they often don't, in part because get-rich-quick tales have become embedded in American folklore.

wsj_1574 (line 38, ant vp):
Sounds great -- or does it?

wsj_1574 (line 43, ant vp):
Third and most important, Amex would charge me a far higher premium than other reputable companies would on a straight term policy for the same amount; I'd be paying so heavily just to have the option of getting my premiums back that I'd almost have to cancel to make the whole thing worthwhile.

wsj_1574 (line 71, ant vp):
Congress closed this loophole last year, or thought it did.

wsj_1574 (line 88, ant vpng):
Another factor to consider: Some of the companies currently earning very high yields are doing so through substantial investment in junk bonds, and you know how nervous the market has been about those lately.

wsj_1578 (line 27, ant vped):
Among other stocks involved in restructurings or rumored to be so: Holiday Corp. gained 1 7/8 to 73 and Honeywell rose 2 7/8 to 81 1/2.

wsj_1586 (line 68, ant ap):
And those who didn't move some production overseas suffer labor shortages. "The intensive labor needed to manufacture furs {in the U.S.} is not as available as it was," says Mr. Schreibman, who is starting overseas production.

wsj_1591 (line 9, ant vp):
An Olivetti spokesman said the company's factories are already beginning to produce the machine, and that it should be available in Europe by December. "What this means is that Europeans will have these machines in their offices before Americans do," the spokesman said.