WSJ section 18 (15 cases)

wsj_1809 (line 52, ant vp):
As that system grows, larger computers may be needed. "In the past, customers had to go to IBM when they outgrew the VAX. Now they don't have to," he says. "That's going to cost IBM revenue."

wsj_1814 (line 10, ant vp):
This bill simply says that if you want to develop property on a barrier island you have to do so without taxpayer support.

wsj_1815 (line 46, ant vpng):
-- Median household income -- which includes both those living in families and those who aren't -- rose 0.3% last year to $27,225 after inflation.

wsj_1825 (line 20, ant vp):
IF IN VITRO fertilization works, it usually does so after only a few tries.

wsj_1825 (line 31, ant vp):
MARKET MOVES, these managers don't.

wsj_1831 (line 7, ant vp):
Her Susie Diamond handles a song the way the greats do, like she's hearing the way it should sound inside her head and she's concentrating on matching that internal tone.

wsj_1831 (line 39, ant vp):
Frank grovels a little for the bookers, probably no more or less than he would have to if he worked for a big corporation.

wsj_1831 (line 44, ant vpng):
Looking leaner than he has in a while, the younger Mr. Bridges's Jack is sexy and cynical and a far sadder case than Frank, who's managed to chisel his dreams to fit reality without feeling too cheated.

wsj_1844 (line 34, ant vp):
When WCRS created Della Femina McNamee out of the merger of three smaller agency units in 1988, it said it did so in order to attract larger clients, especially packaged-goods companies.

wsj_1866 (line 17, ant vpng):
Customers and potential customers are suddenly complaining about the stock market in the exact way they did in post-crash 1987.

wsj_1870 (line 91, ant tv):
There will be a lot of repair work that won't require the quantities of cement or concrete that new constructon would." Lone Star's San Francisco facilities weren't damaged in the quake.

wsj_1870 (line 118, ant vpng):
Fireman's Fund had claims adjusters on the streets of San Francisco right after sunrise yesterday and was paying as many claims as it could right on the spot.

wsj_1875 (line 86, ant vpng):
The older generation has been torn between a fear of tampering with the status quo and a fear of what might happen if they didn't.

wsj_1878 (line 16, ant vped):
"I was not pleased with the slow start, and neither was NBC News," said Guy Hempel, general manager of NBC affiliate WAVE in Louisville, Ky.

wsj_1899 (line 4, ant vp):
But a secondary agenda among officials in the City of Angels was to learn about the disaster-contingency plans that work and those that don't.