WSJ section 22 (27 cases)

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Their mission is to keep clients from fleeing the market, as individual investors did in droves after the crash in October

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It considered running them during tomorrow night's World Series broadcast but decided not to when the market recovered yesterday.

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In any case, the brokerage firms are clearly moving faster to create new ads than they did in the fall of 1987.

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You know what the law of averages is, don't you?

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"France opened the limit down, off at least 10% if you could calculate the index, which you couldn't," Mr. Clark, the Shearson trader, said early in the afternoon. "Spain is down 10% and suspended, Sweden's down 8%, Norway 11%.

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If takeover premiums become excessive, if LBO dealmakers become too aggressive, then the private market will recognize these problems more quickly and accurately than will policy makers, and the markets will move with lightning speed to impose appropriate sanctions.

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She pointed out that even after Monday's 10% decline, the Straits Times index is up 24% this year, so investors who bailed out generally did so profitably.

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The onslaught of the program selling dashed any hopes that some of the big program trading firms would hold off until the market stabilized.
They didn't.

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Then at 10:15 the Dow suddenly started to rebound, and when it shot upward it did so even faster than the early-morning fall.

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A three-judge appeals panel yesterday refused to comply, though liberal Judge Pat Wald went out of her way to deny that this was a "frivolous" case.
Of course it was.

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Maybe after the staffers explain their work to the Poles, they'd be willing to come back and do the same for the American people.

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The LME stocks decline was about as expected, but the Comex gain wasn't.

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Mr. Sim is confident that the drive to dominate certain niche markets will work at Barry Wright as it has at Applied.

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When he came to Applied, "I didn't have the power to execute as I do today," he says.

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Though the Panzhihua factory itself is profitable, many such enterprises aren't.

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There are few prospects for upward mobility, and Mr. Li's daughter, seven-year-old Li Shu, is certain to toil at the factory too someday, as are more than 10,000 of the workers' children.

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While workers can't easily be fired, they also can't easily quit to find jobs elsewhere.
The Li family could apply for permission to do so, but hasn't tried. "I expect I'll be in Panzhihua for the rest of my life," Mr. Li says. "The No. 1 high school is pretty good, and I have to think of my daughter's future."

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Because the markets remained relatively calm, however, the Fed didn't have to inject massive amounts of money into the banking system, as it did in October 1987.

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"I do not regard the amount of the decline on Friday as unexpected or unlikely," he said in a telephone interview. "With the market being up to 2,700 or 2,800 and the existence of derivative products . . . one can expect volatility of the magnitude we had."

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Those sound like innocuous changes, but they're not.

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Enough inflation can ultimately even wipe out the bond market, as it did in Britain in the 1970s, thereby crippling the economy.

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Jimmy Carter ultimately hired Mr. Volcker to kill inflation, which was reaching dangerous levels.
He did, too late to save Mr. Carter from forced retirement.

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The claim that inflation generates economic growth is seductive.
In fact it does the opposite.

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The bank was in touch with other major central banks over the weekend and was preparing to make capital available to dealers if needed, as it did in the 1987 crash, according to people familiar with the bank's strategy.

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The reasons include the obvious differences in the market between this fall and 1987: Interest rates haven't been rising this time, as they were in 1987; the dollar, though hit Friday, hasn't been eroding dangerously; the economy isn't overheating; and, above all, stocks are far from being as wildly overpriced: They are selling at only about 13 times per-share earnings, compared with about 20 two years ago.

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Many are quick to emphasize that just because the market can fall as fast as it did Friday doesn't mean it will tank again, despite some disquieting similarities between now and October 1987.

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If foreigners dump U.S. stocks and return to the safety of their home markets -- as they did in October 1987 -- they must simultaneously also sell dollars for their own currencies.