WSJ section 23 (22 cases)

wsj_2303 (line 39, ant np):
Reached in Honolulu, Mr. Shidler said that he believes the various Hooker malls can become profitable with new management. "These aren't mature assets, but they have the potential to be so," said Mr. Shidler. "Managed properly, and with a long-term outlook, these can become investment-grade quality properties."

wsj_2308 (line 20, ant vped):
America West, though, is a smaller airline and therefore more affected by the delayed delivery of a single plane than many of its competitors would be. "I figure that American and United probably have such a hard time counting all the planes in their fleets, they might not miss one at all," Mr. Otradovec said.

wsj_2325 (line 5, ant vp):
Major oil companies in the next few days are expected to report much less robust earnings than they did for the third quarter a year ago, largely reflecting deteriorating chemical prices and gasoline profitability.

wsj_2325 (line 12, ant vp):
But securities analysts say Phillips will be among the companies hard-hit by weak chemical prices and will probably post a drop in third-quarter earnings.
So, too, many analysts predict, will Exxon Corp., Chevron Corp. and Amoco Corp.

wsj_2325 (line 39, ant vp):
In the third quarter, they averaged about 5% less than they were in 1988.

wsj_2331 (line 28, ant vped):
"It hasn't had any impact on us, nor do we expect it to," said a spokeswoman for Miller Brewing Co., a major client of Backer Spielvogel.

wsj_2340 (line 10, ant vp):
Weatherford suspended its preferred-dividend payment in October 1985 and said it hasn't any plans to catch up on dividends in arrears about $6 million, but will do so some time in the future.

wsj_2343 (line 4, ant vp):
However, most people, having been subjected to news footage of the devastated South Bronx, look at the borough the way Tom Wolfe's Sherman McCoy did in "Bonfire of the Vanities" -- as a wrong turn into hell.

wsj_2346 (line 35, ant vp):
The thriving 34th Street area offers rents of about $100 a square foot, as do up-and-coming locations along lower Fifth Avenue.

wsj_2351 (line 52, ant vp):
But 70% of the cable-television-equipped households that watch news do so between 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m., the network discovered, so CNN wants in.

wsj_2361 (line 57, ant vp):
Since production costs were guaranteed, it didn't matter that a program couldn't be sold abroad or put into syndication, as most American programs are.

wsj_2366 (line 8, ant vp):
IOWA IS MAKING a comeback.
So are Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

wsj_2368 (line 4, ant np):
For instance: "Haole" (white) is not the ultimate insult; "Mainland haole" is.

wsj_2369 (line 18, ant vp):
If Mr. Mason had used less derogatory language to articulate his amateur analysis of the voting behavior of his fellow New Yorkers, would the water be quite so hot?
It probably would, because few or none of the people upset by Mr. Mason's remarks have bothered to distinguish between the substance of his comments and the fact that he used insulting language.

wsj_2369 (line 33, ant vp):
As Elizabeth Kristol wrote in the New York Times just before the Mason donnybrook, "Perhaps intolerance would not boil over with such intensity if honest differences were allowed to simmer." The question is, if group conflicts still exist (as undeniably they do), and if Mr. Mason's type of ethnic humor is passe, then what other means do we have for letting off steam?

wsj_2369 (line 35, ant tv):
Don't say the TV sitcom, because that happens to be a genre that, in its desperate need to attract everybody and offend nobody, resembles politics more than it does comedy.

wsj_2369 (line 40, ant vp):
At least, they both speak with strong accents, as do Jackie and Maddie.

wsj_2377 (line 13, ant vped):
That Mr. Lantos supported the rights of the witnesses to take the Fifth Amendment.
Yes, he did.

wsj_2379 (line 35, ant vp):
On days like Friday, that means they must buy shares from sellers when no one else is willing to.

wsj_2379 (line 53, ant vp):
Nasdaq's Small Order Execution System "worked beautifully," as did the automated system for larger trades, according to Mr. Hardiman.

wsj_2384 (line 5, ant vp):
"There are some very significant issues out there, such as the fiscal deficit, the trade deficit, our relations with Japan, that have to be the subject of major initiatives," he said in an interview. "I'd like to see that initiative, and I haven't.

wsj_2397 (line 64, ant vp):
A 190-point drop isn't likely to make much of a dent; multiply that a few times over, though, and it will.