Call for Papers




 Petra Hendriks
 Peter de Swart

coffee, from 9:00
9:25-9:30 opening remarks
9:30-10:30 T. Florian Jaeger (Rochester)
Linguistic experience and speakers' contribution to inference over a noisy channel: Morpho-syntactic production in adults and during acquisition
10:45-11:20 Gisi Cannizzaro (Groningen)
Victims of a double (Dutch) standard: Animacy influences preschoolers' comprehension, but not production
11:20-11:55 Kyae-Sung Park (Hawai'i) and
Bonnie D. Schwartz (Nijmegen/Hawai'i)
Testing the relation between Theory of Mind and the Given-before-New principle in L1 children
12:10-12:45 Chigusa Kurumada (Stanford)
Animacy-based predictability effects on case-marker omission in Japanese
Holly P. Branigan (Edinburgh)
Linguistic experience and syntactic choices: Cross-linguistic evidence from language production
Christine Howes,
Patrick G. T. Healey
and Matthew Purver (London)
Tracking the dative alternation in conversation
Poster session (see below)
Annelore Willems and Gert de Sutter (Ghent)
The battle: grammatical complexity versus definiteness. A corpus-based study of PP placement in translated and non-translated Dutch
Lotte Hogeweg,
Helen de Hoop
and Stefanie Ramachers (Nijmegen)
A puzzling agreement alternation in Dutch relative clauses
Gisi Cannizzaro,
Jacolien van Rij,
Saskia van den Akker,
ZoŽ Bogart,
Laura Hemstra,
Jan Korterink,
Kaitlin Mignella,
Jessica Overweg
and Petra Hendriks (Groningen)
Children's comprehension and production of word order scrambling in Dutch
Elma Kerz (Aachen) Positioning of concessive adverbial clauses in English
Sander Lestrade (Bremen) Case alternations
Satoshi Nambu (Pennsylvania) A Choice in Syntactic Variation: Nominative/Genitive Alternation in Japanese
Jacolien van Rij,
Hedderik van Rijn
and Petra Hendriks (Groningen)
A cognitive model of the acquisition and use of referring expressions
Peter de Swart (Groningen),
Eva van Lier (Lancaster)
and Geertje van Bergen (Louvain-La-Neuve)
Lexical Preferences in Dutch Ditransitives
Daniel Wiechmann (Aachen)
and Arne Lohmann (Hannover)
On Domain Minimization: PP ordering revisited
July 15th, 2011