Tutorial on (mixed-effects) regression modeling

 T. Florian Jaeger (Rochester)
 August 23rd, 2011
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 Structural Alternations

In recent years (mixed-effects) regression models have become a popular statistical tool in (psycho)linguistics. In this 3-hour tutorial Florian Jaeger will address some issues and solutions that show up in the use of such models. There will be ample of time for your questions.

This tutorial is open to all but please register no later than August 15 by sending an email to strucalt[a]gmail.com (subject: Tutorial). This will help us to book the right room.

Note that Florian will operate under the assumptions that (i) everyone attending has fit some sort of Generalized Linear Model (not necessarily Generalized Linear Mixed Model) before (e.g. a linear regression) and (ii) that they have read at least two of:

  • R. H. Baayen et al. (2008). Mixed-effects modeling with crossed random effects for subjects and items. Journal of Memory and Lanuage 59, 390-412.
    (for people working with continuous data.)
  • T. Florian Jaeger (2008). Categorical data analysis: Away from ANOVAs (transformation or not) and towards logit mixed models. Journal of Memory and Language 59, 434446.
    (for researchers working on categorical data who are familiar with the ANOVA approach.)
  • Daniel Ezra Johnson (2009). Getting off the GoldVarb Standard: Introducing Rbrul for Mixed-Effects Variable Rule Analysis. Language and Linguistics Compass 3/1 (2009), 359383.
    (for researchers with a sociolinguistics or variationist background.)
The literature is available from the organizers on request. Please let us know in your registration e-mail if you want to receive a copy.

Florian Jaeger will also give an invited lecture on August 24th at the workshop Structural Alternations

June 26, 2011