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Name: Dr. Michel R. Doortmont

Position: University Lecturer in International Relations and

Senior Research Fellow in African History

Address: Department of History and International Relations

University of Groningen, P.O. Box 716, 9713 DC GRONINGEN NL

Telephone: +31-50-363 6002 (direct) or +31-50-363 7254 (secretary)

Fax: +31-50-363 7253



Wapsite: (WAP-phone or WAP-emulator needed)



This web site is dedicated to my professional activities and interests, as well as some personal interests. It contains information both in English and in Dutch, depending on the subject matter. All main menus and information pages are in English only.


* International Relations and Organisations

My main professional field of interest as a University Lecturer in the University of Groningen.

This section contains current course overviews, literature, reports and other relevant texts, links, etc. (mainly in Dutch)

* African History

Mainly dedicated to my own historical research work relating to West Africa, especially Ghana and Nigeria, but also contains material on and links to other areas (both in Dutch and English).


* Africa Links

A random collection of links to pages concerned with Africa, mainly West Africa, which have my personal interest (from African radio stations on the Web to official government sites and private sites).


* Genealogy

Personal genealogical page, with publications, other texts, links, etc. (mostly in Dutch)


* Photography

A random collection of links to pages dedicated to photography and photographic instruments in general (mainly English)


* Favourite Links

A random collection of links to pages which have my personal interest (from ethnological museums to newspapers and radio stations on the web, and travel information) and which are not covered under any section above.


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Last changed: Tuesday, 29 January 2002